Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 213

Chapter 213 – A Million and One’s Army Group



It is now morning at the peak of Mount Sirulia.


Everyone came out of the Magic Cottage and separated into two groups in the spacious peak of the mountain.

One group is Olivia, Io, and Tanya.

The other group is me and the two Demon Swords.


From the outside perspective, there is one man and three beautiful women.

It is a scene where they are just facing each other.


「Let’s begin」


「Lend Ice Magic Powers to Tanya」

【Magic Powers of Ice will be lent to Tanya Chichiakis. Time Remaining: 59 minutes 59 seconds】


I used the first prize from the lottery, the power lending ability on Tanya.

For one hour starting now, Tanya will have 777x her original magic powers.


Following that, I grabbed Hikari, the hilt of the Demon Sword.


「Let’s start too」



I heard an innocent voice and released powers.

Hikari’s servants were summoned around us. I used camouflage aura at the same time they were summoned, so people looking would only see it like human knights were summoned.


『Waa〜……Otou-san’s really amazing after all』



Why did she praise me for that?

I couldn’t understand why, so I brushed it off.


The one hundred drake soldiers moved towards Tanya.


Olivia and Io stepped back and made a watching posture.

Tanya chanted her magic and attacked the drake soldiers.

Although her original magic powers were low, with the effect of the 777x amplification, Tanya is now able to use powerful magic.


But even so, Tanya is still an amateur in battle.

She only stood in her place, using the brute force of her massive magic powers to attack the drake soldiers.


Every time the drake soldiers were defeated, I would send my powers to Hikari, re-summoning them as soon as they are defeated.


And if you want to ask why I’m doing this, there are two goals.

First, it would train Tanya.

The first goal is that it would help her grow by continuously defeating the summoned drake soldiers.


The second goal is to check the specs of Hikari’s servants, the Demon Sword’s drake soldiers.

I wanted to check if they can be used as soldiers.



「They’re weak」

『Umu, although there are a hundred of them, they can be annihilated by one of your slave soldiers in their current strength』

『I’m sorry……』

『It’s not Hikari’s fault. After all, they just hatched yesterday. And also』



Hikari had a question mark on her head. Eleanor sounded somewhat happy in the way she spoke.

She sounded very interested that I could easily imagine that she would probably be raising the corner of her lips if she was standing in front of me.


『They are still starting to grow. Even if they are weak individually, it is possible for them to re-summoned as long as the wielder’s stamina and mental power lasts』


『Umu. This is also a test for him』


Eleanor sounded more like she was grinning.

I see, that’s why she sounded like it was interesting huh.


Although it’s not like she’s pranking me.

It’s as if I was told “show me how far you can go”.  


「Watch me」


I secretly took a breath and concentrated on my hand that held Hikari.

I cannot show Hikari an uncool side as her father.


After a while, my concentration reached its peak, and the voices around me disappeared.


My consciousness was pointing to Tanya and the drake soldiers’ battle.


Although Tanya used her massive magic powers to continuously defeat the drake soldiers, she completely lacks battle experience, so she was finally dragged into a melee, and was wounded at last.


Olivia saved her and made her recover using the magic ball (white) that I made her hold before we started.


Io jumped into the fray in her stead.

Although I didn’t lend her magic powers, Io fought the drake soldiers with magic powers comparable to Tanya.

On top of that, Io has an abundant fighting experience, so she was able to fight at all distance.


She would dodge when they approached her, she would shoot lightning when she has some distance, and she would release her hundred lightning onto the drake soldiers when she’s a huge distance from them.


A Great Wizard that dances in the battlefield. Io was unparalleled against the drake soldiers.


I want to see more of that side of her, so I continued to re-summon the drake soldiers and made them attack her.

Finally, Io’s stamina and magic powers fell.

After she defeated a thousand of the drake soldiers, her movements started to dull, and she would chant her magic for a longer time.


And there, there was another baton touch.

It was Olivia who came out to replace Io.


The Dragon King Olivia who stood dignified at the summit of Mount Sirulia.


The drake soldiers stopped their movements for an instant.

They were pressured by the Dragon King in front of them.


『Kuku, this is what differentiates them from the Undead Army』

『Are they different?』

『Mine has no consciousness or to speak, so they would not be pressured. Hikari’s are daughters right?』

『No, we’re friends』

『I see. But even so, it is the same. They would be overwhelmed by dragons like this since they possess consciousness』

『I see〜』


『Even so, I can’t compare with Hikari』

『Fue? Can’t compare? Okaa-san to Hikari?』

『That’s right. I should say, when it comes to the efficiency and conversion efficiency when this guy uses his stamina and will in summoning. You exceed me in that aspect. The reason is, without a doubt, because Hikari is his daughter』

『It’s because I’m Otou-san’s daughter?』

『Since you are related by blood, the amount of loss from halfway is less than me』

『I see……ehehe〜』


Eleanor and Hikari were talking about something, but it did not enter my ears.


It’s because I needed to inject even more power onto Hikari.


Dragon King Olivia. She’s many times stronger than Io.

She would only casually wave her hand and 80% of the drake soldiers were chopped into have by an invisible slash.

Even if I would re-summon them by using a huge amount of power, they would be turned into ashes by her dragon breath in the next instant.


They would be annihilated after I summoned, then annihilated again after I re-summoned, that continued to repeat.


I found it a bit funny, so my concentration lapsed.

It’s because I found it easy to count the number of Olivia’s kill count.


Since they would be annihilated quickly after they are summoned, the kill count would increase by a hundred every time.


As expected of Olivia, as expected of the Dragon King.

I can test without worries with her as the opponent.


I stabbed Hikari to the ground, held her hilt, and concentrated on summoning.


The Dragon King who showed overwhelming strength and me who infinitely summoned.


The battle continued for one day and one night, but they were still no winner.

Olivia’s kill count reached seven digits.








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