Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 272

Chapter 272 – Oracle



In the town of Ainon, inside the church.

I entered while enveloped by my camouflage aura and saw Caroline offering her prayer among the many believers.


Is it because she is called the Child of God? Or is it because it was “proved” recently?

Among the crowd who were offering their prayers, Caroline was clearly in the middle of them, as if she was in a position that leads the rest of the believers.

It also feels like there is a distance between them.


『This is only natural. After all, she is called the Child of God』


I ignored Eleanor’s words and went in front of the believers.

I walked naturally without hiding the sound of my footsteps.

But even so, thanks to my camouflage aura, no one noticed. All of the believers continued their prayers.



「Oh God?!」


I called out to her while enveloped by my aura and Caroline quickly opened her eyes.

She looked around searching for me.


「Did just she say God?」

「Is it an oracle?!」

「Shh! Don’t get in her way!」


Caroline’s reaction stirred the surrounding believers.

These believers can’t hear my voice. They only reacted to the words Caroline said.


They stirred a commotion instantly but also turned silent instantly.

However, all of them had eyes of expectations, sending all of their gazes to Caroline.


「Oh God? Are you not around?」


With an expression of half disappointed and half panicーーwith a voice that sounded like it’s from a child who is about to be abandoned, Caroline called out to me.


【I’m here】

「Thank goodness……」


That stirred the believers again, but I ignored them and continued.


【Caroline, there is something I want you to do】

「Please tell me God, I shall follow any of your commands!」

【Firstly, gather townspeople who have gone to Orycuto’s Valley】


【Orycuto’s Valley】


Is it because it’s a place she heard for the first time? Caroline tilted her head in confusion.

After hesitating for a moment, she changed her frequency and said to the believers.


「God said, gather people who have gone to Orycuto’s Valley」


The believers were stirred.


「Orycuto’s Valley……isn’t that the place where you can get Orycudite?」

「Why is……」

「It is Solon-sama’s words. Anyway, let’s go and ask the people in the town」


The believers were confused as well, but even so, they left the church in a hurry.

It was quick after that. Within thirty minutes, there are five young menーーall of them adventurersーーwho have gathered inside the church.


「Oh God, we have gathered them」

【Yosh. After that, make them use this magic】



In front of Caroline who was tilted her head, I dropped a leaf that is the staple diet of silkworms.

It was enveloped by my aura until then, but as soon as it left my hand, it would’ve looked as if it suddenly appeared from nothing.

The believers that have gathered beforehand, the five adventurers, and the townspeople who came to watch.

All of them let out a voice of surprise.


「It suddenly appeared」

「I didn’t feel magic powers」

「I’m telling you, Solon-sama must have visited us」


I continued after seeing Caroline catch the leaf in a panic.


【It’s magic name is Chroma】

「I understandーーuhm……please use the magic called Chroma to this」


When Caroline said that, the adventurers looked at each other’s faces.


「Chroma……? We can use a magic spell like that?」

「No, before that, it’s the first time I’ve heard it」

「What kind of magic spell is it?」


The adventurers were confused, but on the other hand, Caroline was calm as she stared straight at them.

God’s words and Caroline who brings the oracle. Compared to the adventurers, the surrounding people knew who to believe and just urged them to hurry up.


After wavering for a moment, the adventurers reluctantly did what they were told.

They chanted “Chroma” towards the leaf that Caroline brought.

They chanted it one by one. Nothing happened until the fourth man, but at the fifth man’s turn, magic powers were released from his whole body.

It was a red colored magic powers, magic powers that seemed as if it was flames.


Voices of surprise were raised within the church, but after they saw Caroline and that adventurer not hurt, finding out that it was just magic powers, they regained their selves.


That magic powers stuck to the leaf. The magic powers stuck to the ordinary green leaf, turning it to a flaming red color.


【Hold it just like that, Caroline. Don’t drop it】



After telling her in advance, this time, I placed a silkworm on top of Caroline’s palm and removed my camouflage aura.

The silkworm that suddenly appeared stirred the townspeople, but Caroline who was told not to drop it was unmoved.


The silkworm ate the red colored leaf and spat out a thread of the same color.




The townspeople raised voices of awe at once.


「P-Please let me see it for a moment」


Passing through the crowd, one old man approached Caroline.

He moved closer and his eyes widened unbelievably as he looked at the red thread.


「This color……this gloss」

「What’s the matter, Old Biron?」


A man who seemed to be the old man’s acquaintance asked within the crowd.


「A color this pure, a color with such uniform shade. It’s a color that I’ve tried yet was never able to make」

「Is that true?!」


The surrounding people were stirred.


「Umu. Dyeing the threads would always tend to be dull and the color tends to be mottling. To make a color as beautiful as this, it is amazing enough if you were able to succeed once every hundred tries」

「Let me see it too」

「Hey, can other colors be made too?」


People who seemed to be involved in sericulture continuously appeared from the crowd. They would stare at the thread that the silkworm spat out and would ask Caroline questions.

I told Caroline about it.

About the magic spell “Chroma” that uses Orycudite and about the thread made by letting silkworms eat leaves enveloped by it.

The color created by the magic spell “Chroma” depends on the person’s aptitude and attribute.


And by using Caroline’s voice, I revealed that to the townspeople.


The magic spell “Chroma” itself was undiscovered up until now.

It was only natural. It’s a magic spell you can learn by getting hit by Orycuto’s magic powers. It’s not an offensive spell, so even if you get “hit” you won’t realize it.

And of course, the method of changing the leaves eaten by silkworms is a first as well.


Immediately, the people involved with sericulture who heard that left in a hurry. They’re probably going to gather people from the town who have experience in going to Orycuto’s valley, they might even be gathering them from other towns.

It felt as if they can’t wait to test this method.


Within the people who remained, the old man called Old Biron kneeled to Caroline.


「Thank you very much. We will never forget this debt of gratitude, Caroline-sma」


The old man put his hands together and worshiped Caroline, but Caroline’s reaction was dull.

She probably couldn’t hear him. I can tell from the movement of Caroline’s eyes. She’s waiting for my words.


She’s still matching her frequency with mine, so she doesn’t seem to hear the old man’s words.

However, even if Caroline couldn’t, it wasn’t the same for the townspeople.

A moment after Old Biron kneeled, the other people followed him and worshipped Caroline.


「Thank you very much, Caroline-sama」

「Thank you, Oh God」

「Long live Solon-sama」


They said those words of praise one next to the other.


『Good for you, Oh God』


Eleanor teased me while grinning.

The good mood I could feel from her while she teased me proved our success.


Seeing Caroline being worshipped by the believers, I was assured of my successーーwhatever Diatheke was, I was assured that I’ve successfully built up a foundation to make Caroline the pope.







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