Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 283

Chapter 283 – Kidnapping Cancel



I returned to the room I brought the nuns to.

All of the women that I slept with, all twenty of them are still unconscious.


Their appearance and attires returned to how it was before.

While they passed out, the palace’s maids cleaned their body and dressed them up.

That’s why they returned to how they looked before.


『A lottery ticket has dropped』



I nodded and approached the women I made love with.

They’re women who I had sex with for the first time, so there are lottery tickets that dropped. I picked them up and there was just exactly twenty of them.

I kept it in my Different Dimension Warehouse and took out my Warp Feather.


I enveloped everyone with my camouflage aura and warped to Ainon’s church.

The church seemed emptier than usual.

The men were out to teach and the women I brought had just returned.


Instead, there was an unexpected person.




It was Hikari who was there.

She hugged Chibi Dragon on top of her lap and swung her feet as she sat on the church bench.


She looked super cuteーーit would definitely win best picture awards if I captured this moment with a photo.


However, Hikari did not react when I called out to her.


『You’re being too much of a doting parent. Hikari can’t see you if you don’t remove the aura』

「Now that you’ve mentioned that」


The camouflage aura uses Eleanor’s powers.

It is impossible for someone to see through it unless they have equal or greater power than Eleanor.


Although they are mother and daughter, that is not an exception.

And Hikari has yet to reach Eleanor’s level, so naturally, she can’t see through it.


I removed my camouflage aura and called out to Hikari once again.



「Otou-san. I thought I’d meet you if I wait here」

「You were waiting for me?」

「Un! I came to play here with O-chan, so I was waiting for Otou-san」

「Is that so」


It should be an unimaginable journey when you think of how young Hikari looks.

There is a long distance between my mansion in Reiusu and this Ainon. It’s not at a distance where children to casually come and go.

But when I was thinking of that, Chibi Dragon cried “myu〜, myu〜.


「I came riding on O-chan’s back」

「I see〜」


I imagined that scene and patted Hikari’s head.

After our journey to the past, Hikari learned to return Chibi Dragon to her original form, the Dragon King Olivia.


The dragon that is Olivia’s true form.

I’ve seen Hikari riding on her back or hanging by her neck many times.


When you think of how fast Olivia flies, it could be said that it is at a casual distance instead.


And that OliviaーーChibi Dragon looks a little different than usual.

She’s not naked, but wearing clothes.

She’s wearing clothes while she’s Chibi Dragon.

It seemed like how a dog would wear clothes too.


「You know〜, O-chan said she wanted to come wearing western-style clothes〜. How does it look, Otou-san」

「Of course, very cute〜」

『Hey, patting Hikari after what you said is weird』


Eleanor pointed that out, but I ignored her as usual.


After I patted Hikari’s head for a while.


「Now then, I should go meet Caroline」

「Hikari will come too〜」


I held hands with Hikari and went deeper inside the church.

I headed straight to Caroline’s room and knocked on the door.


There was no reaction.


「I wonder if Onee-chan is sleeping〜」

「Who knows……I’m coming in Caroline」


I opened the door after saying that.

What I saw as an unexpected scene.


There was a gaping hole in the space in the middle of the room.

On the other side of the hole as a space where only darkness exists, but I saw Caroline inside that hole.




I reached out my hand, but it was too late. The hole that swallowed Caroline was closed entirely.





Hikari returned Chibi Dragon inside of her and turned to a Demon Sword.


「Eleanor, let’s go!」



After that short exchange, I threw Eleanor using my full power.

My full power and strength, enough power to break through the bounds of space.


That full force that I once did in the world of the past.


After I threw Eleanor, her blade pierced through space and opened a hole.

I didn’t hesitate. I held Hikari’s hilt tightly and jumped into the hole.


The hole that I made immediately closed.

Arriving at that place, it seemed to be very similar to the one I was shut in together with Eleanor. A space within a different dimension.


I saw Eleanor there, as well as Caroline.

I picked up Eleanor and approached the frightened Caroline.





She clung to me.

Her hand, her body. They were trembling. It looks like she was frightened by the sudden event.


「It’s alright now, Caroline」

「Yes, God……」

「For the meantime, let’s get out of here. Let’s do it one more time, Eleanor」

『It seems like someone does not plan on letting us return easily』


After Eleanor finished talking, a few silhouettes appeared as if they melted out of space.

I’ve seen this before.


It’s the same form with that evil being that lent a hand to Aegina’s Crown Prince Kimon as well as created troubles in Calamba and Siracuza.

The air around them is similar as well. There should be no doubt that they are of the same race.


But they suddenly attacked!


I vertically swung Eleanor and chopped the nearest one who charged in halves.

One half remained standing and the other half collapsed.


Another one quickly followed in attacking. I also swung Eleanor and chopped the enemy.

It did not and there. They continuously attacked. I pulled Caroline into an embrace and killed them one by one while protecting her.


There are only several dozens of them. I can wipe them out in a few minutes.


『It seems that it would not be that easy』


『Look over there』


I looked at the direction Eleanor pointed.

The first one I cut in halves started to regenerate.

Its body that was split by two stuck together and attacked me again.


I chopped its head and burned its remains with flames.


However, it revived after a while.


「These guys are so similar to Opis」

『It is a bit different. They are regenerating themselves using this space’s power』

「……it’s true, I could feel the powers flowing that way」

『They seem to regenerate at the same sense as humans breathe air. Air does not disappear just by mere humans breathing them in. As long as they are in this place, it is impossible to annihilate them』

『W-What should we do?』

「The one who escapes wins. Let’s open another hole」


The instant I said that, the enemies seemed to understand my intent. They increased the speed they’re attacking.

Although I defeated them one next to the other just the same, the speed they regenerate is quite fast. I can’t “charge up” to throw Eleanor with my full strength, one that is powerful enough to open a hole through space.


That action takes some time even for me. An attack that could break the dimensional walls, it needs more than just my full powerーーin short, it requires me to break my limits.


I can’t do that when I’m continuously being attacked.


『Otou-san, leave it to Hikari』

「Hikari? What are you going to do?」

『Hikari has a plan, is it okay?』

「Alright. I’ll be counting on you, Hikari」


I didn’t think longer than a second and entrusted it to Hikari.


Although Hikari is the cutest in the world, she isn’t just a cute girl.

She is the Demon Sword Hikari. A Demon Sword that possesses Eleanor’s bloodline, one of the world’s most powerful swords.


I trust that Hikari. Since she has a plan, then I can leave it to her.




After she made that adorable battle cry, Hikari’s blade released a light, creating numerous clones of her.

It was like how Eleanor did it before, the Demon Sword clones.

Demon Swords with the same number of enemies appeared above the evil beings, then fell at once.


All of them were pierced by the Demon Swords, temporarily incapacitating them.


『Now’s the time! Do it!』



I charged my strength to my arm and threw Eleanor.

All of my powers and strength, even surpassing my limits.


Eleanor broke through the dimensional walls making a hole. I jumped through that hole while holding Caroline tightly.

We were outside when we returned, not in Caroline’s room or the town of Ainon. It is somewhere outside.


However, it seems that there is no doubt that we returned to our world.


『That’s so amazing, Otou-san. You can probably now come and go to that place anytime〜』

「I guess so. Though I don’t want to go there that much」


I recovered Eleanor and looked at Caroline who was still trembling.


「An attack during this timing」

『Kukuku, I wonder who in the world was pulling the strings』


Eleanor laughed playfully.

It seemed that we were thinking of the same thing.






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