Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 206

Chapter 206 – The Two Men Seeking the Body



Olivia snuggled up to me on the bed.

She had the toughness fit for a dragon, so although it was her first time, she still had the leeway although I loved her throughout the night.

“She’s as tough as Melissa”, I thought.


「By the way, why were you there? Among the soldiers that Rodotos gathered to subjugate you」

「I would sometimes sneak in and playーーCough, Cough, I infiltrated to gather information. Humans wanted to kill me, so naturally, I need to know what’s happening」


Olivia abruptly changed what she was about to say.

I somehow understood that about 70% of the reason is because she thought it was interesting to mix in with them, but I didn’t say it out loud.


「Sometimes? You mean you infiltrated many times huh. Did you find out anything interesting?」

「I did〜, firstly, it looks like Rodotos wants my body」

『That guy shouldn’t have any interest in women though?』

「ーーthat’s what she’s telling though?」

「Ororo〜, he was gay huh? No, well, I didn’t mean it like that. It’s that, you know, they say that eating the Dragon King’s flesh would turn humans immortal?」

「Was that so?」


I didn’t know.


「Un, that’s right. Rodotos’s body is already in tatters after all」

「Why is it in tatters?」

『It is because of the contract between us. In return for giving Rodotos the world, he let me use his body as I wanted. It was for five years, I think, that I was able to enjoy it』

「In other words, his body got into a mess because of Eleanor, and he’s targeting you to gain a body that can endure」



I see.

It’s the first time I heard eating the Dragon King’s flesh would turn someone immortal. If that’s true, then it isn’t that strange.

I heard from Eleanor that she had played with Rodotos a lot many times, so I could connect the lines and understand why Rodotos is targeting Olivia.


「It’s useless though」

「It is?」

「Ororo〜, you haven’t heard it from Eleanor? There was once Eleanor’s wielder within my race, but in the end, he got possessed, well, got his mind controlled」



Olivia’s race? Dragons?

Eleanor, she……


『I have not heard of a person whose heart was not controlled by Eleanor.  There is not one even in the history. Even the Overlord Rodotos and Dragonkin Olga wasn’t an exception. If that is so, it is the convincing proof that it is a fake because you are holding it composedly』


Delfina’s confident smile appeared inside my head.


「Orga, huh?」



I remembered and Olivia nodded.

I didn’t hear it directly from Eleanor. I heard it from Delfina.


That was when I met Delfina for the first time.

She doubted Eleanor’s authenticity, so I let her hold Eleanor.

After that, I pushed Delfina down to save her from the aftereffects of being possessed by Eleanor.

That was the first night I spent with Delfina.


That’s right. Delfina said so at that time.

Overlord Rodotos and Dragonkin Orga.


「I see. That Orga person is your victim too huh」

『He was tough compared to humans』

「Don’t talk about him like a toy」


「Un, that’s right, Orga. That’s why there’s no use to it even if Rodotos consumes the Dragon King’s flesh. Although his lifespan would be extended, there’s no use to it against Eleanor」

「I see」


In short, it’s all over for Rodotos.

Well, that can’t be helped. The Rodotos and Eleanor that I fought soon after I came to this era.

That Eleanor was even stronger than Eleanor who is with me from the future.

The powers of the Demon Sword is stronger in this era, so I could easily imagine that it’s already too late for Rodotos.


Thinking of that, I actually felt a little bad for him.


「Also, I found out another interesting thing」


「The powers that are taking action to erase Eleanor’s existence, they’re actually ordered by Rodotos」


「He used his subordinates secretly, so although their said goal is to defeat Rodotos and Eleanor, the truth is that only Eleanor is going to be erased」

『Kukuku. I see, he plans on using me then throw me away after his goal is achieved』


Eleanor laughed very interestingly.

I see. Obtaining a body that can control Eleanor, and erasing Eleanor itself.

Rodotos is taking actions for both huh.


It looks like he’s not a simple guy.




Although Olivia was acting calm, she felt strange inside.

She was prepared to offer her own body to him.

She had already done so sexually, so she was ready to do so physically.


Although becoming an immortal was an exaggeration, if humans were to eat her flesh, the Dragon King’s flesh, they would immediately gain the same lifespan and strong body as dragons.

From the humans’ perspective, that is almost the same as becoming immortal


And all of the humans who heard that showed their desires in their eyes without exception.

There are no humans who do not wish for immortality. That was what Olivia believed.


Olivia also thought that Kakeru is the same. After bringing out that topic, she was resolved to hand over her own body and make him consume her flesh.

However, Kakeru did not say anything.

He did not show any signs of interest in immortality.


Instead, he slept with Olivia once again.

He gently used his hands to caress her body, asking for a more passionate action.


He sought Olivia for her femininity, rather than immortality.

Deep within Olivia’s woman body that was full of pleasure, she felt herself becoming even more infatuated with Kakeru.

She became strongly infatuated with Kakeru, so much that she did clung to her life, not caring about becoming an ugly beast called Red Dragon.


Kakeru did not know anything about that.

He was only acting, as usual, sleep with a good woman, and embrace her with love.


He was completely uninterested in mere immortality.









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