Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 263

Chapter 263 – Fear and Unlimited Earnings



『What next?』

「For the meantime, I’ll do it thoroughly」

『Use them as a warning huh. You want me to do it?』

「Let me see. I’ll leave it to you」

『Umu. Leave it to me. I guess we should’ve brought Hikari as well』


Eleanor said looking seriously regretful.

While she would show great rivalry towards her daughter Hikari as a Demon Sword, she would teach Hikari many things on what a Demon Sword should be.

Although it seems contradictory at first glance, it looks like she has some logic behind it.


「D-Damn you」


「You think you defeated us with just this?! Hmph, we won’t yield even in this situation!」

「T-That’s right! We shall exterminate your existence in the name of God!」


The two men recovered from their surprise and showed their hostility while they said that confidently.

“What the heck……” soon after I thought of that, the men placed their hands together and started to pray.

Their bodies released a light. It’s a light that really looked holy. There’s no doubt that they’re planning to do something though.


『Kukuku, look how complacent they are. They seem to be young nobles who don’t know real battle』


Eleanor seemed like she’s found it funny yet rolling her eyes.

It’s exactly as she said.

These two clowns started chanting or praying in front of the enemy without guarding at all.


To test the waters, I kicked the ground and a small pebble jumped out in reaction.

That pebble grazed one of the men’s cheeks, creating a wound.


The man opened his eyes in his prayer pose and looked shocked.

Is this for real? They really didn’t do any countermeasures?


『What an interesting bunch. It makes me want to watch them finish』


I can understand what Eleanor said. Seeing how stupid they are, I want them to show me what they’re planning to do.

That’s why I let them. I waited for them to do what they’re doing.


After waiting for about a minute.

After I’ve waited for them for enough time to kill them 777 times, a monster shining with a light appeared in front of the two.

The reason why I called it a monster is because its lower body is that of a snake, and the upper body is that of an armored woman holding a sword and a shield.


「This is what is sent to us by our Lord!」

「The Guardian Holy Beast Lamia!」


The two men who summoned that Lamia thing quickly acted as if they’ve won.


「Go, Lamia!」

「Kill that Demon Sword Wielder!」


As soon as the man ordered it, the Lamia charged towards me.

She swung her sword while charging in a snake-like unpredictable way. The blade of its sword was swung down reflecting the moonlight.


I blocked using Eleanor, sparks scattered.


Its power, speed, and proficiency in attacking.

Each of them was quite decent. About the same level with the current Selene.

I judged that while receiving its first attack.





I kicked the ground and jumped back after hearing Eleanor’s warning. A sharp slash grazed the tip of my nose.

I checked after I landed. It wasn’t Lamia’s sword, but there’s nothing else.


『No, there is』

「What? Mu!」


Soon after Eleanor said that, “that” appeared.

As if the darkness beside the Lamia melted, that thing appeared just as if its camouflage was released.

It looks exactly like the Lamia.

They completely look the same. Another Lamia appeared like a reflection in the mirror.


「An invisible surprise attack huh」

『……that, seems to be not the case』


「What’s happening, another Lamia appeared」

「This never happened before……」


The two men who summoned the Lamia looked confused. It seems like the situation was unexpected for them as well.


『What are you going to do?』

「For starters, I’ll try to slash them」


I charged raising Eleanor. I swung her down at speed exceeding the Lamia’s reaction speed.

The Demon Sword flashed. One of the Lamias were defeated and disappeared after turning into mist.


「This is……」


I didn’t bother to attack the other Lamia and jumped back. It’s because the feeling when I cut the Lamia was familiar.



『There’s no doubt. It’s the same with that white snake』


I got Eleanor’s agreement.

The feeling I got from cutting that Lamia was the same with the Opis, that white snake.

Come to think of it, it released a light, and its lower half is that of a snake.


『However……they doesn’t look like they’re dividing』



I raised Eleanor and casually approached. I enveloped myself in my dark cloak aura to provoke the enemy to attack.

The Lamia swung down its sword and I blocked using Eleanor.

Sparks scattered and another invisible slash came from the side.


I dodged it at paper’s width and gave an observant stare.

Just like earlier, a Lamia appeared from invisibility.


『I see. This time, it doesn’t multiply its numbers when you cut it, but it does when it cuts you』

「It’s power and speed are the same. It’s really the same with Opis. ……and」



I chopped the new Lamia that appeared with the returning blade and it appeared.

The lottery ticket.

It appeared after I defeated the first Lamia, and it appeared again this time.


I continued. I guarded against the Lamia’s attack making it multiply and defeat the new Lamia that appeared.

More lottery tickets appeared.


It looks like defeating them gives me one lottery ticket each.


『You’re going to farm them?』

「It’s the perfect time to do so」

『How about those guys?』

「Just about to take care of it」



While I was farming lottery tickets from the Lamias, the men looked shocked.

The two of them haven’t noticed yet. They haven’t noticed that their feet were already tied up by my aura and Eleanor’s aura.


It’s the aura I released when I made my dark cloak aura. Starting now, I’ll take my time to grant them fear, creating the foundation for their confession.



「There’s something! Don’t! Nooooo! Don’t enter me!!」


The punishment for plotting against my woman. I’ll let them have a taste of it while I farm.








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