Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 262

Chapter 262 – The Strongest Otou-san Hikari Thought Of



I watched Saramas leave through the window of the drawing room.


「They came like this huh」

『Serving you nominally, but only to buy some time. It’s a decent plan. Although it’s disappointing, since it’s too plain』

「You sound like you’re having fun」

『Is that so? Anyway, what are you going to do? Would you follow him and debauch?』

「No way」


I scoffed.

Saramas came and told me that he wants me to take a look because he gathered new slaves.

He wanted me to have a good “look” at them. Saying that the slaves evaluated by Yuuki Kakeru can be sold at a high price.


I knew that it was a plot, and Miu even classified him as my enemy, but Saramas showed a business-like attitude that showed the desire of “maybe I would buy them”, so I was almost deceived halfway.


Probably, a suitable “service” is waiting.


「Otou-san. Finished talking?」


When I was thinking about what should I do, Hikari entered the room carrying Chibi Dragon.



「What’s the matter, Otou-san?」


Having me stare at her without saying anything, Hikari tilted her head.


「Hikari……you can change the appearance of those you summoned right?」

「I can, why?」

「Can you make them also look like others?」

「What do you mean?」


Hikari tilted her head. I crouched and whispered to her ear.


「I’ll try」


Hikari put Chibi Dragon on the ground and “Mumumumu〜〜”, she gathered her powers.

She made the world’s cutest pose and Chibi Dragon’s appearance changed.

A light was released and her silhouette grew, turning her to Olivia’s human form.

But that was only for an instant.

Olivia’s human form was only the relay point. The same light was released and her silhouette changed again.

This time, it was my appearance.


「Fuu〜, O-chan’s appearance turned to Otou-san」

『Umu, it did』

「Ororo〜, Hikari can do this too huh」


I looked at Olivia.

She really turned to my appearance. From my hairstyle to the clothes I wear.


「Do I really……look like a villain like this?」


Unlike Olivia’s friendly tone, it looked like a terrible villain.

My eyes were releasing a suspicious light with flames appearing as effects. My face showed a ferocious grin, with my canine tooth releasing a sharp glint.


It looked exactly like a villain you can hang on a museum with a title “The Villain”.


『Kukuku, that means Hikari sees you like this』

「What?! Is that true, Hikari?」

「Un! It’s Otou-san’s coolest face〜!」



I suddenly felt complicated.


「More importantly, why is Human making Hikari do this?」

「Y-Yeah……I want you to go Samaras’s place in my stead」


I told Olivia and Hikari the scheme involving Melissa.

I don’t know where Melissa would be lured out, so I can’t use my Warp Feather to rush to where she is. That’s why the only thing I can do is to follow her everywhere.

However, if I don’t follow their plans, they won’t take action.


「That’s why I want you to go to Samaras’s place in my stead. ……how long can that last?

「I told you earlier, right? I could stay like this for a long time as long as I don’t do anything. Leave that to me and Hikari」

「Hikari will do her best!」


Olivia smiled without worries and Hikari did a cute guts pose.

I left Samaras’s side to the two.



During the night at the grasslands, I hid myself using my camouflage aura, and stood in between Melissa’s group and the two men.

It’s so that I can hear both side’s conversation and so I can deal with whatever happens on both sides.


The men received a message through magic and after making faces sure of their victory, they send a signal.

The next instant, five assassins silently appeared and charged towards Melissa from different directions.


I also took action.

I instantly killed all of those five assassins while enveloped by my camouflage aura.

I chopped their heads and kicked it towards those two men in the carriage.


Their faces that were assured of their success turned into shock after seeing the severed heads lying on the ground.


Melissa’s group didn’t notice at all. After seeing them leave at a distance, I removed my camouflage aura and appeared in front of the men.



「Demon Sword Wielder?!!」


As soon as they saw me, their suspicions were overwritten by fear.


「Those who plot against my women……you should guess what happened to them?」



I involuntarily raised the corner of my lips. It naturally formed a smile although it’s not interesting at all.

The men fell to their back and tried to withdraw frightened with fear. Of course, I won’t let them get away.


『Kukuku, Hikari saw you correctly』


Eleanor seemed like she said something, but my head was full of how I would make them regret this.







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