Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 222

Chapter 222 – The Crossing “Good”



In the living room of my Magic Cottage.

I made Io, Olivia, and Tanya wait in the front of the cottage, and holding Hikari’s hand, I tried to go once again to the lottery place while holding the golden ticket.


「……I can’t go after all」

『It’s completely the same as before』

「It means that although I got the ticket, I can only use it after going back huh」

「Too bad, I wanted to meet Onee-chan too」

「You’ll meet her after we return. And for that, I need to kick “that” Eleanor’s sass」

「Un! Hikari will do her best」

「Hikari doesn’t need to try so hard, okay?」


「It’s okay〜. Hikari is a Demon Sword too. Also」


“Ehehe〜”, Hikari laughed innocently.


「Even if Hikari slashes towards her, Okaa-san should be okay. She’s Hikari’s Okaa-san after all!」

『Umu, it’s exactly as she said. However, it is not alright to give up just like that. Hikari, I shall teach you how to cut me. You should learn it and grow furthermore as a Demon Sword』

「Un! Hikari will do her best!」


Hikari who is the incarnation of purity, she’s so cute after all. She’s the cutest in the world without a doubt.

Well, leaving aside how cute she is, am I too protective of her?


……ahh, I see.

I was imposing my values on her too much.



「What is it〜, Otou-san」

「Let’s do it with full strength. Enough to chop that other Eleanor into two」



Hikari smiled innocently.



I went out with Hikari and after keeping the Magic Cottage to my Different Dimension Warehouse, I called out to the three.


「I’ve kept you waiting」

「U〜un, you couldn’t go? Kakeru-san」

「Yeah, I couldn’t. It will be after we return」

「Ororo〜, too bad. I wanted to see Human’s thing」

「Olivia can’t follow, so you can’t see it」

「Un, I tried to bring O-chan before, but I couldn’t〜」


Hikari agreed with me, but Olivia shook her head with a smile.


「Human is going to a different space right? If so, the atmosphere would change before and after that, so I wanted to see it」

「I see. If so, I’ll show you when we returnーーor rather, the future you should know about it already」

「We also tried to go there while I hug O-chan〜」

「Un, I’ll look forward to it」


「Uhm……uh, what are we going to do now?」


Tanya asked timidly.


「Let’s meet Skiros Calamba first. Although the situation changed, we’re still probably going to fight against the Empire. The opponent only changed from Emperor Rodotos to Demon King Eleanor. If the history is moving towards the five great kingdoms, we should sortie with Skiros and the others」

「I see」

「Mercouri-san is not around, is it alright?」


Io asked a very natural question.

The five great kingdoms. Mercouri, Calamba, Comotoria, Siracuza, and Aegina.

When I met Skiros, because I dropped the fan I received from Helene, he thought that I am a person from Mercouri.


Although there is no problem at all fighting as Mercouri’s side, the problem is that after the war ends, who will be the one governing the Mercouri Kingdom.


「In the first place, Helene and Iris’s appearance, they were not human」

「Ororo〜, what does that mean?」


Olivia tilted her head. I see, she doesn’t know huh.

I explained it to her.

The image I had when I met Helene for the first time.


A beauty with golden hair with pointed ears, as beautiful as a fairy.

I told Olivia that image.


「Ororo〜, if it’s that, I know them. They’re a very small race within the demi-humans」

「Is that so?」

「Un, it’s like this, right?」


Olivia waved her hand.

A magic circle appeared from the ground and the soil gradually formed a shape.

It slowly turned into a humanoid shape and started to change colors.


After a while, it turned into a detailed doll.


「Ah! It’s this」

「This is it」



Io, me, and Hikari.

The three of us who saw Mercouri’s royal family nodded.


「And where are they?」


Olivia gently closed her eyes.

When I thought of why she changed her appearance.

From a human to a huge dragon.


「Ride on, Human」



I didn’t need to ask more.

It’s because I understood that Olivia’s decision to guide us there is better than just explaining.


Io, Tanya, and Hikari.

Everyone nodded and got on the back of Dragon King Olivia. She brought us to the sky and fluttered her wings, flying towards the south.



There is smoke rising from here and there in the village.

Shouts and screams are being exchanged, and the sound of battle could be heard from everywhere.


Meanwhile, a pair of men and women were hiding in a frugal house.

The man looked normal, one that you could see anywhere. If else, he has a well-built body that is trained through hard farming.


On the other hand, the woman was so beautiful that everyone would wish to steal a glance.

She has golden hair that is worth more than actual gold, pointed ears, and within her beautiful and dignified expression was an unforgettable wisdom and intellect.


「Rex, you should escape even if it’s just you!」

「I leave you here and run away! Leave it to me; I’ll definitely take you with me and escape」

「That’s impossible! They are the Empire’s, Overlord Rodotos’s soldiers. They came here to capture us. The only person who has the possibility of escaping in this village is you」

「Even so, I won’t leave you behind! I’ll regret it for the rest of my life if I run away without you!」


「I feel glad that I came here, it’s because I was able to fulfill my encounter with destiny with you. If so, I will definitely protect this destiny no matter what!」


The man, Rex said with an unwavering will. Seeing him, the woman’s eyes were now filled with happiness and love, but mixed within them was the sadness coming from the hopeless situation.


*Bam!*, the thin door was forcefully opened.

Five heavily armored soldiers stomped and entered inside.


「Oh〜, there you are. Tch, one of them was hiding after all」

「Don’t worry, woman. The superior’s order is just to capture you. We’ll send your complete body safely, so come here, don’t resist」

「Who’d believe that!」


Rex grabbed the spade that he found in the cabin and stuck it towards a soldier like a spear.

The soldier easily dodged it, drew his sword, and chopped it.


「What’s up with this guy?」

「His ears aren’t pointed, so probably he’s not from here」

「A stranger huh」




Rex held the space that turned into a stick and challenged the soldiers again.

Although his will was unwavering, he is a man who has never fought in his life.

The soldier dodged and he was sent flying by a back fist.


He broke through the thin walls of the cabin, sent flying outside.



「Oh, stop there, little lady. Don’t move. Although we were told to bring you safely, there might be a case where your jaw and shoulders are dislocated」


The soldier grabbed the woman’s shoulder. The woman was desperately running towards Rex, not listening to their words.


「Tch, this is annoying. Let’s kill that man」


One of the soldiers suggested and the other soldiers looked at each other and nodded.


「Good idea. There’s less trouble with that」

「It’s more troublesome if she’s noisy all the way」

「I’ll do it」


One of the soldiers drew his sword and went outside.

He stood in front of Rex who was hit flying and coughed out blood.


「Don’t resent me. It’s your fault coming at such a bad timing」

「Seven is good……three is bad……」

「Mm? What are you saying」

「Seven is good, three is bad……is it three……? Is it really three!」

「Tch, weird bastard. Enough, just die!」


The soldier swung his sword towards Rex. Its sharp blade cut through the air and was about to end Rex’s life.




Rex closed his eyes and faced away. However, the sword was not swung down.

Thinking of it strange, he slowly opened his eyes. What he saw was a headless soldier and a man holding a black sword.


He knew that man. Although he does not know his name, he remembered what happened before.


「The ten man……why?」


After he whispered, Rex understood.

His seven good, might be his reunion with the man with ten good.








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