Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 226

Chapter 226 – The Devil’s Temptation



Morning came and Cima who is lying with my arm as a pillow said.


「It’s the first time I felt that good……」


「Being satisfied is not enough to describe it, really……you turned my body into something that can’t live without you」

「I see. It’s good if you were satisfied」

「Who in the world are you? This is the first time I met a man that even ten of us can’t hold a candle to. And your strength……that sword」

「You know it?」

「It look exactly like Eleanor. But, you’re not Rodotos」

「I have my circumstances. I’m a man who is taking action to defeat Rodotos’s Empire」


Adding to that, the fact that Eleanor in this era turned to her human form.


「Defeat the Empire……do you have a connection with Skiros Calamba?」

「You know him?」

「He came here before asking for use to cooperate. He asked us to lend him the name of Mercouri」


「Several hundred years ago, there was a Divine Empire called Mercouri. We are the remnants of that empire」

「I see. That’s why he asked for your name, huh」


An empire several hundred years ago……don’t tell me?


『It is the Empire I was born』


Eleanor answered.

This girl, she’s really connected to it……or rather, she didn’t make it nor destroy it?


I got a little interested about that, but I set it aside.

I returned my focus to Cima and asked her while I stroked her cheek using the arm that she lay her head on.


「I heard a little from Skiros. Why did you refuse?」

「There was a prophecy」


「Do you know the Great Prophet Akansa?」


I nodded, although it’s the first time I heard that title.


「Akansa came to our village ten years ago, she said at that time that fifty years from now, we cannot leave the village. She said that if we leave……there will be ten bad」

「Ten bad, that sounds grim」

『It really stands out when you consider your “ten good”』

「That’s why we continued to stay in the village. In this village where there is no entertainment. There was no way we could venture towards the ten bad for our race」

「That’s why you were sexually frustrated huh」


Ten naked beauties. I looked at Cima and the other nine who were still sleeping.

They were clearly sexually frustrated and it was even suppressed under the confinement of the prophecy.


「In the first place, it is the same with the attack earlier. It’s because of that man named Rex. It is fine coming from outside, but he shouldn’t take a villager out. He tried to bring the girl he got along with outside」

「I see」


Although the cause and effect is an ambiguous one, being a prophecy, I also thought that that might be the case.


「That’s why, we are hiding ourselves here. We cannot leave the village for another forty years」



I thought while looking at Cima who rests her head on my arm.

I understood the reason Skiros was refused by Mercouri. I also understood the reason why this village was attacked.


「Hey, Cima」



She asked back with a sweet voice. She started to “ask for it” after she felt that we finished our discussion.


「I have a suggestion」


I gave her a kiss to pay her in advance and looked into her eyes after getting on her.



I wore my clothes and went outside.

After a day has passed, the village that was attacked had already regained its composure.


「Good morning, Otou-san!」


Under the morning light, Hikari ran up to me and hugged.


「Good morning. Were there no problems, Hikari?」

「Un! Hikari did her best. I captured all the enemies」

「I see, I see. As expected of my daughter」


『Really, this doting parent』


Say what you want.


While I was stroking Hikari’s head for doing her best, I saw Olivia walking from afar.


「Good morning, Human. I interrogated those fellows Hikari caught」

「Heh〜, how?」

「I just lightly scratched them. Scratched by my claws, they would gradually have scales, and finally turn into a lizard. They started to speak quite honestly after I did that to a few of them」

「Well that’s disturbing. If you turn to a lizard, they’re forever a lizard?」

「I can return them back. But since there are still ones that are still stubborn, I’ll leave them like that for a while」

「I see. Good job 」


I took off my hand from Hikari’s head and pulled Olivia to an embrace and kissed her.


「Waa〜, O-chan congratulations〜」


Hikari was delighted and clapped her hands.

Honestly, I felt a bit strange.


Olivia, O-chan.

Although she’s my woman, she’s also Olivia, Hikari’s best friend.


Hikari’s true best friend is the Chibi Dragon Olivia, but this Olivia I’m embracing is not less friendly with Hikari than O-chan.


My daughter’s best friend.

Those words appeared in my mind and I felt a bit strange.


After our kiss ended, I saw Cima leaving her house.

She looked at meーーthen at Olivia, and made an envious face.


「Ororo〜, she’s completely charmed after one night」

「Is that something to be surprised for?」

「According to the villagers, she is an “experienced fighter”. I don’t have that much experience in that and I only know Human」

「I see」


It means that even the wise Olivia has some things she doesn’t know huh.


「Ne〜, where is that woman going?」

「We’ll see」


I said that and followed Cima with Olivia and Hikari.



「Rex Apos, and Soora Mercouri」


In Soora’s house, inside the house where the holes made during the attack are just patched up, Cima faced the couple.

Cima, the village chief, visited them and called their full name with a dignified expression.

Because of that, Rex and Soora’s expression tightened.


Not blinking an eye with their reactions, Cima continued.


「I declare in the name of Cima Reiusu Mercouri. The name Mercouri shall be expelled from Soora Mercouri’s name, she shall be exiled from this village」


「Cima-sama, why?!」

「You should know the reason」


Cima glared at Soora and Rex.

The two of them flinched. Cima’s glare strengthened.


「The attack this time. It happened because you tried to bring her outside the village」

「That is, butーー」

「You shall also be exiled, Rex Apos. Moving against the words you once declared, even if you only left the village for a small distance, you cannot stay in our village anymore」


「Do you understand, Soora. You must leave this village today」

「……I understood」


Soora teared and deeply bowed to Cima.


「Please forgive me for doing such a selfish action. I am very grateful for everything you have done to me」



Cima did not say anything, glanced at Soora and Rex who looked down, and left the house.


The two were left behind. Soora sat beside Rex.


「I’m sorry, Rex. For things to go this way……」

「It’s not Soora’s fault, I just wanted to let Soora see the outside」

「U〜un! I also thought that just a little would be alright. That’s why……I, I’m sorry」


Rex became even more depressed. It was the same with Soora.

Silence descends, the two of them were depressed, unable to say anything.


「In the end……it was the three bad」


「I think not, it should be the seven good」



Rex and Soora raised their faces to surprise.

A man entered their house.


It’s the swordsman who saved the village.


「Yuuki……what do you mean by that?」

「Rex, and Soora」


「Would you like to be a king?」


A strong gaze and a grin that is full of confidence.

Kakeru’s words instantly expelled the depressing atmosphere inside the room.











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