Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 228

Chapter 228 – Like Father Like Daughter



After Troize fell, I calmly walked into the town.

There is smoke rising from here and there, and some buildings were frozen with ice.

There is a fair amount of casualties and the surviving soldiers and residents looked at me with frightened eyes.


After looking around once, Eleanor suddenly said.


『It looks like there’s not a lot of casualties among residents』

「The girls probably aimed well during the aerial attack. And it’s also good that the only ground forces are the drake soldiers. If it were ordinary soldiers, no matter how thoroughly you ordered them, there would always be looting after winning」

『Umu. After all, there is no way that Hikari and her “friends” would do that』

「As a Demon Sword mother, do you feel unsatisfied?」

『Frankly speaking, yes. But it isn’t that bad』


『Look, the corpse of a soldier over there. He’s not killed by lightning nor ice magic』

「Cut injury……he’s someone our ground forces killed huh」

『As long as she has no mercy on killing the enemy, it should be enough』

「I see」

『You also didn’t raise Hikari like that right?』

「You mean, raise her as Korosazu(Not Kill) Hikari? Well, that’s true」


Hikari is a Demon Sword. Demon Swords has the Demon Sword’s way of living.

Even me hesitatingーーtrying to not use Hikari to kill her mother Eleanor in her human form is already imposing, but it would be worse if I forced her to not use her sharp blade to kill someone during battle.


『Kuku. If we are talking about a different woman, you probably did not need to consider this much』



I think she just called me a doting parent in a round-a-bout way, but I couldn’t say anything back.




Hikari ran towards me.

There are tens of drake soldiers following behind her.


Inside the town of Troize, the residents who were looking from afar made dubious expressions.


「I’m back, Otou-san」

「Welcome back. Good job」


I patted Hikari’s head.


「Ehehe〜…… Just like Otou-san said, I gathered the soldiers who surrendered into one place」

「I see. Bring me to them」



Hikari answered with an innocent voice, it did not sound like we’re heading to a post-war cleanup.

The eyes in the surroundings became more and more strange.


Led by Hikari and the drake soldiers, we arrived at the town square.

There are about five hundred soldiers gathered in one place.


From a glance, there are only those who are uninjured or lightly injured and the drake soldiers who didn’t come earlier were watching over them.


I looked at the captured soldiers and found a commander-looking man.

Probably in his thirties, he’s a man with countless scars throughout his body, looking like a seasoned warrior.


「Are you the commander?」

「I’m Gabras, the vice captain of Troize’s garrison」

「Vice captain?」


I looked at the soldiers once again. There’s no one who looks more like a commander than Gabras.


「Where’s the captain? Did he die?」

「He’s not dead」

「Then, where is he?」

「That isーー」

「It’s like this」


When Gabras was about to answer, I heard Olivia’s voice from behind.

I turned around and saw her carrying a square meter of ice cube.


It looked like a giant dice and one man has his lower half frozen in the ice.

Although his upper body is not frozen, he laid it down on the ice.


Olivia who is in her human form carried that with one arm and Io and the two Tanyas followed her from behind.

The soldiers clamored because of the appearance of Olivia carrying the ice.


「Sorry to keep you waiting, Human. This guy was frozen, so I carried him here」


「His lower half was frozen together with the arrow cover. He probably got directly hit by the ghost girl’s magic spell from above when he was hiding behind it」



It’s the first time I heard of an arrow cover, but it’s probably something used to hide when avoiding long-ranged attacks. And from how it looks like, it’s not something that can cope with attacks from above, so he now looks like this because of the girls’ aerial attack.


「Is he alive?」

「Un, just barely」


「I seeーーthis is your captain?」


I turned around and asked Gabras.

Gabras who looked like a seasoned champion paled and nodded profusely.


「Yosh. Olivia, melt that ice. Also, heal him while you’re at it」

「I got it〜」


Olivia lightly answered and breathed out fire, melting the ice.

The ice that was made from Tanya’s magic spell quickly melted and the man collapsed to the ground.

After that, she waved her hand, used magic to heal the captain’s injury.


The man quickly recovered his health and his face became rosy, slowly standing up.


「What are you trying to do」

「You, what’s your name?」

「……it’s Bifres」

「Bifres huh. I only have one thing to ask of you. You, you and your subordinates should surrender and join us. That’s all」

「Fuck off, Rodotos-sama entrusted this Troize to meーー」


Bifres angrily unsheathed his sword and attacked while shouting.

I passed by him, slashing using Eleanor that I hid using the camouflage aura, and chopped Bifres into two.


Bifres continued to move his mouth, but it did not turn into words, he collapsed to the ground and died.


I gave the corpse a glance and turned to Gabras.


「With this, you, the vice captain, has the greatest rank right?」


「I only have one thing to ask you」


I paused and glanced at Bifres’s corpse and said the same line.


「You, you and your subordinates should surrender and join us. That’s all」


Hearing that, Gabras was stunned and his eyes widened.

However, he looked at me and Bifres’s corpse who I just killed, he finally understood and nodded profusely.









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