Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 256

Chapter 256 – The Saintess’s Miracle



I came to a town called Nuktar for the first time together with Melissa.

Although it’s my first time here, it’s near Orycuto’s valley, so I warped to Orycuto’s valley and then walked while the master of the valley tries to run away.


It’s a medium-sized town, not reaching the size of a city.

That was the impression I got after entering Nuktar.


「It’s lively here」

「It’s a town famous for making liquor. You can find distilleries everywhere here, with distillery craftsmen gathering here from all over the kingdoms」

「Distillery craftsmen?」


I asked Melissa back with the unfamiliar word.

Strictly speaking, it’s about the unfamiliar combination of words.


「Do you know about distillation? It’s about a technology to evaporate liquid and remove the excess substances. The people who could use that magic gathers here」

「Distillery magic? Does that even exist」

「More specifically, it’s a combination of flames magic and ice magic」

「I see」


It was a bit disappointing after learning the trick behind it.

I thought that there’s a convenient magic that instantly distills, but that was not the case.


「You can’t make fun of it you know? Before that magic was created, equipment was used to create liquor. But no matter how good of an equipment it is, the scent or even the flavor of the equipment might be transferred to the liquor. But using that magic, the distillery craftsmen can heat and cool the liquid mixture without using equipment, so they can create distilled liquor without off-flavor」

「I see. It’s amazing if you put it that way」


I was impressed this time after hearing more about it.

I don’t know how much the equipment from normal distillation affects the flavor, but I can understand from what she said that making it with magic would create excellent liquor.


「They say that it is difficult to use that magic, especially when it comes to its balance. Craftsmen would need to train more than ten years before they can be treated as a full-fledged distillery craftsman」

「Craftsmen everywhere are probably the same」

「I agree」


I walked around the town just like that with Melissa.

As expected of a town of distillation, you can see more liquor shops and bars from ordinary towns, with the delicious smell of snacks to accompany the drinks could be smelled everywhere.

Naturally, it’s very lively here.

Good liquor and good food. With the combination of the two, it was enough to make the town festive.


「And so, where’s our destination?」

「It’s an inn a few blocks away from here」

「An inn? Not a church from the Solon religion?」

「We’re just still propagating around here」


Melissa said with a faint wry smile.

The reason why I came here with Melissa is because she told me that it’s an official business of the Solon Church.

I knew that Melissa would listen and complete requests from different villages, but I suddenly recalled that I hadn’t seen her act officially as the Saintess of the Solon Church, so I came with her.


That’s why I thought that we would go to a church.


「I hope that with my efforts, there’ll be more people who would believe in the teachings of the Solon Church」

「I see. And so, what exactly are we going to do?」

「We’re making a miracle」


Those words the Melissa said, if it came from a different person, it would definitely sound extremely suspicious.



On the northern part of the town Nuktar, there is a wide square that is used for events like festivals.

A tall platform was placed there, with townspeople gathering around.


The platform was covered by cloth except for the top part, so no one knows what’s happening inside.

Melissa is in there. Currently preparing along with other people from the Solon Church.


I am with Eleanor, looking at it from a distance.


「What’s she planning, she said that it’s about a miracle right?」

『Who knows. I don’t have a clue』

「God’s miracles are tricks of magicians, huh」

『More specifically, it’s called tricksters. It is easy to tell if it’s magic just by trying to sense the flow of the magic powers. Even if someone does that, it won’t be considered as a miracle』

「From my perspective, magic could be used to perform miracles too」

『I guess so』


Within my women, only Eleanor knows that I’m a modern manーーshe understands that I am someone who came from another world. Probably because I’ve been with her for a long time.

Because we’re connected, she can understand that other world to a certain extent, getting the meaning of what I said.


『Does she plan on getting her head chopped again? After all, she’s an undying who knows lots of ways to die』


The execution held for seven days, making Melissa famous as the Immortal Saintess huh.

An ordinary believer who was executed seven times because of martyrdom, but survived after not dying even after her head was chopped off. That incident was widely publicized, making her famous as the Immortal Saintess.

She’s doing that again?


『What do you think? Want to stop them?』

「It’s something that Melissa decided. I’ll see it through」

『You answered instantly. That’s so, you』


Eleanor said in a voice that felt surprised but in a positive way.


I continued to wait, wait until they start.

After a while, Melissa appeared on the platform.


Wearing her clerical clothes from the Solon Church, she stood their exuding a divine air.


As soon as she appeared, the people who gathered clamored.


「Hey, is there really going to be a miracle?」

「Believe me」

「Yeah……well, I’ll be glad if my foot heals, but……」


I heard two men talking nearby.


『We’ll finally see that miracle thing』

「Yeah, healing injuries. It’s a common means」

『The problem is how that Saintess plans on doing it. That woman, can she heal other people again?』

「Eh? ーーdon’t tell me!」


I realized a certain possibility after hearing Eleanor’s words.


「Melissa, wait! Stop there immediately!」


I shouted with a loud voice, but it was already late.


Melissa spread out her arms on top of the platform. At the same time, a divine and blinding light were released from her body.

The square was enveloped by light.


There were many voices clattering about, but more than that, screams of joy and delight could be heard everywhere.


「My hand, I can move my hand」

「My eyes can see clearly!」

「That painful headache disappeared as if didn’t exist」


Every one of them raised a voice about their injuries and diseases getting healed.

That itself is a good thing. It is, a good thing.





On top of the platform, Melissa screamed out in pain in a way I’ve never heard before, then collapsed.

She was quickly brought down from the platform by other believers.

And in her stead, one man who wore clothes that looked even grander appeared on the platform.


「Everyone, silence! As you have seen, Melissa-sama have taken everyone’s pain」


It was really like that.

A miracle that is made by a selfless saint.


Melissa took in all of the disease and injuries from the all the people that gathered here.

I could hear myself clearly grit my teeth.



「Wait! This is the Saintess’sーー」



I only said that and shoved off the man who wanted to stop me.

The instant I entered the room, I doubted my eyes.


“It was Melissa there”ーーI was not able to have the confidence to say that.

Described briefly, it was a chunk of meat.

Limbs broken and swelling flesh. Puncturing wound, sword wound, burn woundーー


All kinds of wounds appeared turning her into a mess.




『What a Saintess』



Seeing her alive even in this state proves that she’s Melissa.


「Hey! This is Melissa-sama’sーー」


I slapped away the man who was shouting at me.


『What are you going to do?』

「I’ll use this」


I opened my Different Dimension Warehouse and used the magic ball (white) from the lottery on Melissa.

Described briefly, it’s recovery magic. It’s an item from the lottery that had healed any wounds I used it to up until now.


Its whiteーーhealing light enveloped Melissa, but.


『Doesn’t work, huh』

「No, it does」

『Hm? It’s true, she looks like she’s healed with a slight difference』

「If one’s not enough, then I’ll use everything that she needs」


I opened my Different Dimension Warehouse and took out all of my stock.

I used all of them on Melissa.

The people from the Solon Church that crowded inside and wanted to stop me turned silent. It’s because they found out I’m healing Melissa.


An item from the lottery, the magic ball (white). Twenty of them in total.

I used all of them on Melissaーーbut it was barely working.


She’s clearly healing bit by bit. However, she was still a “chunk of meat” right now.

If this continues, she might need a hundredーーno, even hundreds of it.


『You can only go and draw the lottery. How many tickets do you have? No, go to Delfina right away and spend your money』


『Hey, are you listening?』


Eleanor’s scolding voice echoed inside my head. That made my thoughts accelerate, making me even more composed.


「……lend Melissa my natural recovery ability」

【Natural Recovery will be lent to Melissa. Time Remaining: 59 Minutes 59 Seconds】


One of the skills I got from the lottery. The ability that enables me to lend my 777x multiplier.

Just the healing speed of the magic ball couldn’t heal her, so I recalled.

Melissa has her own recovery ability.


The Immortal Saintess Melissa. She possesses two abilities.

A tough body that could be described as undying and an abnormal recovery speed that supports it.

That recovery speed was amplified 777x.


Effects showed immediately. The “chunk of meat”ーーMelissa healed at a surprising speed. Her body recovery looked as if it was a video played in fast forward.



「Melissa-sama who would usually heal in three days……」

「She was instantly healed」

「Unbelievable, what did he do……?」


The folks from Solon Church exclaimed. ……it usually takes three days, huh.


『Don’t make that scary face』

「It looks like I need to have a “talk” with them」

『I guess so. If it isn’t the Saintess’s will……』

「I’ll stop them」

『If it’s just her hobby, then……』

「I won’t stop her」

『Kukuku, that is very, very you』


Eleanor laughed cheerfully.








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