Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 282

Chapter 282 – Rose and Lily



In Meteora’s palace, in the Rose Garden.


The Rose Garden is named with two meanings.

One is well-known. It is Queen Rica’s harem’s other name.


And the other one was literally where the name came from, a garden of roses.

Glass surrounds the whole garden and within that giant glass box, you could see blooming roses of various colors.


I am sitting in the pavilion within that garden as Rica leaned her body to mine.

She did not show her air as a queen, she leaned her body to me with the air of a bewitching woman.


Both of us are wearing clothes. From the side, we probably look like a flirting couple.


「Sorry for that, coming so suddenly to borrow a room」

「It’s okay. I told you, right? This is Kakeru’s harem. But I was surprised」


Rica giggled. She is wearing a pleasant smile.


「I was surprised when I came to take a look. It was an unbelievable sight even though I couldn’t see Kakeru’s appearance. It’s as if they’re being played by an invisible man」

「It’s supposed to be “by the grace of god” after all」

「It was fun watching though after I calmed down」

「It was probably a surreal scene」


I could see myself, so I could see myself sleeping with the nuns as usual, but it probably looked different for other people.

It’s exactly like Rica said, as if an invisible man was playing tricks on them. I could easily imagine how surreal it was.


「If people continue to believe the Child of God’s oracle just like that, it’s not impossible for her to become the pope」

「I wonder how it would actually go. Though I think she has a good chance」

「Let me see……」


Rica thought for a second and raised her right hand.

She raised to finger and made a pulling gesture. Soon after, a young girl entered the Rose Garden.


「Did you call for me, Onee-sama」


「Her stature is a bit special. Alice, introduce yourself to Kakeru」

「Yes. It is an honor to meet you, Kakeru-sama. My name is Alice Annis」

「Alice huh」


「What’s the matter Eleanor? Why’d you suddenly speak?」


When I asked her that, I could feel Eleanor rolling her eyes.


『Of course I know. I know that you do not remember anything』

「Don’t remember?」


I looked at Alice.

She has a chestnut-colored wavy hair and has a beauty that could be described as young yet strict.

She’s definitely a beautiful girl, one that I’d never forget if I met her once.


「I’ve never met her before」



『See. You don’t remember after all』


But when I was tilting my head like “what do you mean?” about what Eleanor said.


「Therios, Annis, Gate. Those are the names of the three noble families that tried to carry out the Three Lords Regency in Aegina」

「Now that you mentioned it, that happened」


It means that it’s a man’s name. No wonder I can’t remember anything.


「……since she has the name Annis」

「Yes, when Duke Annis came to ask for help, I took Alice in return to giving some assistance」

「I see」


A hostage huh.


I looked at Alice once again.

Her nature is similar to that of Colaria, the type that Rica likes.


I understood that she is also one of the roses.


「Alice. Report to Kakeru what I made you investigate」

「Understood. I shall start to report, Kakeru-sama」


Alice looked at me, she even adjusted her posture so that she would be looking straight at me.

I thought that she’s a diligent girl.


「I surveyed the approval rating of the Solon Church believers for the next candidate to be the pope within this kingdom」

「You made her investigate that?」

「I thought that it might be necessary」

「The one on the top is the God of Child, with a high rating of 50%. Next is the Immortal Saint Melissa with 20%. And next would beーー」


I listened to Alice’s report.

Caroline is in an overwhelming advantage and following her is Melissa. There were others, but you could say that they aren’t much at all.


「The approval rate for Caroline is overwhelming for those who are married, and oppositely, for those who are singleーーespecially men, Melissa’s ratings have reached 40%」

「Those who are being helped by the schools are those people who have children after all」

「What about the other four kingdoms?」


Rica asked Alice.


「The ones who went to survey has yet to return. They should be able to, after a few days」

「……that survey, how much result will it have?」

「What do you mean, Kakeru?」

「Some guy came to invite Melissa to become the pope. He sounded as if he has absolute confidence she would become the pope if she agreed to become a candidate」

『You don’t even remember the man’s name yet you remember that』


Eleanor said in sarcasm.

It’s about Melissa after all.


「That happened?」


「I’ll try to investigate it」

「I’ll leave it to you」


I gave Rica a short kiss on her lips.

Seeing that, Alice blushed and her body flinched.

Was she frightened seeing that now?


「You heard him. Alice, go and immediately investigate about that matter」




Rica tilted her head.

Even after receiving an order, Alice did not move to take action. She bit her lip and held her skirt tightly.

Eventually, Alice said with a resolute expression.


「Onee-sama! P-Please let me, r-receive Kakeru-sama’s affection as well!」

『Kukuku, this is the first time I saw a girl begging to warm your bed so desperately』


It’s the same with me.

I have seen someone mustering all the courage they have, but Alice was not like that.


She mustered her courage and asked for it, because she’s going to it anyways as her duty.


Rica correctly understood that.




「There is no way I can give Alice to Kakeru right now」

「……am I unqualified?」

「Yes. You are not, with the way you are right now」




Alice drooped her shoulders and dispiritedly left the glass garden.



Alice dispiritedly left the Rose Garden.


「It shouldn’t have been like this……」


She was rejected, she was dejected, and she could feel a greater fear.


Although the Rose Garden is Rica’s harem externally, she had told all of them.

The owner of this harem is the Demon Sword Wielder, Yuuki Kakeru.

She said that the reason that it was made is to gather women for Kakeru.


It is not rare for the legal wife to manage the concubines. Alice felt nothing wrong with it.

And she also understands the most prioritized thing she must do.


It is to sleep with Kakeru.

No matter what was actually had been said, it is true that the reason she came here is to become a hostageーーat the least, that’s what Alice thinks.

That is why she also thinks that the thing that Rica wants her to do, warming Kakeru’s bed, is the most important job for her.


She is not mistaken. Looking at the other women, it is no doubt that Rica actively offers them to Kakeru to catch his attention.

Rica is pleased when Kakeru is satisfied. That pattern is correct without an ounce of doubt.


That is why Alice brought it up herself, she wanted him to take her.

But Rica refused.


“Why” and “what should I do”.


Those two thoughts were circling within Alice’s mind.





Hearing her name being called, Alice looked over and was shocked.

Rica, she left the Rose Garden to chase after her.


「I-Is there anything else I can do?」

「My words weren’t enough」


「I’m not being mean to you. It feels that, it’s a waste」

「A waste?」

「I mean that it’s a waste if you sleep with Kakeru due to obligation, while not falling for him. Alice doesn’t love Kakeru yet right?」

「T-That is……」

「It’s fine. There’s only one thing I should tell you」


Rica reached out her hand and touched Alice’s cheek.


「You don’t need to push yourself. Just watch Kakeru with your eyes. By doing that, you would naturally fall for him. You should sleep with Kakeru when that happens. You will then experience the greatest joy」

「T-The greatest……」

「After all, I really want Alice to be happy」


「Now then. I’ll count on you to investigate that case okay」


After saying that, Rica turned around and returned to the Rose Garden.


Alice blushed and touched the place where Rica’s finger touched, the place where she could feel a lingering feeling.




She whispered as her cheeks blushed red.

What she stared at was the master of the Rose Garden.


Rica did not know.

Those words that she said with goodwill after she caught up to Alice.




It made Alice breathe out a longing sigh, making her distance to Kakeru a bit farther.

Rica has yet to realize that at this moment.







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