Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 251

Chapter 251 – The Only Exception



In the Summer Palace of the capital city Rethim


Selene was in the beautiful garden made by a king for his beloved queen once upon a time.

Selene did not notice me at all arriving by using my Warp Feather and continued to practice her sword.


Sound seems to have disappeared from the surrounding.

It is so silent that it feels like the temperature dropped by a few degrees and my ears are ringing.

In this place that seemed as if time itself paused, only Selene was swinging her sword.


She did not many any sounds with her movements.

It was not strong, nor fast, and there was no sound.


She learned a completely perfect sword form and swung her sword.


『How frightening, I can’t believe that she was that spoiled arrogant princess』


Eleanor even evaluated her highly.

I agree with her.


Just like that, I watched Selene finish her training.


「Fuu〜……eh?! S-Shou? Since when were you there?」

「A while ago」

「Oh, how embarrassing! Did you watch me practicing?」

「I did. It looked great」

「R-Really? Thank you Shou!」


Selene covered her face and shook her head embarrassingly, but I only praised her yet it was completely turned into a smile.


Ever since I made her submit once, Selene became extremely amenable.

So much that even Abraham was worried about her.


And I thought that it makes her adorable.


「Oh right. Thank you, Shou. About Duke Melina. It as troublesome right?」

「Not that much. I only saved those guys in that place I was told to. What happened after that?」

「Un! Ah〜……uhm〜」


Although she answered eagerly, Selene’s eagerness gradually faded.


「Sorry, Shou. I heard it but I forgot. Can I call Abraham?」



I nodded and Selene waved her hand to the maid who was on standby from a distance.

Also, after she showed some gesture, the maid left without getting near us.


And after waiting for a while, Abraham came.


「Did you call for me, Your Highness」

「Un. Shou wanted to know what happened in the case with Duke Melina. Tell him okay?」

「As Her Highness wishes」


Abraham nodded silently and then turned to me.


「Thanks to Marquis-sama, Lord Melina’s servants were released. It would seem that about half of them have returned」


「Apparently, some of them have abandoned Lord Melina. They must have judged that there would be no gains following a noble about to fall」



It turned out like that huh.


「And there are similar things that have occurredーー」


Abraham faced Selene and reported.


「It seems like Duke Annis who have participated in the same Three Lords Regency had his servants rebelling. A few servants robbed the Duke of his fortune and escaped」

「Ehhh?! I-Is it alright?」

「Yes, at the very least, it is on the surface. Because it is an inconvenient incident for Lord Annis, it would be “something that never happened” after a while」


Putting a lid on something that smells huh.

『It is a trick most nobles use』


「It is alright then?」

「Yes, although these kinds of incidents would continue for a while, if they understand that the Kingdom does not plan on pursuing, it would disappear naturally」

「Un, I got it. Then, as it was up until now, I’ll leave those things to Abraham. Anyways, you must prioritize the stabilization. As long as that is possible, Abraham can choose how it is done」

「As Her Highness wishes」


『Kuku, this girl turned out to be this kind of sovereign huh』


Eleanor said playfully. I also enjoy watching her.

After pointing out just the direction, she threw everything else to her subordinate.

She left everything to them in a good way.

It looks like Selene is becoming more and more of a good woman.


「But, servants rebelling is scary. How can that be prevented?」

「That’s easy. You only need to decrease the number of servants」


「That’s right.」 There would be those who would make troubles because there is too many of them. If it is someone like me who only has one maid I can trust, that will never happen」

「I see……」

「Selene too, you don’t need to worry about rebellion if your only subordinate is Abraham right?」

「ーー! Un, that’s true!」


Selene realized and breathed in a sharp breath, then showed a smile.

On the other hand, Abraham showed a troubled expression.


「Please do not say “that’s true!”. Your Highness, those are different things. Marquis-sama, please do not teach her strange things」

「Eh? But, it’s something that Shou said you know?」

「That only applies because it is Marquis-sama. Only Marquis-sama could do as many things as he wishes despite having only a single servant. Does Her Highness believe that she could do the same thing as Marquis-sama?」

「That’s impossible!」


Selene clearly declared. Well, I think that it’s a bit too much if she declares it so clearly like that.


「Please forgive my rudeness, I have been impolite. I will accept any punishment」

「U〜un, it’s exactly as Abraham said. I’m not Shou, so it is really impossible for me to be like that」

「Your Highness……」

「But then, what should I do? I really think that having a rebellion is bad……I got in with that before too」

「I believe that rewarding good work and punishing bad work is enough」

「Reward and punishment?」

「Yes, on top of that, it will be strictly evaluated. There shall be rewards to those who render distinguished service and punishment to those who commit crimes. And we need to do it without a single exception」

「We only need to do that?」

「Yes, by doing so, the subjects will definitely follow Her Highness, they shall follow even while being fearful」

「I see……let’s do that」

「……I’ll give you an advice」


I intervened after listening to what Selene and Abraham were talking about.

Unlike before, Selene started to accept suggestions from others. That is a good thing, but there will be uncertain factors when administering those rewards and punishment.


That’s why I intervened. It’s to remove that.




Selene looked at me with her excited eyes.


「It’s better if there is a single exception. It is bad if it is extremely strict. You would get easily tired if you’re nervous all the time right?」

「Un, that’s true. What kind of exception?」


Selene asked. Beside her, Abraham looked at me with a doubtful look.

Don’t worry, it won’t be that bad.


「My words」


「That’s right. Pardon those who I told you to pardon, and punish those who I told you to punish」

「Fumu, fumu. Shou’s words are an exception huh」

「That’s right. Oppositelyーー」


I stared straight at Selene.


「You can ignore anyone else other than me. You should just execute that “rewards to those who render distinguished service and punishment to those who commit crimes” that Abraham said」

「I got it, I’ll do that!」


Selene did not have any doubts about my words and accepted it as it is.

It’s really good that I told her.


In polishing the rewards and punishment, there would definitely be some people who would ask for an “exception”.

And the current Selene might accept them. If it is Selene who has understood her own powerlessness, making her accept other people’s suggestion, then that might really happen.


To prevent that, I told her my words.

My words that are “absolute” for Selene.


Even if people ask her for an exception, she could just tell them “the only exception is Shou”.

The exception is for that.


Selene does not understand that far, but Abraham does.


「As expected」

「Eh? What?」

「I have just said that it is as expected of Marquis-sama」

「Un! After all, he’s my Shou!」


Hearing Abraham say that, Selene showed the loveliest smile she had shown today.








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