Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 286

Chapter 286 – Inside the Vessel



In the living room of my mansion, there are two women sitting beside me on the sofa.

One is Caroline. I’m protecting her using my camouflage aura since she would get scared seeing other people.

The other one is Olivia. She is resting her chin on my lap, as if she was a dog.


I stroked Olivia’s head. Although the way my hand moved was the same with how I pat Hikari, the action itself was different.

It’s the thing that Eleanor in the past era was doing. It’s the technique that makes the target feel pleasure greater than having sex with just a simple touch or even suck their lifeforce and turn them into a cripple.


I customized that technique.

Eleanor is able to give the target feel pleasure that is greater than sex, but in return, they would be crippled.

I’m customizing it so that it would be at the level of intense foreplay without any side-effects.


The wise Olivia saw through my intent from the beginning, but even after doing so, she let me do as I wish.


『As expected of a loyal dog. To think that she would be happy being the guinea pig of her master』

「Don’t make it sound so terrible」

『But that’s what exactly you’re doing right? More importantly, are you sure? That technique is difficult to use』

「No problem. I’ll make sure to master it」

『Well, if it could be adjusted to exactly how you imagine it, it would be like giving wings to a tiger. It is worth the try』

「That isn’t all」


「It’s not just this. I’ll do everything one at a time. Someday, I’ll have your everything as mine」

『……s-suit yourself』


While hearing Eleanor’s unusual agitation, I continued to stroke Olivia’s head.

Olivia’s face was blushing. She wouldn’t be like that with just a simple pat.

She reacts the same with when I would touch her breasts.


The adjustment is working pretty well. I continued carefully.


On the other hand, I’m holding the piece of meat and cloth, giving it a careful look.

It’s the clue I got thanks to Olivia.

While looking at it, I remembered the information I got from my women.


Helene, Rica, Aura, Fiona, and Selene.

The queens and princesses of the Five Great Kingdoms.

In addition to that, Delfina, the merchant who possesses equal wealth to a kingdom, who had spread her network throughout the world.


As a result of all of their investigations, they told me that the church hadn’t made strange movements.


I’ve also considered the pattern where there would be none of such.

Since it was assumed that the opponent was the evil beings, I’ve thought that they might have different ways of taking actions from humans.


As a result, not a single one of my women were able to catch strange movements. However, it truly exists. This piece of meat and cloth is the proof for that.


The evil beings. It is without a doubt that those which are not human are moving.


「The problem is why would they target Caroline」


I glanced at Olivia.

Olivia is smiling, in addition to her blushing face as I stroked her head.


『It seems that the doggy doesn’t have anything to say』

「I agree」


If she had noticed something and there is something she would want to say. Olivia would be fidgeting, looking as if she’s holding back but wants to say something.

She would be like that when she wants to say something, say something “with my permission”.


Olivia is just like that.


But since she’s only behaving completely spoiled, it’s the proof that she hadn’t noticed anything.


『What next?』

「There’s no way I would always protect her until she becomes the Pope」

「As expected of Human!」


I’m in my mansion and I’m not hiding my voice with my aura, so Olivia who heard me reacted.

I stroked her head a bit stronger but still gently, and continued.


「However, there’s no meaning if she would be targeted even after she becomes the Pope. I can’t protect her her whole life」

『Umu. We must find out the reason why she’s being targetted』

「After reaching this point, it would be a place where even Helene and the other’s can’t investigate」

『How about using this girl, Caroline, to bait them?』

「There’s always the possibility for the worst. I want that as the last resort」


I continued the discussion with Eleanor about this and that.

We talked about things like deciphering the Solon Church’s scriptures, or asking Melissa.

Although we made many kinds of ideas, none of them were as effective as the first one. The one with using Caroline as a bait.


When I was considering it carefully, whether that’s really the only thing we could do.

From across the window, I saw Althea in the garden.


Althea is covering her face with the hood of her coat. She probably returned to her old appearance after her vigor was drained.


「Recently, Althea feels a bit distant」

『She might be cheating on you』


I flicked Eleanor’s blade with my finger.


「Although she’s as usual on the bed, it’s like she won’t talk to me other than those times, or maybe she seems to be avoiding me」

『Hmm. It is true that you have that kind of atmosphere between you. It’s the opposite to the Dragon King doggy』

「You’re still continuing that……wait, opposite to Olivia?」


Something bothered me.

Opposite……opposite of what?

Olivia would be fidgeting around when she wants to say something.

And the opposite to that……she’s avoiding me because she doesn’t want to tell me something?


【I am Althea, just Althea】


「No. She’s avoiding me because she wants to say something」

『What are you saying?』


Eleanor said while rolling her eyes.


「Althea wishes to become a simple woman. She doesn’t want to give me advice」

『……hmm, that is true』


Eleanor’s tone turned to a serious one.



「Yes, I know」


Althea acknowledged it casually after I called her.


「You don’t want me to hear you out?」

「I just don’t want to answer」


I heard her continuing “I’m just Althea after all” without putting it in words.


「Can you make an exception」

「Alright. In return, you must treat me as an ordinary woman after I told you」


I pulled Althea into an embrace, took off her hood, and kissed her.

Her old appearance returned to a young and vibrant one, turning her to an unparalleled beauty.

After the long kiss, Althea had a complicated face. Half satisfied and half hadn’t had enough.


「Let’s leave the rest after hearing you out」



Althea nodded and the air around her changed in an instant.

She started to speak with her instructor’s toneーーunique to when she wants to teach me something.


「That girl Caroline, she the a vessel of god」

「Vessel for god? Not a child of god?」

「Both of them are correct. It is merely the difference in perspective. She is seen as the child of god from the human’s perspective. The child of god who possesses the blood of the god Solon. Then what about the vessel of god?」

「……those guys’ perspective」


I answered to the instructor’s question and she nodded with a satisfied face.


「Exactly. The vessel of god is the moniker when looking from their perspective. And that in itself is the essence. The vessel of god. When Solon descents……no, when that god manifests, the vessel of god shall be the its container」

「I see」

「The vessel of god must be empty. For there would be inconveniences when Solon possesses it if it is not. However, the vessel that they created so that it would grow empty……it gave birth to slightly human-like emotions. Why is that?」

「……because she heard my voice?」


Althea nodded.


「With the interactions between you two, she is gradually approaching that of a human. No, there is a high possibility that she would be human itself. And the reason for that」


Althea looked straight at me. Her eyes were overflowing with passion.


「All of the women who were involved with you becomes a simple woman without exception」

「A simple woman, huh」

「A simple woman, one that is truly human. That is why they wanted to take her from you, even using force」

「……in other words, the thing about the pope doesn’t matter. Those guys want to take Caroline away, keeping her in storage until my life ends, huh」


Althea nods satisfiedly with my answer.


I remembered the words of those evil beings I heard before.

Their longevity is far longer than that of humans. They only need to take action after I’m dead.

They were saying things like that.


Their plan for Caroline is the same with that, huh.


「In other words, I only need to fill the vessel huh」

「Yes. You only need to do what you are usually doing. Although there would be even more hindrances」


Althea said playfully.

That’s not a problem.

No matter what hindrance it is, I only need to erase them. It’s that simple.








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  1. kenchan223 says:

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