Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 234

Chapter 234 – A Human-like Demon Sword



In the Taraios Plains, the Mercouri Rebellion Army and the Empire’s Army collided head-on.


The Mercouri side has 1500 men and according to the reconnaissance, the Empire has 6000 men.

Although they have lost their Hero and the Great Sage, the national strength of the Empire is still overwhelming.

They still have a reserved force, able to amass four times the military power in just this battle.


Towards the Empire Army, our side attacked with an enclosing formation, just like what the one we did before with Selene.


We divided our army with one to the left, one to the right, and one to the middle.

There are 1000 men in the left wing, with Io and Tanya among them.

There are 500 men in the right wing, led by the Dragon King Olivia who disguised as a human.


And, in the middle.

There is one.

I will meet the enemy together with the mother and daughter Demon Swords, Eleanor and Hikari.


Clouds of sprinkling blood danced, unending screams, fear that spread.

I killed as many as I can alone, maintaining the frontlines by myself.


『Kuku, the bastard’s doing it so comfortably』

『Is it comfortable?』


Eleanor laughed pleasantly and Hikari asked back curiously.


『Umu. He is having it quite easily. It is a battle in the plains, so he does not need to worry about the enemy passing through his side. If this were an intercepting battle near castles or fortresses, no matter how strong this guy is, most of the enemy will ignore him』

『I see, in this terrain, all they could do is try to defeat Otou-san』


Within the rain of blood and scream, Hikari received an explanation from her mother and understood the situation.

That’s right. The enemy soldiers could only try and pass through me.


Just like Eleanor have said, if we are near Mercouri side’s base, breaking through our front lines and destroying our base would be the enemy army’s goal, but in this situation, in this head-on battle, the only goal will be defeating the enemy.

Since I don’t need to worry about them breaking through and there’s also no need to think about chasing them, it is really quite easy.


I sliced off three enemy soldiers at once with a cleave, and slashed through five enemy soldiers’ waists with the returning blade. Although there would be an ordering shout together with arrows and fireballs raining from the enemy lines,




I gripped Eleanor tightly and blocked everything with a cry.

The soldiers in the front lines who pulled back tens of meters as soon as they heard the order became more and more fearful. They stopped attacking.


I looked down at the corpses of the soldiers around me.

Here and thereーーfor every 30 soldiers, there would be one lottery ticket on top of the corpse.


I reached out an aura arm that is concealed by my camouflage aura and collected the tickets.

It was a regular lottery ticket, the same lottery ticket I would get in the future.


『It started to come out again, those lottery tickets』

「It started after Althea joined Mercouri. After that, it now appears in the battlefields」

『That might also be the sign for the end of our journey』


I somewhat agreed with Eleanor’s opinion.

Although there’s no proof, and it’s not like anyone told me.


But even so, I think so. I somehow think so.

Just like the golden lottery appearing after encountering Tanya, Olivia, and Althea, the women I know who live in this era.

The reason for the lottery tickets appearing the battlefields is also, another way to show that there is only one enemy left.


The last enemy, Eleanor.

If I slashed her and returned her to her Demon Sword form, it would be the end of this adventure.

The reappearance of the lottery ticket gave me that assurance.


Another order was raised and the enemy army charged forward once again.

I continued to slash, cut, and chop.


『Ne〜, Otou-san. Are O-chan and the Onee-chans okay?』

「Let me see. I’ll take a look」


I gripped Eleanor tightly, charged my aura, and hit the ground.

The aura exploded and the attacking enemy soldiers were in chaos amidst the dust cloud.


I quickly opened my Different Dimension Warehouse and took out my Warp Feather.


I warped to the left wing first, to where Io and Tanya are.


「During a skirmish, just think of shooting magic as much as you can. Rather than aiming, focus on releasing as many magic spells as you can」



The soldiers fought in the frontlines and the two magicians released supporting attacks from behind.

Thanks to bringing her to many battlefields, Io is now very used to its atmosphere, and she is teaching Tanya her experience.


「This side looks fine」


『It’ll be O-chan next』


I nodded, grabbed my Warp Feather, and warped to the right wing.


Olivia was fighting valiantly in the right wing.

She led 500 soldiers and fought against the enemy soldiers.


Although they are losing in the area for having less soldiers, the Dragon King Olivia’s valiant way of fighting raised the morale of the surrounding soldiers, enabling them to fight equally.


「This side looks fine too」

『O-chan’s so strong』

『She’s a Dragon King after all. Ordinary humans would not be her opponent』


After seeing how the battle in both flanks was faring, I warped back to my place.

There was still the dust cloud.


「W-Where is that demon?!」

「This is dangerous, wait until the dust cloud clears」


The enemy soldiers fell into chaos.

Some of them followed their captain’s command and withdrew temporarily, but the majority are panicking amidst the dust cloud.


『Let’s end this』



I held the mother and daughter Demon Swords tightly and slashed towards the enemy soldiers relying on their voices using my 777x hearing.

I do not only win against them with strength, the terrain was also my ally.

While they were afraid of attacking an ally within the dust cloud, I was only killing them one by one.

Of course, I am being careful not to kill an ally as well.


If I judge from their breathing that it was a man, I would cut them.


『How dexterous』

『Otou-san’s amazing〜, really loves Onee-chans〜』


I continued to slash and cleave while hearing the mother and daughter’s voice.

I slashed, cut, and chopped, killing all enemy until the dust cloud clears.


Eventually, the Empire’s Army routed.

From half-way, they were bravely thinking they could crush me with numbers, shouting “there is only one enemy!”, but at one point, platoons started to retreat in groups. Their formations were crushed like there was a hole in a dam, until they finally scattered.


I didn’t chase after them. I collected the lottery tickets that the enemy soldiers dropped.

I counted them, 98 piecesーー100 pieces now.


『More than 3000, huh』

『Hikari, she cut 1752 people〜』

『That might be more than me. Oi, you, are you doting on Hikari again?』


Eleanor is soft on Hikari, but is it her pride as a Demon Sword? She tends to compete with the number of enemies they killed.

……well, that’s interesting so I intentionally made a difference.


『Oi you, you now go and chase enemy now. Hikari can go and play together with Olivia』


Oi oi, you’re going that far?

She’s a Demon Sword, but recently, she’s becoming more and more human-like.

It would be when it comes to Hikari most of the time, but even so, she would like a human from time to time.


And that, I quite liーー


The next instant, I felt a strong impact on my hand.

All of the lottery tickets I collected were scattered, all of them danced in the air.


An attack I could not sense, an attack that completely caught me off guard.

And the one who did that stood at a distance, she did not feel human at all.




With a Demon King’s demeanor, it was Eleanor.







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