Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 205

Chapter 205 – The Reason She Became a Red Dragon



After defeating Olivia, the reversed world turned back to normal.

Although the humans she defeated did not return, the buildings and the groundーーthose which do not have life returned.

After seeing that, I took the girls and Olivia to warp away using my Warp Feather.

We arrived at Maraton’s Spring. The place where I fought the white snake.


I don’t have a base in this era, so I chose this place that has an impression on me and won’t have others disturbing us.


After I put down the girls, I faced Olivia.

She turned to a humanoid form from a dragon.


She had horns growing from her head and wings from her back.

She exactly looks like a dragonkin.


On the other hand, she is also a very beautiful girl in her human form.

Her eyes show some pride, and yet it feels profound.

She’s the kind of woman I like.


「Ouch〜……to think that I would lose to a human」

「You haven’t been defeated until now?」

「Never, well, at least against humans. And then? Who are you? You’re not that Rodotos guy right? He’s not that strong」


Olivia sat on the ground crossed feet and looked up to me.  

I looked down at her, stared at her eyes that has the light of intelligence that is unique to dragons.


For some reason, I felt that it was alright to tell her the truth.


「I’m Yuuki Kakeru, I came from the future」


「This one’s Eleanor, but she’s not the Eleanor that you know, but the Eleanor from my era that I brought」

「Oro, oro〜, I see. That’s why she’s somewhat different to Eleanor huh」


「You can tell?」

「She’s famous after all」



Eleanor let out a cheerful laugh.


「I see, I see. From the future huh〜. How interesting」

「You believed me so easily. Do you know other cases of time and space movement?」


I expected something from her knowledge.

It’s fine and good coming here passing through time and space using the “wonderful adventure” that I got from the lottery, but I’m a bit troubled about Eleanor and Tanya.

It would be helpful if Olivia knows something.


That was what I expected, but.


「Unya〜, I don’t know」

「You don’t?!」

「But I just felt that there’s probably something like that〜. Moving through time and space, it’s not that strange putting it in words」

「……you have quite a personality」



Olivia beamed a smile.


『How wise. As expected from a dragon』

「Eleanor praised you right now」

「That’s nice」


After saying that, she stared at me with a serious face and asked.


「And then? Human, do you know me in the future?」

「Yeah, I fought you once. You were stronger in the future」

「Ororo〜? I should’ve passed my peak strength though」

「Red Dragon」

「Arya〜, I became like that?」


Olivia showed a surprised face.


「Yeah, you did」


I told her about what happened.

I fought her when she became a Red Dragon, and defeated her.

After that, she became a Chibi Dragon, and became Hikari’s best friend.


「I reincarnated huh〜. Hikari is? Don’t tell me……」



I nodded and returned Hikari who was behaving herself to her human form.

And, she hugged Olivia.



「Ororo〜, it looks like we get along very well」

「Un. O-chan and Hikari, they’re bestfriends」

「I see, I see. It looks like my next life isn’t that bad. To think that I’ll be friends with a Demon Sword. Demon Sword-chan, what’s you’re name?」

「I’m Yuuki Hikari」

「Heh〜……ah, Yuuki?」


Olivia looked at me and Hikari with a strange face.


「Hikari is Otou-san and Okaa-san’s daughter you know?」



Olivia pointed at me. I nodded.




This time she pointed at Eleanor. I nodded in Eleanor’s stead.


「You made a Demon Sword pregnant?! So amazing!」

「Don’t say it weirdly」

「Of course it’s weird! Doesn’t this mean that you made a Demon Sword pregnant? It’s even Eleanor! Of course I’ll be like “amazing!”」


Olivia quickly said.


「Haa〜……Eleanor, huh……」

「Well, that isーー」


I replied without thinking, butーーI suddenly felt a killing intent.

The killing intent, it came fromーーOlivia!


She suddenly pounced on me and clawed towards me in her human form while releasing magic.

“What is it so suddenly?!”, I thought as I guarded against her magic and released a counter punch to her face.


Oh shit, she felt so strong so I couldn’t hold back, using all of my strength to punch her.


Olivia was blown away to the opposite direction as if she was hit by a truck.


Tens of trees collapsed to cushion her fall and only after that that she stopped.




Hikari worriedly ran up to her. I also walked towards her quickly.


Within the dust cloud, Olivia was touching her faceーーthe part where my fist landed on.


「As expected of you human」

「What are you doing so suddenly?」

「No, I just checked something」

「Check? What?」

「I, I now know why I became a Red Dragon」



The reason Olivia became a Red Dragon.

I was a bit interested in that.


Most of the time, the reason why dragons that possess strong pride and intelligence would turn into a Red Dragon is because of their regrets.

One could also call it an attachment.

I was a bit interested in what she was attached to, and why she did so.


She couldn’t speak properly after she turned to Chibi Dragon, so I thought of not minding it anymore.

But Olivia suddenly told that herself.



「That is……」


After giving me a stareーーOlivia hugged Hikari.


「It’s to meet Hikari-chan〜!」

「O-chan, it’s tickling〜」

「O〜ri, guriguriguriguri〜〜」



Olivia played with Hikari

……I, see?

After knowing Hikari’s existence, she would turn into a Red Dragon, make me stop her, and meet Hikari after reincarnating?


Did she thought of that and turned into a Red Dragon?


That theory fits.

If she knows about the future, then that should be possible too.

And most of all, Hikari and OliviaーーChibi Dragon, they really have a well-going relationship.

I remembered that and was convinced.




「But, O-chan really loves Otou-san right?」



I involuntarily let out a dumbfounded voice.

I couldn’t help myself because of what Hikari suddenly said.


「What are you saying Hikari」

「Ororo〜, you exposed me」

「What? Exposedーー」


Olivia pounced towards me again.

There was no killing intent this time so I was late to react.


Because I reacted an instant late, Olivia caught me off guard and kissed me.

It was a kiss that was only a peckーーone that she strongly did.


After kissing, I saw her dragonkin face very close staring at me.

Her eyes were both wet and hot.


「This is my attachment」

「Aren’t we going too fast? We had just met」

「You defeated me two times. That’s enough for a dragon. And also, this is already love in minus hundreds of years」

「That number doesn’t sound possible」


I didn’t continue to say how weird it is.


「Human, you made me fall for you this much. Take responsibility」

「If you’re talking about that, I already did」


After all, I already stopped her after she turned to a Red Dragon.


「I ask for more」

「I got it」


I picked up Olivia to a princess hold and took out my Magic Cottage.


「Hikari, go play with Io and the others」

「Un! Good for you, O-chan」


Hikari gave her blessings to her future partner with a face full of smile, trotted away towards Io and Tanya who were looking from far away.

After seeing that Hikari off, I carried Olivia to the Magic Cottage, and pushed her down on the bed.


The dragon who was subdued by force, she was very obedient, andーーquite masochistic.








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