Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 225

Chapter 225 – Demon Sword Hedonism



Deep within the night, under the moonlight that sparkled as if we were at the deep depths of water, I was enveloped by the warmth and scent of women, lying on my side with closed eyes.


『That was interesting』


I didn’t even have the time to savor the feeling, Eleanor’s voice echoed inside my head.


「Interesting? What is?」

『That last girl, Cynthia was she? You didn’t kiss from start to end right? Although you did it with the other nine girls』

「You could tell by looking right? I did them the way they would enjoy it the most」

『Umu, I understand that. But, I was also a bit surprised how you were able to make them cum just by kissing, without doing the real part. After all that such style is only unique to me』

「Unique to you?」


I opened my eyes and looked at Eleanor that I placed beside the bed.

The moonlight reflected on her dark blade.


『Have I never taught you how I sleep with a woman?』

「What? Do you create tentacles or something?」

『If you mention that, then wouldn’t it be the same with you?』

「Well, that’s true. What is it then? I mean, you? Sleeping with a woman?」

『More specifically, it is the style I instruct to my contractor. You want to do it? If I teach you the trick, you should be able to learn it quickly with your current ability』

「Tell me」


After I said that, the information flowed directly into my head.

It was an image of Eleanor in her human form with Cynthia who fainted just with a kiss.


Both of them are wearing clothes. Eleanor stood in a natural way and Cynthia made a pose of kneeling while looking up.

Eleanor has placed her hand on Cynthia’s head, just like an adult patting the head of a child.


The different thing was Eleanor is releasing a dark aura from her hand. It’s the aura that I’m always using.

That aura enveloped Cynthia and her body started to shiver.

It’s her reaction when doing the “real thing”.


No, I can feel it, I can feel it directly to my head.


Eleanor and Cynthiaーーthe one who does it and the one who’s being done, I could feel both of their pleasure.

Both of them felt better than doing it the normal way. It was an incomparable, strong pleasure.


「What the heck is this」

『What “what”? It’s the way I sleep with women』

「You aren’t doing it」

『I can do it while embracing or just holding hands too. The reason why I placed a hand on her head is to do it as a religion for my contractor. I’ll tell them that it’s “Hand of God” that enables them to make every woman experience nirvana. They can also impregnate with it』

「You can even do that? You’re quite dexterous」

『It directly imprints the pleasure to the soul, so you’d be a vegetable if you do it too much』

「A forbidden fruit huh」

『By the way, the excellent ones who became vegetables is my Undead Army』

「Although it’s late to say this, you’re really a demonic sword」

『Kuku, hate me now?』

「Not really, it’s already too late for that」


Eleanor has probably done even worse things than what we talked about now.

After all, she has an infamous name that would frighten everyone who hears her name, a legendary demon sword.

However, that is all in the past. It’s useless to get bothered by everything she did before she met me.









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