Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 202

Chapter 202 – The Next Target



「I’m sorry, Kakeru-san! Are you okay?!」


Io apologized in a panic.


「Don’t mind it. It’s just an accident, and we’re the ones who got on the way. Rather than that, what happened here?」


I asked while looking down on the corpses of the snake.

It divided a lot in the process of killing it, so it is now full of snakes around here.


「I don’t know. It suddenly attacked after I woke up」

「I see」

「But, to think that it was a monster that divides……thank goodness Kakeru-san returned. I couldn’t have done anything to it if I was alone」

「That may not be the case. It should be an easy win even if it’s just you」

「That’s not true at all」

「You can do it」



Io looked down happily, yet embarrassingly at the same time.

Probably, she took it as me comforting her, but it’s fine like that right now.

She should understand if I let her defeat it the next time.


Rather than that, the troublesome thing is these snakes’ corpses.


「I guess I should ground them up」

「Ah! If it’s that, then please leave it to me!」

「Alright, I’ll leave it to you」


Io looked very pumped up, so I left it to her.

She fixed her hat and raised her magic staff with a smile.


The next instant, I felt her magic powers rise.




An enormous amount of magic powers flowed that even Eleanor reacted.

The light of magic rose and enveloped Io. Her wizard clothes fluttered in the air without wind.


The magic powers then gathered to the tip of her staff, creating a small ball.

It was a ball the size of a ping-pong ball, small enough to be held by hands of a child like Hikari.

However, it was surrounded by sparking lightning.


「That is?」

「I would usually throw it to an enemy, but this time, I’ll do it like this」


Io moved her magic staff. The lightning ball moved as well, as if it was connected to the tip of her staff.

The ball touches the snake’s corpse……and it disappeared without a sound.





As if a very strong cleaner was used to clean the dirt, the ball of lightning erased the corpse, turning it into ashes in an instant.


「That’s amazing. You would normally throw it huh」

「Yes! The compressed ball of lightning would change everything it touches into ash. I got a hint from Agnes and Julia’s conversation, and just completed it a while ago」

「He〜, that’s impressive」

「That’s not true at all……」


Io shyly used the ball of lightning and cleaned up the corpses.

Everything that touched the ball changed into ashes, showing just how massive Io’s magic powers are.

The A-Rank Adventurer, the Great Wizard, Io of Hundred Lightning.

“She’s grown so much since I’ve met her”, I thought.


Suddenly, I looked towards Tanya who looked speechless.


「Tanya, what’s the matter?」

「Amazing……she was a magician. I want to be like that too……」

『You can, you know〜』

「Eh? I-I can?」

『Un! You are me after all〜, you’ll be like this at the least〜!』


The ghost Tanya said that in high spirits and possessed Tanya’s house.

The instant she possessed the house, it immediately changed the atmosphere around it. Soon after, she shot our Ice Arrows to the sky.


Countless arrows were shot, as if an armed fortress was defending itself against its enemy.

It’s a unique ability only Tanya has. She probably gained the ability to turn structures into fortresses because of being an evil spirit that was bounded to my mansion for many years.

It’s just that my offense was far greater, so Tanya was unable to use this ability when we first met.


After a while, Tanya left the house and returned.


『Just like that〜』

「Amazing……you were such an amazing person too……」

『I am you, you know. That’s why you should become like that too. Don’t worry』

「Is that, so……」



Hikari who returned to her human form stood in front of Tanya and stared her up.



「Onee-chan, did you become Otou-san’s woman-san?」



Tanya’s face instantly turned red, hearing Hikari’s frank question.


「It was like that huh!」

「T-That is……」


Tanya glanced at me and nodded timidly. After that, she looked down shyly.


「If so, then it’s alright. Everyone’s saying Otou-san’s woman-san will become a “good woman”」

「I-Is that so?」

「Un! Everyone’s like that. Right〜? Okaa-san」

『I was amazing from the start though』

「But, Delfina-oneechan said, that Okaa-san became gentle」



Eleanor lost her words.


「Hahaha. As expected of Delfina. People who experienced holding you must have something that can tell」

『……Hikari, next time you meet that woman, call her Delfina-obachan』(Aunt Delfina)

「Stop that」


I flicked the childish Eleanor with a finger.

And while we chatted like that, Io cleared up the corpses of the snake.



I returned to the village with everyone.

Although the pair of man and woman failed, I was curious about the words “erasing Eleanor” they spoke of.


I returned to the village to meet that fortune teller called Akansa and ask her to read Eleanor’s fortune or ask about Eleanor.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Otou-san. It’s quite noisy」

「It looks like the villagers gathered in one place. Are their fortunes going to be read again?」

「It’s not. That place is where notices are put up when there is」




Tanya who is a member of this village said.

We approached, and just like Tanya said, there was a notice put up in the place many villagers gathered.

The villagers saw that and talked among themselves.


Tanya glanced at me and enthusiastically run over there.

She called out to a middle-aged woman who was staring at the notice.


「Uhm, what happened?」

「Tanya-chan, huh. Well, it’s just that Rodotos-sama is gathering soldiers again」

「Soldiers? Didn’t Rodotos-sama unified the world already?」

「It looks like the opponent this time isn’t human」

「What is he going to fight?」

「Uhh, what was it again……ahh, that’s right」


The middle-aged woman looked at the notice again, then said.


「The Dragon King, Olivia’s subjugation. That’s what’s written」




Dragon King Olivia?


That, don’t tell me……




Hikari’s mumblings made me knit my eyebrows.








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