Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 198

Chapter 198 – Clash of Wills Only Occurs in the Same Level



I talked to Tanya and asked her to guide the two to that Maraton’s Spring.


Tanya is walking through the dark mountain path ahead, holding a torch in her hand.

The pair of man and woman is following her from behind.

And behind them, is me.


These two fellows have the goal of erasing Eleanor’s existence, but I’ve hidden Eleanor’s aura after fighting against Rodotos.

This era seems to be a time where Demon Swords are always showing their Demon Sword-ness, so I hid Eleanor’s aura to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

That’s why the two of them were unable to find out Eleanor.


And as we were walking like that, Eleanor suddenly talked to me.


『Are you going to help them?』

「I want to know what’s going to happen」

『Of course nothing will happen. Since I’m able to come here and exist in the future, it only means that that pair of two were unable to achieve anything』


『What’s with that silence?』


Eleanor sent a feeling of being unpleasant while being dubious.


I understand what she’s trying to say. That should be the case originally.

Since Eleanor here was able to come from the future, the fact that her existence was erased shouldn’t exist so there’s no need to mind these two.


That should really be the case.

However, two irregular things had already happened one next to the other.


My encounter and battle with Rodotos and meeting Tanya when she’s still alive.


I fought against Rodotos who was wielding Eleanor, but Eleanor here is saying that she doesn’t have any memories of that.

And although the maid ghost Tanya has the same color of the soul with the living Tanya, she told me that she doesn’t remember much when she was still alive.

Although it’s the same two people, she testified as if they were not connected.


I thought of a certain possibility.


「Parallel worlds」

『What? Parallel world?』

「It’s a concept of having multiple worlds, and just a simple difference might change the future」


「In other words, for example, me meeting you or not. In the case where I didn’t meet you, what do you think the greatest change will be?」

『……Hikari would not be born』


Eleanor’s words were filled with a seriousness that I haven’t felt for a while.

That’s right. If Eleanor and I didn’t meet, then Hikari would not be born.


Marie had removed Eleanor’s seal by chance, I then saved Marie, and started to wield Eleanor.

Soon after that, Hikari was born.

As Eleanor and my daughter.


「There exists such a possibility right? Just you sleeping for dozens of years, there will be a future where there’s no Hikari」

『I see……in other words, depending on these guys’ actions, you’re saying that the future where my existence will be erased exists?』

「What do you think?」

『……I can’t say for sure. I am not an omnipotent god. While I am ageless, I’m not an immortal. That ‘day’ would come ultimately』

「I see」


Well, that’s probably true.

But I also thought that Eleanor who admitted that frankly and calmly is really Eleanor. I continued.


「It’s fine if it’s a parallel world. The problem is, in the case where there is only one world」

『I see. You’re saying that if there is only one world, then if I was erased here, then the future me will also be erased?』


As expected of Eleanor, she understood it quickly.


「I’m just saying that there’s such a possibility. At least, I think so」

『I see. I understood what you’re trying to say』


Eleanor was convinced.


『I have a good idea』


『You, you go defeat Rodotos. Defeat Rodotos, then youーーno, you must make a seal that only that girl Marie can remove. By doing that, although some things might turn differently, it will still reach that future』

「Defeat you at your peak and even sealing you, huh」

『If it’s you, then it should be possible. You are better wielder after all』

「I’ll keep that in mind」


『Well, anyways, I should absolutely not be erased』

「Yeah, I won’t let that happen to you」

『I’m counting on you. For Hikari’s sake too』




I flicked Eleanor with a finger almost subconsciously.

My finger flicked her and made a clear, wind bell sound.


I just moved instinctively. I moved even before voicing out my words.

I was a bit embarrassed to tell her that’s it’s for her sake, not Hikari.


I should be able to tell the same thing to my other women, but when it comes to Eleanor, I couldn’t voice it out for some reason.

I couldn’t help but become obstinate when it comes to her.

……how strange.


「……yeah, for Hikari’s sake」

『I’m counting on you, Papa-dono』

「The same to you, Mama-sama」


I couldn’t say the words I wanted to say, so I could only joke around.

This, really, what is it?

How strange.







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