Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 274

Chapter 274 – The Queen’s Scheme



At night in my bedroom. Rica was looking up to the ceiling wearing just a single piece of silk clothing.

Even within the darkness, her eyes looked clear and sparkling.

Those eyes of hers made me interested a bit.


「What’s the matter, are you thinking of something?」

「I was remembering the past」

「The past?」

「Before I met Kakeru」


Rica suddenly smiled.

I remembered different eyes.


Rica’s eyes when we just met, her eyes that looked lifeless when she was being controlled like a puppet by the eunuchs.


「Why so suddenly?」

「I can’t remember it」


「You know, right now. I have so many things to think of every day. I feel like it’s even too much. But I would suddenly think, what was I thinking back then」


「And then, I realized I couldn’t remember anything. Although I can remember what happened back then, I can’t remember what I was thinking at all」

「Would you want to remember it?」


I got on top of Rica who was lying on her back, looking into her eyes.

If, if Rica wants to remember, then……




She stared straight back to my eyes and gently smiled.


「What’s funny?」

「Kakeru is always like that. If I answered yes here, you would probably do that for me. No matter how difficult it would be, no matter what obstacles are waiting for you」

「Of course」


Rica is a good woman, my woman.

If Rica wishes so, then I’ll grant it whatever it is.



「What’s up with you, really」

「That was probably why, it turned out like this」


「Kakeru is only doing what he wants. You would find good women and make love with them. You would love them because they would become good women and continuously love good women as they improve」

「Well yeah」

「That Kakeru, makes the women around him captivated wilfully. It is not because Kakeru is cool, nor because he would do something for us. That way of living makes us captivated」

「Is it such a big deal?」

「Being captivated, it brings us joy」


「It even makes us want to help you」

「The noble title……no, about Melissa huh」


Rica’s smile deepened.

Rica’s an intelligent woman. She probably knows that the reason I’m helping Caroline in the first place is for Melissa.


The Solon Church’s pope is about to die and there are movements to support the next pope. Naturally, as a queen, Rica would’ve known it.

And she probably somewhat knows that Melissa is refusing to be the pope.


It is easy for Rica to imagine that I would do something for Melissa, so she probably lent a hand somewhere.


「I’ll tell Kakeru one thing」

「What is it?」

「There is a person in Calamba named Sybil Crass. At her own expense, she would open schools in small villages, and she herself is teaching lessons in there」


「But that person is currently in a tight spot. As a result of using her own wealth to do that, she is living an impoverished life enough to make herself fall into malnutrition. On top of that, she being harassed by some people that think that education is only for nobles. After saying this much, you should know what to do」


Rica smiled at me.


「It’s the best person to show God’s mercy huh」


I also grinned and raised the corner of my mouth, smiling back at her.


「That sounds something like if she were someone from the church, after she dies from deprivation, she would be a saint in the stories」


「If I use Caroline to help her, then her reputation will rise」


Rica silently smiled.

That’s why it makes you want to help.

Within the silence, I felt like I was told the same line from earlier.


「Thank you」


I kissed Rica then got out of the bed, started to wear my clothes.


「You’re going already?」

「Yeah, I heard something good, so I’ll be acting quickly」


I wore my clothes, took Eleanor, and took out my Warp Feather.

After giving Rica one last kiss, I warped to Ainon to make use of the information I got.



Rica, left in the room alone after Kakeru left.

Enveloped by the remaining warmth and scent by her most beloved, she fell once again to the bed.


Laying on her back, she looked up at the ceiling.

Her eyes that shone even within the darkness was filled by loving kindness that did not show earlier.


「It makes us want to help you」


Rica repeated the same words.


Sybil Crass.

A person who thinks of the kingdom a hundred years later. A person who is burning with the ideal that the commoners must be given to commoners.

And a person who, for that ideal, would be willing to sacrifice her own self.


That kind of……woman. A woman that Kakeru would like.


Rica Calamba.

She is known as a queen who possesses a harem, and as such, called the Master of the Rose Garden.

Within Rica’s consciousness, the Rose Garden does not only exist within her palace, but extends throughout the lands of the Calamba Kingdom.


Rica who completely believes that being captivated by Kakeru is happiness schemed for Sybil and Kakeru’s encounter.


「I should prepare some more」


By adding intricate details, she was thinking of accelerating Caroline and Kakeru’s relationship.






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