Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 269

Chapter 269 – Lip Reading



In the annex of my mansion, in the training grounds of my slave soldiers.

There was a chair on the platform as usual, and I’m watching Hikari, Olivia, and the drake soldiers from there.


Althea is on my lap leaning to me.

She only sat on my lap, not doing anything.


Recently, Althea seems to like this.

Speaking of the impression it gives out, it really feels like “the king and his favorite concubine”, but Althea seems to have liked it very much.

The image of a “favorite concubine” seems to make her strongly conscious about being “just a simple woman”.


I gently stroked that Althea’s face and talked with Eleanor.


(Things seems to be going well)

『You camouflaged only your voice using my powers huh, that is quite clever』

(I just thought that I would need it someday since with my relationship with Caroline. There should be some instances for the “voice of god” that only Caroline can hear although I am present, right?)

『Well, there is no such thing as being too prepared』

(Hikari, she’s gotten stronger again)

『You can tell huh』


Eleanor said proudly.

She was a doting parent from the beginning, but recently, she would be like this when we’re talking about Hikari’s growth.


(Yeah. They’re not merely playing tag, right?)


That’s right. It was not as simple as playing tag.

Although, Hikari looks like she’s just playing tag with the others.  


She summoned the 100 drake soldiers as well as Olivia and let them chase each other. But she would change the appearance of those who are “tagged”, restrict the movements of the drakes who were “caught”, and make the drake that took a certain action “invisible”.

She’s fully using her powers as a Demon Sword.


『I thought this game of tag to Hikari. It’s a training to release strong powers while doing small tricks simultaneously』

(I guessed so. Although Hikari looks like she’s enjoying it, it’s definitely not as simple as it looks)

『No problem. Kids would play to their extent then collapse to exhaustion. That is fine as it is』

(I agree)


Hikari looks like she’s really enjoying their game, and since she would grow as a Demon Sword as well, I have nothing else to say.

And while watching over that Hikari and caressing Althea, I changed the topic.


(I guess it’s about time to advance to the next stage)


(I found a palanquin I can carry, the only thing left to decide is how to carry her)

『Making Caroline the pope huh』

(Do you know how to do that?)

『I’ve seen those things of the Solon Church from the side many times, so at the very least, I know its system』

(Tell me)

『First thing, the previous pope will die. And within a month after that, the candidates will probably announce their candidacy. Although one seems to need a certain status or position to be able to do that』

(I’m hearing too much of “probably” or “seems” though?)

『I’ve only seen it from the side after all. After the candidates have gathered, they will enter the “month of prayer”』

(Month of prayer?)

『Umu. The believers from all over the world would pray about which one they would want to become the pope. Those prayers will be aggregated, and the one with the most prayers in the end will become the new pope』

(……in short, it’s election through prayers huh)


I received a silent agreement from Eleanor.


(It’s unexpectedly democratic)

『I wonder about that. Although there would be on-going status reports about the prayers every day, the last three days won’t be announced』

(Is God going to interfere or something?)

『That doesn’t sound funny』


But even though she was saying that, Eleanor seems to be very interested.


I organized what I heard from Eleanor.

A system that makes the believers offer their prayers to cast their votes for the candidates, huh.



『What’s the matter?』

(I understand the system. I just thought whether I would go at it head-on or exploit the system)

『I see』


Going at it head-on is of course, winning the hearts and minds of the people.

I only need to follow Caroline around and give her lots of “oracles” making her popularity rise.

Exploiting the system is just basically cheating.


I wondered which one should I choose.


(I want to know more about the system)

『I guess so. Knowing more about it might change what you need to do』

(Do you know more about it?)

『I don’t know that much, since I was just watching them from the side』

(Well, I guessed so)


Now then, what should I do?

Should I ask Melissa? No, there’s a high possibility that Melissa doesn’t know.

She is a type of person who’s sticking in her field works. The possibility that she doesn’t know about that system is very high.

Most of all, it isn’t good to talk about cheating the system with a faithful believer.


Since that’s the case……


(It’s Delfina then)

『A wise decision. Though, I believe that there is a wiser one』


I knew instantly who Eleanor was talking about.

It’s Althea who’s enjoying her stay on top of my lap.


The Great Sage Althea, as the woman who knows all kinds of knowledge, she probably knows something about it.



『I know』

(Don’t suggest it then)

『You’re spoiling that woman, so it just made me want to say it』


『No way』


Eleanor said more playfully than usual.


『I just thought that your spoiling towards that woman might be toxic to her. She’s such a good woman after all?』

(If you’re talking about that, then there’s no problem. “Just Althea” is enough for her to be described as a good woman)

『Fine then』


Eleanor stopped saying anything.

Now then, I should go to Delfina’s place and askーー





Althea suddenly said.

When I looked at her, she was still leaning on me, but her gaze was pointing to somewhere else.

Was it just my imagination? She seemed to be somewhat sulking, yet happy at the same time.

She made that kind of contradicting expression.


「It’s nothing. I was just talking to myself」

「Is that so?」

「That’s right, just a soliloquy. I need to whisper to myself sometimes, or else, I might forget about many things」

「……I see」


I said and kissed Althea’s lips.

After giving her a short kiss, Althea showed a happy yet sulking expression.


(Did she hear us?)

『Rather than that, she probably only understood you. Even if she doesn’t hear your voice, she can read your lips』

(Lip reading huh)



Althea scoffed and completely leaned her whole body to mine.

It looks like I wasn’t wrong about her listening to me through reading my lips.


Since that’s the case, Althea’s “soliloquy” isn’t about her talking to herself, but some kind of a hint or advice.


I continued to caress Althea’s cheek.

I did it just how I did before.

I stroked her cheek while adoring her just as Althea, just as a simple woman.

Not as an expression of gratitude for the great sage’s adviceーー


『Kukuku, she could completely tell that “thoughtfulness” of yours』


I flicked Eleanor who spoke playfully with my finger.

You’re the one who should be more thoughtful.


While caressing Althea cherishingly, I memorized in my head the hint that she gave.






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