Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 245

Chapter 245 – Miu’s Selfishness



A night has passed after I gave Miu the skill「Puppet Master」.


Even after I sent off Rica and Delfina, Colaria remained in the mansion and worked as an apprentice beside Miu.

Compared to the day before, she looked even more accustomed, but even so, it still feels like she is being overwhelmed by how hardworking Miu is, being dragged around by her all day.


I relaxed in the living room while I watched that.


Right now, Miu and Colaria are in the living room.

With Miu’s advice, Colaria is cleaning the furniture.


I am watching Colaria who immediately learns as soon as she is taught and even understands the hang of it.


「I can understand why Rica and Delfina liked her」



I did not say it towards the to maids. I was talking to Eleanor.

I said it by whispering so that it won’t be in the way of Miu and Colaria.


「Although she’s being dragged around by Miu, she learns quickly on top of having an obedient personality」

『Similar to Princess Selene』

「Although Selene has talents for one thing but exceeds the rest, Colaria would learn everything decently. That is just the difference between them」

『Since she Queen Rica’s favorite, she would probably become yours someday』


Eleanor said playfully. Those lines are very Eleanor-like.


「Yeah, I’m looking forward to it」

『When would you take her as yours?』

「It depends on Rica and Delfina. They probably have plans made already. I’ll just match it with them」

『It is also not bad forcing that girl to become yours without getting their permission right? Taking her as yours while feeling guilt』

「You’re really enjoying this huh?」

『No, no. After gaining that sense of guilt, you can just make her fall for you even more, deepening the love』

「I see. That might be a good idea」

『I know right?』

「If you’d only stop grinning while you talked about it」


Is it because she received her memories from when I pushed down Eleanor in the past?

Previously, I could only hear Eleanor’s voice in my head, but recently, Eleanor’s face would completely appear inside my mind and talk with me.

Even our exchange earlier, adding to the playful tone she had, I could see Eleanor grinning inside my mind.


She is being playful, but I don’t feel any evil intent.

Although this might just be my imagination, I feel like Eleanor became even more behaved than before.


No, I should say that the difference when she’s on and off became bigger.


She would now show even stronger powers when I needed her to fight as the Demon Sword Eleanor. The pressure she releases also increased.


However, she became even calmer during these times in peace.

Her wickedness is just at the level of tricks or mischief.


The gap between that is very attractive. It makes me want to take Eleanor to bed while she’s like this.


『However, how unusual』


『Is it not the first time you’ve seen Miu’s appearance unmoving or not working? Except the times when she’s being MofuMofu’d by you』



Just like Eleanor had said, Miu is currently not moving at all.

She would only give Colaria bits of advice from time to time. She is letting Colaria do all the work.


「She is just letting me see」

『It was really like that』

「You also noticed?」

『Don’t treat me like a forgetful old woman. That lass, she is subtly arranging their positions so that you could see how that other lass’s work and her expression』

「Yeah, she’s doing it so that Colaria could show her appeal to me」

『She might have the talent to become a merchant. She is really good at showing the merchandize』

「Might be so」


Being my maid for a long time, Miu knows the personalities of my woman as if it was natural.

She knows Rica’s “Garden of Roses”, the harem that she is making to present to me, and she understands that Colaria is a candidate for that.

Since she knows that, she is trying to make me see how Colaria does her job.


It feels bad to make waste of Miu’s thoughtfulness, so I watched Colaria while relaxing on the sofa.


The door suddenly opened.

“Miu” entered the room while carrying a tray.

There is a set of treats served with tea on that tray and she came to my side carrying it.

She exchanged the teacup on the table with a new teacup.


「I’ve prepared fresh tea, Master」

「Have you gotten used to『Puppet Master』?」

「Somehow……I want to become better and better」

「You’re already using it quite skilfully now right?」


I said while looking at Miu who exchanged the tea and Miu who instructs Colaria.


They both look like the original and I could not tell which one is the puppet and which one is the one using the「Puppet Master」skill.

The puppet’s movements were just that similar to a human, it was just that similar to Miu.


Only after using my 777x hearing to check the heartbeats I could tell the real Miuーー


「Both are puppets?」


「Miu, is the two of you in here both puppets?」


I was surprised and asked Miu.

I found out after sharpening my hearing and concentrating my mind.

The only heartbeats I could hear in this room was coming from me and Colaria.


Both Miu who was instructing Colaria and Miu who was exchanging the tea beside me.

Both of them were puppets without a beating heart.


「Yes. Master allowed me, so I asked for another puppet to be created」

「With just one night?」

「Delfina-sama is amazing」

「No, I didn’t mean that」


I looked at Miu intently.

I asked “with just one night” about Miu.


I could tell how hard the Puppet Master skill to use because I’ve tried it once. It is very difficult to manipulate several puppets at the same time.

However, with just one night passing, Miu became able to control two puppets to move perfectly like a human.


「It’s amazing how you could control two」

「I practiced last night. Uhm……」


「Did I do, something bad?」


Miu looked up to me timidly as if a child who was being scolded.


「I asked Delfina-sama to create more. If it was bad, I will go and cancel」

「More puppets? How many?」



Miu answered while checking my expression.


「There is, two more」

「Four in total huh」

「Yes. I just thought that it would be great if there would be five, if I include myself」

「Can you control four of them already?」

「I still can’t……but, I’ll do my best and learn to quickly」



「Miu is trying to master that skill as soon as possible. Why is that?」

「Uhm……it is something I received from Master, so……」

「Is that all?」


When I asked that, Miu furrowed her brows as if she was troubled.


「That is all, I think……」


Miu looked confused.

Noticing our conversation, Colaria started to glance at us, but she was scolded by the other Miu and returned to her work.


I stared closely at the Miu beside me and said.


「From my experience, people who are trying to hurry up and become better at something would always have a strong motivation. Just like Selene」

「Strong motivation」

「You can also call as something you absolutely cannot allow」

「Something I absolutely cannot allow……ah!」


Miu suddenly looked as if she sucked a sharp breath.

It’s as if there was something that she had never noticed, but finally realized after I told her.


「You were not aware of it huh. And then? What is it?」




Miu suddenly turned silentーーbut when I was thinking of that, the Miu over here and the Miu over there suddenly collapsed at the same time.

Literally, it was as if they were puppets whose strings got severed.


「Miu? What’s the matter, Miu?」


Colaria was also surprised. She grabbed and shook the shoulders of the Miu puppet that stopped moving.



「There’s no problem, they are just puppets. You should stay here」



I left behind the confused Colaria and rushed out of the room.

I strengthened my hearing to its limits, finding Miu’s sound inside the mansion.


I rushed towards Miu and found her sitting on the ground, in front of an unused room where once Tanya stayed in.


There are cleaning tools scattered beside her. It looks like she was cleaning up until now while controlling two puppets.

I became more and more amazed by her.


But that Miu, she was hiding her face with her hands while sitting on the floor.

Her face was redder than I’ve ever seen it.


「Miu, what’s the matter?」

「MasterーーI’m sorry」


When I called out to her, she stood up and tried to run away.

Of course, I didn’t let her. I grabbed her hand and pulled her into an embrace.


I hugged her tightly and peeked into at Miu’s blushing face.


「Don’t run, Miu」


「You realized something right?」

「Yes……but, it’s bad」

「What is bad? Tell me」


Miu did not answer and shook her head. She tried to avoid my gaze with tears appearing on the corner of her eyes.




I called her name with a gentle, yet assertively.


「Tell me. I’ll judge it as your master if it is really something bad」

「Hauu……I understood」


Miu surrendered. Her body that was stiff, trying to find a chance to run away, was now completely relaxed.


「If I become able to use lots and lots of puppets, there would be no need for any more maid」


「Master’s maid……I thought that, it’s better if there’s no, more……」


Her voice almost disappeared when she was about to finish talking. She spoke as if she was confessing her crimes.


In other words, the reason why Miu wanted to master「Puppet Master」quickly.

It is just a way to show her desire to monopolize being my only maid.


『How interesting. While she guided her junior sisters in the harem without holding back, she wishes to monopolize her position as a maid』


Eleanor laughed playfully.

And Iーー




「Five of youーーwith four puppets, can you do it?」

「ーーYes! I-I’ll do my best」

「It might be not enough even if there is five of you in the future. What will you do then?」

「I’ll work hard even more!」

「Yosh, then I’ll be counting on you」


Miu looked so cute that I couldn’t help carrying her like a princess.

I carried the maid like a princess and headed to my bedroom.


「This is a test, Miu. You’ll be serving me while I make love with you. Try to do your work using the puppets while we do it」



Miu understood that her “selfishness” was allowed.

She showed a bright yet determined smile.


I felt that Miu was so adorable, I brought her straight to the bedroom and pushed her down on the bed.








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