Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 253

Chapter 253 – The World’s Happiest Maid ( side  Miu )



Before the sun rises, I, Miu Mi Myuu, silently got off my bed.

Feeling that my head is not clear enough, I thought of Master’s wonderful appearance and completely awakened.


I undressed my pajama and changed to my maid uniform.

I wore the sleeves of the maid uniform that Master chose and prepared for me. With just that, I could feel myself getting motivated.


That’s not all.

I also let the puppets wear maid uniforms.


The skill that Master bestowed me, the Puppet Master.

Using that, I moved two puppets that look exactly like me at the same time.

Appearance is very important. Every day, visitors would visit Master’s mansion, and as Master’s maid, I must wear clothes that do not look disgraceful.


I practiced a lot, so the things that the eyes of the puppet are seeing is the same with me seeing it personally.

Me, and the two puppets.

The three of us faced each other and checked our appearances.


After confirming that there is no part that looks wrong, we left the room.

I am very happy. I have lots of work today too.

I can work as much as I want for the sake of Master.


While preparing breakfast, I used the puppet to clean outside the mansion.

I swept the fallen leaves in the garden and trimmed the grass that grew too tall.

Flowers bloomed in the flower garden so I picked some, and placed it on a vase decorating the mansion.


「You’re working hard」


Althea-sama called out to the Puppet #1 that was sweeping the courtyard.

Master’s very important person, the Great Sage Althea-sama.


She is a shockingly beautiful person.

She looked beautiful from the beginning, but recently, she is becoming more and more beautiful. I would even feel that I might get my soul taken by her if I stare too long.


「Good morning, Althea-sama. I’m sorry, did I wake you up?」

「Don’t mind me. Old people wake up early in the morning」


Althea-sama is good at joking.

She is beautiful, smart, friendly, and thoughtful enough to say jokes.

She is a woman I admire.


And that Althea-sama, she suddenly said “Oh my”, and approached the flower garden.


「Something like this was planted here huh」

「Something like this?」


I looked at Althea-sama and she pointed at one weed-looking grass growing in the flower garden.


「This is called Coujimie Flower. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one. Do you know, this isーー」


Althea-sama stopped halfway, then stared at my face.


「What’s the matter?」

「Since this is planted at equal intervals with the other flowers, you, you knew this flower huh」

「Ah! Yes. I did not know what its called, I only know that it only blooms once in a while, but if it does, it is a very beautiful flower」

「It is not at the level of being once in a while. Coujimie Flower only blooms once every fifty years」

「Fifty years!」


I was surprised and looked at the flower.

Since the Great Sage Althea-sama is the one saying it, it is definitely true.

I was a little disappointed.


「Fifty years, huh. I wanted to let Master see it bloom」

「You do not need to be disappointed. You only just need to raise it for fifty years, and show it to him when it blooms」


I felt my heart throb.

Raise it for fifty years.

Raise it for fifty years, for Master.

For fifty years, I’ll be Master’s maid.


My heart throbbed so quickly, I do not know what to do.


「Good morning, Miu」


This time, a different doll was called out.

It was inside the mansion. Colaria who had just woke up called out to me.


Colaria Lanmari Calamba.

She is a girl who possesses Delfina-sama’s Lanmari and Rica-sama’s Calamba at the same time.


She was a slave and a maid just like me, but she was taken by the two of them and is currently studying.


「Do I have anything to help you?」

「Let me see……please go and wake Master up. Breakfast is about to be ready」

「I got it」


Colaria went to Master’s room.

Yesterday, the Queen of Calamba Kingdom, Rica-sama came to stay.

Colaria is “Rica-sama’s”.

Rica-sama’s Colaria. I am sure that Master would be happier if I let that person wake him up.


Master seems to be very happy when the women who have special relationships are in front of him.


Helene-sama and Iris-sama.

Io-san, Agnes-san, and Julia-san.

Eleanor-sama and Hikari-sama.


When they are together, Master always look very happy.


Since Rica-sama is here, I am sure that Master will be more happy with Colaria waking him up.

I should do my job and prepare breakfast.


「Ah! Isn’t it Miu」


I was called out again by a different person.

This time, it is in Master’s annex, the building where everyone from the slave troops is living.


When I came to take the laundry, Selene-sama called out to me.


Selene Mi Aegina.

She is Aegina Kingdom’s princess, and a person who has a very difficult title called “Prime Minister Princess”.

Of course, she is also Master’s “important person”.


「Good timing, I wanted to talk to Miu」

「With, me?」

「Un. Miu, would you like to be my double?」


「Un. Rica-san and Helene-san told me. They said that it’s better to have someone like that. And so, I think that Miu looks exactly like me after some makeup」


「What do you think? Would you like to be my double? It’s a princess’s double, so you could spend more time in luxury. Far more than a maid could do」

「This is……are you scouting me?」


I was scouted “again”. This is troubling.


「I’m sorry. I am Master’s maid, so……」

「I see……Shou’s maid huh……it can’t be helped then」


Selene-sama unexpectedly withdrew easily.

Thank goodness. It was definitely just a joke and she was not that serious about it.


I felt relieved and worked in the mansion with the original me and the two puppets.


Master is so kind. He listened to my selfish wish and stopped increasing the number of maids.

That’s why, I need to do my best and do my job as a maid.


Cooking, cleaning, washing the clothes.

I did my best doing my job as a maid.

The mansion and the annex, I did all the work in the place where Master, Master’s important people, and everyone from the slave troops live in.


When it’s about lunchtime, I had some free time.


That’s why, I did my best to prepare for my most important job.


I returned to my room and called back the puppets.

I sat on the chair and groomed my tail.

I gently combed it and made it fluffy.


I mixed the magic powder that I ordered from Delfina-san using the wage I received from Master and made it even more fluffy.


There might be some parts that my hands cannot reach, so I made the puppets help me make it more fluffy.


Just like that, my tail became very soft and fluffy.


「Miu〜, where are you Miu〜?」


I was startled and my heart pounded.


My Master, my most beloved Master is calling me.

I left my room and headed towards where I heard Master’s voice.


「There you are, Miu. Come here」


In the living room, Master called out to me. He carried my body to an embrace and placed me on top of his lap.


And then, MofuMofu.

Master MofuMofu-d me.


While he MofuMofus me, Master became very happy.

Thank goodness. Master MofuMofu-d me and he became happy.


「The flowers are only perks, huh」

「Ah, seeing this, it’s impossible to ask her to be my double」


Outside the room, I heard someone’s voice, but I am in the middle of my most important job, so I did not understand what they were saying.


Master’s MofuMofu.

Today, I was able to do my most important job again.


Because of that, I thought that I am the world’s happiest maid.








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