Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 252

Chapter 252 – The Dress-Up Doll Master



Afternoon, I heard a knock on the door while I was MofuMofu-ing Miu.

From the presence, I found out it’s Selene.


I would bring her regularly to this mansion.

My women are Selene’s tutors, but they are all over the world.

The best way is for me to bring a tutor and the student Selene by warping, so after even after that incident ended, I would bring Selene here frequently.


I brought her this time for Althea’s class.

Looking at the time, it should’ve just finished.


「You can enter」

「Please excuse me〜. Wawa! Sorry, Shou. Did I interrupt?」

「Don’t mind it. MofuMofu is the same with just relaxing. Rather than that, what’s the matter?」

「Uhmm……uh……I-I just wanted to meet Shou」


Selene placed her pointing finger together and fidgeted.

What a cute girl.


「Come here. What did you learn today?」

「Uhm……sorry, I forgot」

「You forgot?」

「Un……sorry, it was all thanks to Shou that I’m being taught by the Great Sage, but I’m so stupid」

「You forgot everything?」

「Un……ah! I learned one thing……sorry, I forgot」

「What do you mean?」

「The words Althea taught me, and I thought that it was very important, so I wrote it on my palm. I just thought I shouldn’t forget it」

「He〜. What words?」



Selene opened her palm. Just like what she reported, there was something written there.


「The sovereign reigns, but does not rule」

「Words that describe the current you right?」

「It is really? I’m an idiot, so I think that it’s best if I don’t do anything weird. That’s why I wanted to remember these words」

「I see. If you remember that, then Aegina should be fine from now on」

「Thank you」

「Come to think of it, you are going to be the King huhーーit’s something in the future」


The current King Aegina is still alive, at the very least. And, Selene looks up to her father the Aegina’s King.

That’s why I added.


「I don’t know. I think that I shouldn’t become one」

「I guess so. You’re better off as a general than the king」

「But, Elder Brother is not around anymore, so that might happen in the future」


Selene dropped a fist to her palm.


「How about all of the citizens decide who to choose?」

「Let them choose?」

「Un! Like the one Shou told me, uhm……deco, democracy? That one」


It was a democracy that she almost got wrong.


「Now that you mentioned it, I did tell you about that. But that isn’t about becoming a King」

「Can’t I let them choose who will be the King? Like, make all of the members of the royal family candidates, and let the citizens decide who is the most worth」

「From God’s mandate, to Citizen’s mandate huh」

「Does that exist?」

「No, I just made it up right now」

「Waa〜, as expected of Shou」


Selene said and looked at me with sparkling eyes.


「You want to do that?」

「Rather than wanting to do it, I think that it’s the best for Aegina」

「I see……if so, then consult it with Abraham. He knows better than me whether it is a suitable system for Aegina」

「Un! I’ll try」


After she nodded, Selene started to look uneasy.

She would steal glances from me and feels like she wants to say something.

She probably wants to immediately go back and consult it with Abraham.


「Miu, wait for a while」

「Yes, Master」


Miu who obediently let me MofuMofu her until then obediently get off of me as well.

I took Selene with me and warped to the Summer Palace.

I kissed her with a peck as if it was natural.


「Do your best」

「Un! Thank you, Shou!」


She waved her hand and ran as if she could not wait a single second.

Eleanor called out to me while I saw her off.


『What an interesting thing』

「About the election for the King?」

『Umu. It’s you after all. You already plan on doing something right?』

「That’s a bit wrong. I would just lend Selene a hand if she wants help」

『Kuku, if that turns into reality, she will be the first popularly elected Queen huh. That is as unprecedented as the double Queens, Fiona and Marie.』

「I guess so」


If it was realized what would happen? I warped back to my mansion while imagining that.

I sat on the bed and made a gesture to Miu who obediently waited, and continued to MofuMofu.


「By the way」



Since there was no more third party, Miu answered as if it was natural.


「Selene and Miu look alike right?」

「W-We do?」

「Yeah, you look almost the same other than the length of your hair. Hmm……」


I stared at Miu intently.

It’s really like that as I’ve thought. The more I look at her, the more I could tell how similar Miu and Selene are.


「And that means……」


A certain scene appeared in my mind.



Queens and Princesses frequently visit my mansion, thanks to that, they always have a change of clothes here.

Their clothes are always new ones. While gathering lottery tickets, I would use money to pay Delfina so she would always prepare new clothes for them.

I made Miu wear one of them.


It’s Selene’s clothes that I told her she look alike.




Miu looked uncomfortable after being dressed in Selene’s clothes.

A princess’s dress, not her usual maid dress. The one wearing it looked helpless.


「It looks good on you」

「I-Is that so?」

「Yeah, it really looks good on you. You look a lot like Selene, and no matter how I look at you, you look like a princess. Since you look so beautiful, do you want to become the Queen instead of Selene?」

「I-I’m fine with being Master’s maid」


Miu panicked and waved her hands. It looks like she is seriously saying that she wants to be my maid more than becoming a queen. That’s very Miu-like.


The bedroom’s door opened.

Althea who is living in my mansion entered.

She looked at Miu and flickered her eyes for a moment.


「Are we making the sixth great kingdom?」


She said jokingly.


「Yeah, it’s the founding of the MofuMofu Kingdom」


「If so, then she must wear the clothes of a queen」

「I guess so. Then, next would be Rica’s clothes」

「After that is Fiona’s and Marie’s. She could now use puppets right? It would be for best letting her wear all of it at the same time」

「Let’s do that」


I was very eager along with Althea.

We let Miu wear the various dresses we thought with a whim, and found it unexpectedly fits very well on her.


She looks beautiful in each dress, but the one wearing it looked uncomfortable until the end.

In the end, Miu looked most comfortable after she wore her usual maid uniform.






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