Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 249

Chapter 249 – Rescue



Sorek road in the Aegina Kingdom.


There is one group that is staying there for the night.

There are several wooden cages with heels and all of them are pulled by a horse.


Inside the cage were men and women of all ages.

Most of them are wearing clothes for servants and within them, there are even senior servantsーーthose who are allowed to wear butler uniforms.

All of them were servants of Duke Melina.


Within Aegina where the ranking system is strict, there is the saying “servants of the Duke are also 10th-ranked officials”, so even if the servants’ are born as slaves, as long as they belong to the House of the Duke, they would be treated with an identity equal to a lower official.


Of course, there are many servants who take advantage of that to “borrow the tiger’s skin” to act high and mighty, but as long as it is not a serious crime, or makes their masters lose their faces, most of their deeds are pardoned.

In other words, these people who are currently inside cages are existences that acted arrogantly everywhere just a while ago. But right now, they are put into cages, forcefully taken away, so most of them are exhausted to death.

Another reason why they are so exhausted is because the ones guarding them are Aeginean soldiers.


Two of the guard leaders are drinking alcohol and cooking meat in front of a camping fire.


「Haha, look how miserable they are」

「It just serves them. Even if they were subordinates of the Duke His Excellency, they’re not anymore」


Their words rode the wind and reached the servants’ cages, followed by a few screams of fright.

The soldiers taking a watch on them shouted at them to shut up.

Seeing that, the leaders laughed once again.


「Hmph, it’s all the that stupid Duke’s fault. Possessing ambition that doesn’t suit his abilities」

「Oi, oi, the Duke is still the Duke you know. Add -sama to it, Duke-sa-ma〜. Don’t insult the dumb fucker openly」

「Ohh that’s true. Haha, sorry ’bout that」


While they said that, the two leaders drunk their alcohol with a toast.


「Uhm, excuse me」

「Be quiet!」


A woman raised her voice from inside the cage. A nearby soldier scolded her, but.


「My daughter, my daughter is sick. She had a fever from noon, she looks painful right now, and……」


It was a mother that did her best to ask for help. A girl that seems to be her daughter was lying on her back beside her.

Her face was red and she was sweating profusely. She looked like she’s in pain, breathing with short breaths.



「Sick, huh. Well, just spit at it, it should heal right?」

「Idiot, that’s what you do with open wounds. When sick……what do you do when sick again?」

「I remembered, you should just drink water」

「Right! Just drink water〜」


The two leaders laughed once again. They did not look like they are planning to do anything about it.

Of course, there was no water inside the cages. Even the soldiers did not try to show action.

The begging mother still continued, but she could only tearfully withdraw after a soldier thrust his spear to the cage.


「Hey, what’d happen to these guys after we delivered them?」

「Since all of them is the Duke’s servants, they’re not first-timers. Since it’s the second time, they’d probably be sold as second-handed slaves for 10-Kre」

「All of them were slaves huh」


「Hey, I……I like some of them you know. Can’t I just take them?」


The man grinned, and seeing his disgusting face and vulgar words, the women in the cages sucked in sharp breaths.


「……you can’t. We need to bring them safely. If you try tasting them, both your head and mine would be chopped」


Hearing one of the men’s words, an air of relief spreads, but.


「We can’t taste them, but isn’t it fine putting a mark on them?」


「Yeah. Look」


The man took out a branch from the campfire and showed its torch-like appearance.


「If we put a burn mark on them, then we can tag them, and no one else would probably want to buy slaves with burn marks」

「There was that way huh」


The man received the torch and walked towards the cage.


Within the darkness of the night, the fire showed the man’s face. It was a drunk and vulgar face.

Some of the screams changed into sobbing.


「Oi, you there. Yes, you. The one in the middle. You come here」

「No, no!!」

「No? Hey, you guys, make the others get off the way」


His subordinate soldiers received the order and struck their spears inside the cage, making the others surrounding the woman their leader wants to get out of the way.

After they were sorted, the man put his arm in the cage and grabbed the woman’s arm.


And, he moved the torch near her face to show it to the woman.


「Don’t move, it will be just an instant if you don’t move」

「Noooooo! Please, stop!」


The woman screamed.

In this place, the man is the justice.

The women are on the side of the losers. The effects of their master, the Duke, losing is shown in this form.


The leaders, the soldiers, and their enemies. All that they could do was to pray that they would not be burnt by the fire sparks by not meddling.


The fire neared the woman’s skin.




In the next instant, the torch disappeared, and the man’s arm flew in the air.




The man was dumbfounded, an unbelievable thing that he had not even imagined occurred.

The others were also stunned. There was none who could understand the situation.


Following that, the man’s head also flew to the air.

Until the end, he did not understand what happened to him.




Finally, the other leader reacted and asked.

Following that, the soldiers regained themselves and surrounded the enemy that chopped off the man’s head, pointing their spears towards him.


「Disgusting taste」


The man who appeared said as if to whisper.

Strangely, those who surrounded him was overwhelmed just by that.


A swordsman holding twin dark swords, one with great powers that only just with his existence awes the others.


「Two, two Demon Swords……don’t tell me!」


It was too late when they realized.

It did not take ten seconds for the Demon Sword wielder to crush the guard unit.


They were wiped out, while the remaining soldiers who were conscious only showed fear.

And, those who were rescued, those who could only wait for their own beings sold.

They showed gazes of deep emotions towards him.








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