Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 273

Chapter 273 – Scheme and Reward



In the town of Ainon, I’m beside Caroline while enveloped by my camouflage aura.


The town of Ainon is very lively right now.

The magic spell from Orycuto, Chroma. After knowing that it could be used to make silkworms spit out threads of different color, everyone in the town who were involved with sericulture started taking actions.


Sorting out the magic powers that can be enchanted using Chroma, sorting out the difference of colors made by magic powers, doing tests in adjusting the depth of the color.

The town, it was full of excitement to the extent that it could be seen from anyone’s eyes.


While all of that happened, Caroline only continued to pray inside the church.

She won’t even react even if someone is talking to her. She is only continuing to pray, waiting for the next oracle of her god.


Looking at her, I was thinking of what to do next. It was at that time.




One man rushed into the church in a panic.


That man who seemed to be in his thirties was panickingーーhe was even about to kick away the long bench seats, came in front of Caroline.


「This is bad, Caroline-sama!」




Opposite to the man who looked desperate, Caroline only closed her eyes, unmoving as she prayed.


「It’s useless. Caroline-sama is offering her prayer」

「When she’s like this, she won’t hear anything but God’s oracle」


A believer who was praying just the same said.

The “Backward Compatibility” that I gave to Caroline. That ability that allows her to match the frequency with other people seems to be known by many believers.


「T-This is bad, Caroーー」


The man tried to grab Caroline’s shoulder.

He probably wanted to shake her if his voice can’t reach her.


「What are you doing, you insolent fellow!」

「It is unforgivable to disturb Caroline-sama’s prayer」


Did they predict it? Or were their reactions were just quick?

The surrounding believers captured the man.


You could see clear anger in their expressions.

As if to say “this outrageous fellow daring to disturb Caroline”.


「Please let me go! This isn’t the time for this. The Queen, the Queen’s messenger came!」





Eleanor and I reacted at the same time.

The queen the man was saying must be Rica.


The town of Ainon within the territory of the Calamba Kingdom. The queen that a resident from that place would say would only be Rica.


「What do you mean?」

「I’m sayingーー」


Quicker than the man could explain, the church’s door was opened again.

The door was opened, and under the light coming from outside, a middle-aged man advanced while protected by soldiers.

His attire is quite decent. He looks like someone who has a high position.


『Hou, this guy huh. Kukuku, I’m sure you don’t remember so I’ll say it first. It’s the man during the “Five Noble Titles(Goshaku)”』



Ahh, that time when Althea casually got me noble titles from all the five great kingdoms huh.

That means, this guy is Rica’s messenger at that time.

Now that it’s mentioned, his face seems familiar. Well, I don’t really remember it though.


『Yes, of course you don’t』


Eleanor mercilessly said with a roll of her eyes.


The man slowly walked forward and stood in front of Caroline.

He said in a ceremonious manner with his chin up as he looked down at Caroline.


「These are the words from Her Majesty, Queen Rica Calamba. Listen carefully」


After he said that, the surrounding believers were stirred at once.

Only Caroline didn’t show a reaction. She only continued praying as if she can’t hear anything.


Seeing that, the man furrowed his brows.


「How discourteous」

「Uhm! Caroline-sama is praying right now」

「She can’t hear anyone else other than God」


The surrounding believers defended her in a hurry.


「Hmph, whatever」


The man scoffed and made a scornful smile.

“You can only act like that now”, was written on his face.

But when I was wondering what he meant.


「You have discovered a new kind of silk yarn manufacturing method. Praised for that achievement, the title of first-class baron shall be bestowed upon Caroline of Ainon」


The surrounding were stirred.

Surprise, delight.

Those emotions were mixed, filling the church with a commotion.

However, Caroline herself did not show any reactions.


She can’t hear their voicesーーno, she can’t understand their words, so naturally, she doesn’t understand what just happened.

As a result, she did not show any reactions as she continued to pray.


The man’s face was quickly stiffening.


At first, he was like “You can only act like that now”, then after he said Rica’s words, he was like “Hmph, you must be filled with awe”, then he gradually turned to “How can you remain unmoved”.

His expression was mixed with surprise and anger.


「How discourteous!」


He used the same words as earlier, but this time, he shouted at Caroline with anger.

Naturally, the believers tried to mediate. Some of them were even risking themselves to protect Caroline.



「As expected from her」

「Yeah, she’s probably not interested with worldly titles」


There were even those who became more devout to Carolineーーthe Child of God.

Looking at the situation, I judged that it wouldn’t be any big problems.

After giving them a good look, I took out my Warp Feather and warped to Meteora.



In Meteora’s palace, I encountered a maid when I warped to Rica’s room.




That maid who was making the bed wasn’t surprised when I suddenly appeared, but instead, she became stiff with nervousness as her back straightened.


「Thea, where’s Rica?」

「The Queen Her Majesty is in her office」

「I see, thank you」

「It was my honor!」


Leaving the maid that looked respectful, I left Rica’s room and walked through the familiar corridor.


『The maid earlier, do you know her?』

「She’s one of the chambermaids. I’ve seen her several times in Rica’s harem」

『What about her name?』

「n? Rica called her like that, so I shouldn’t be wrong」

『I’m not speaking about that though』

「What then?」


I asked but Eleanor won’t answer.

“What’s up with her?” I thought as I arrived in Rica’s office.


I knocked and entered.





Rica stood from her chair and ran up to me.


「I knew you would come」

「Yeah. Why did you do something like that?」

「Fufu, before that, can I guess what happened? That girl, she didn’t accept right?」

「Rather than not accepting, she didn’t even hear it」


Hearing that, Rica’s smile deepened.


「Why did you do something like that?」

「As a queen, I can grasp what is happening in my territory. The more it is, since an oracle that could greatly change the circumstances of the town Ainon was made」


Rica was smiling, but she said that as if she was not concerned with it.

Not to mention grasping what happened, she saw it, no, she was completely involved.

But even so, Rica took a step back and expressed it as “grasping” it.


「Is it not natural to glorify the key figure within all of that?」

「And then? What’s the real reason?」

「Gilding the lily」


「Kakeru is making that girl rise up right?」

「Yeah, I am」

「If so, isn’t then gilding some gold is good for her as well? Not only possessing the ability to receive oracles, being acknowledged by worldly authorities is important too」

「I see」

「Nevertheless, she won’t accept it anyway. A Child of God that would even ignore the authorities of the secular world. Wouldn’t it make her even more revered?」


I recalled what happened earlier.

It’s true that there are some believers who became more devout to Caroline.


She planned it that far, huh.

「As expected from you」

「She’s a girl who caught Kakeru’s eye after all」

「That sounds like it make sense but not at the same time……」


「More importantly, is she already?」

「……not yet」


I didn’t understand what she was implying for an instant, but I immediately remembered that Rica is called the “Master of the Rose Garden”.

She’s a woman who, while being a queen, she gathered women and made her harem “Rose Garden”, and gave it to me as a whole.

The “already” that Rica says only has one meaning.



「I’ll do it sooner or later, but we’re still halfway after all」

「I see. Then, can I be first?」



I answered promptly. I wrapped an arm around Rica’s waist and gave her a deep kiss.

While kissing, I remembered that the maid Thea was making the bed in Rica’s bedroom, so I chose to warp to my mansion.


「Wait, Kakeru」


When I was about to warp, Rica stopped me.


「I didn’t mean it like that, there’s a girl that I want Kakeru to make love with」

「I intended on praising you with a “good job” though」

「I’m asking if you can do it to that girl too. She’s a good girl, but she was with trouble」

「Shouldn’t you just give her a noble title?」

「She’s such a good girl. That’s why I don’t want to reward her with something usual. If possible, I want Kakeru to make her “happy”」


Rica looked up to me within my arms.

She looked at me pleading with her graceful eyes.


「Making me love her is better than having a noble title, huh」

「Isn’t that natural?」

「I see, since that’s the case」


I took out my Warp Feather and pushed Rica down on her bed after we warped.



「Since that’s the case, I must give you your reward first」


I dropped a kiss on her then looked straight to her eyes.


「About Caroline and about that girl. As a reward for both of them, you’re first」


I peeked into her beautiful eyes.


「Got it?」


I said.

Rica was surprised for a moment, but she soon wrapped her arms around my neck.


「Thank you. I love you, Kakeru」


That Rica who became sweet and lovable.  

For a whole night, I loved her slowly and gently.







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