Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 275

Chapter 275 – The Cradle of Killing Intent



The people frequenting the church in the town of Ainon increased a lot.

And the reason for that is easy to tell. People gathered surrounding Caroline who is continuously praying in front of the statue of the Solon Church.


The Maiden of Oracle and the commoners that worships her.

That composition was clearly made.


I hid myself using my camouflage aura and stood in front of Caroline to tell her about Sybil.

I was about to speak to her just like how I did before, but.


『What’s the matter?


Eleanor was doubtful when I stood there without saying a word.

I looked at Caroline. I stared at her face intently.


Caroline has her eyes closed as she prayed, but I saw the color of exhaustion in her face.

There were bags under her eyes as if she has not slept for many days.


Eleanor who felt what I was seeing noticed it a moment later.


『It looks like she doesn’t have enough sleep』

【It seems so……Caroline】

「Oh God!」


Caroline opened her eyes and displayed happiness.

Her surroundings were stirred at the same time.

They raised a voice of awe because the oracle arrived.


I was planning on telling her about Sybil, but rather than that, her condition bothered me.


【You, you haven’t slept for a while?】



「I didn’t want to miss hearing God’s voice」


Caroline showed a smile.

She had a face that looked clearly exhausted, yet she showed a clear and bright smile.


「It’s because I wanted to hear God」

『It means that she was waiting for you』



【Sleep right away】


【Yeah, sleep right away……this is an order】

「Understood. I’ll sleep」


Caroline nodded.

Two middle-aged women immediately rushed to her from the crowd.

The two women showed a mixed expression of worry and relief as they rushed to Caroline.


「Now now, God has spoken」

「Let’s go to sleep okay, Caroline-sama」


『Hmm. It seems that these two truly worries about her. In opposite to that……kuku』


Eleanor laughed.

Other than the two women who were bringing Caroline to her room, the people of Ainon that gathered here showed disappointed.

I got a bit pissed off.

I was pissed off by these people who are only thinking of themselves, not even worrying about Caroline who looked clearly exhausted.


I ignored them and headed together to Caroline’s room.

Caroline’s bedroom inside the church.

Caroline was brought there and laid to her bed.


「Please take a good rest」

「Please call us immediately if anything happens」


The two women said and left the room.

Caroline was left alone lying on her bedーーbut she opened her eyes.


She flickered her eyes as she looked up at the ceiling then closed her eyes again. But she would immediately open them again and stare at the ceiling.


【What’s the matter?】


I couldn’t help but ask her.


「I can’t sleep」

【Can’t sleep?】

「Un……I can’t help thinking about God……」

【……wait for a moment】


I said, took out my Warp Feather, and warped to my mansion.

The slave soldiers are training in the annex’s training grounds. I removed my camouflage aura and approached.



「Your Excellency! Is something the matter?」

「Is there anyone who can use sleep magic?」

「Akasha from 8th platoon can」

「Call her」

「As your command!」


Nikki saluted with her heels placed together then ran to call her.

I ordered the slave soldier she brought to use sleep magic on me.


Of course, it didn’t work, but this is enough.

I said thanks to Nikki and Akasha then warped once again to Caroline’s room.




Caroline woke up and looked at me.

I didn’t envelope myself with my camouflage aura so she can see me.


「Just stay put. I’ll use sleep magic on you now. You should sleep for a while」

「Yes, I understood……uhm」


「When I wake, will you be there?」



I nodded and Caroline smiled happily.

I used the sleep magic that I just learned on her.


The effects were clear. Caroline who was exhausted and cannot sleep immediately fell asleep.


『Kukuku, look at this girl, she’s completely a maiden in love』

「She doesn’t think so though」

『She is only not aware of being in love』

「I guess so」


She’s too easy to tell after all.

That’s good too, but if this continues, she might break her body.

I need to do something about it.


I remained by her side.

I remained while thinking about what to do. I remained so that I can be there when she woke up as I promised.


Suddenly, it became noisy outside.

The noise passed through the walls and the sleeping Caroline furrowed her eyebrows uncomfortably.




I silently left the room and headed to where the noise was coming.

As I returned to where Caroline was praying earlier, I encountered the scene of a commotion.


The people who gathered to see the oracle started a commotion because Caroline left.

I picked up voices of different people individually within the commotion, but stopped after hearing three of them.

All of them, they’re saying things there wasn’t an oracle today as well or this isn’t the time for resting.

They were all just complaining.


『Kukuku, the masses are as selfish as usual』


Eleanor playfully said. There were thorns in her words.

I was unpleased just like her.


「Shut up」


That’s what all I said.

I did not shout nor raise my voice.

However, that voice echoed inside the church, and.




The people who were making noises turned silent.


『Kukuku, what an impressive killing intent』


Eleanor became more and more enjoying.

Killing intent, no, I should call it just a mere a threat.


I only pointed the killing intent “I’ll kill you if you make some more noise” at them along with my words.

It was super effective. The people who were making a commotion turned pale without exception. Some were even trembling.


I thoroughly pressured them, enough to disable them to speak out any word and become unable even to run away.

After that, I left them and returned to Caroline’s room.

I did not remove my killing intent, I did not stop threatening them.

At a diameter of a hundred meters with Caroline in the center, I continued to release my pressure.


Caroline slept peacefully on her bed.

Until the sun set and the next day come.


I made her rest within the cradle of my killing intent.







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