Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 196

Chapter 196 – Picture of the Future



「Who the hell are you!」

「How dare you speak like that towards Akansa-sama!」



After a moment of silence, the villagers shouted at once.

It looks like they really respect this old woman called Akansa.


All kinds of curses were said and Io and Hikari were scared, grabbing my clothes. Eleanor did not say anything, but I felt that she’s enjoying the situation.

One of the people concerned, the Tanya who was alive could only look around and panic.


Akansa slowly raised her hand. Instantly, the villager’s shouts stopped.

That’s impressive, I thought, then noticed the old woman staring at me.


Dented eye sockets, pupils that do not show its depth.

She stared at me with such eyes.


「Be careful, foreigner」


After Akansa said that, the villagers clamored.  

From what I saw earlier, this old woman is a fortune teller, and the villagers trust her very much.

On top of that, it was not like she would read everyone’s fortune.


But, she would read mine.

For the villagers, they probably saw it like the unknown person’s fortunes were read, and he was even warned.

They can’t be blamed for making clamors.


I ignored all of them and asked Akansa back.

I got a little interested because she called me ‘foreigner’.


「Be careful? Of what?」

「I cannot read your future」


「You are enveloped by a massive, bottomless darkness」

『Kuku, I’ve possessed you after all』


Eleanor more and more felt it was interesting.

A massive darkness……well, it’s probably her.


「But, even so」


「It’s ten good with no bad. No bad, everything is good. ………………such thing is impossible」


The clamors got bigger and bigger.

And Akansa who said that shook her head.

She looks like she felt that it was absurd, denying the thing that she saw.


It looks like I made her confused because of Eleanor. I felt a little bad for her.



After the old woman went away to somewhere, the villagers who have gathered in the square left and returned to their own businesses.

The only ones who remained were us and Tanya who I met at this time.




「Thank you for comforting me. Thanks to that, I feel a bit better」


Tanya said that and bowed her head.

Her expression still looked sorrowful and heartrending.


「I didn’t say that to comfort you. I just said the truth」

「Eh? The, truth……?」

「You, you’re Tanya right?」

「Yes……my name is Tanya……」

「Tanya Chichiakis. You can use Ice Magic right?」

「Eh? J-Just a little. How did you know? I can only freeze one or two drops of water, so I didn’t even tell anybody……」


Tanya looked at me as if she saw something unbelievable.

Looking at her, I remembered the time when we first met.



Tanya Chichiakis.

We first met at my mansion.


The mansion that I bought cheaply was a haunted mansion with an evil spirit possessing it.

That evil spirit would attack the living, using mostly Ice Magic to attack.


I defeated that evil spirit once and thought that it already disappeared for good.

However, after I obtained Eleanor, after I chased out the Undead Army within Eleanor, she entered inside instead.

A lovely ghost wearing maid uniform. She, who was bounded to the mansion, gained a new vessel called Eleanor.

And, she regained herself, becoming a ghost with a bright and talkative personality.


After that, using her trait of being unable to be seen or touched by normal humans, she became a very good scout that helped me in many battles.


And to be able to meet her alive, was even more surprising than meeting Eleanor.



Tanya invited us to her house.

……but, following her from behind, we left the village for some reason.

We walked on the footpaths across the paddy fields and even went so far until they cannot be seen.


「Tanya, where are we going?」

「My house, it’s just around there」

「You aren’t living inside the village?」



Tanya nodded.


『She paused for an instant. It looks like she has some kind of circumstances』


That seems to be the case.

But when I was about to ask her about that.


「Otou-san, somethings coming」

「Kakeru-san, look at that」


I looked at where Io pointed at.

In the outskirts where there doesn’t seem to be anyone, a giant mountain cow appeared from nowhere.

Although it looks like a cow from a distance, it grew sharp fangs, looking like a violent meat-eating beast.


「L-Let’s run!」


Tanya tried to run back from where we came from.

I grabbed her hand and stopped her.


「It’s fine」

「But! That’s a mountain cow! It’s a very strong beast, and if it sees youーー」

「It’s fine. Just look」


I placed my hand on Eleanor.

I haven’t met a mountain cow for a whileーーit looks like dinner is decided.




「Leave it to me」

「I see」


I took my hand off Eleanor and left it to Io.

She stepped forward holding her staff.

She looked beautiful with the wind blows passing her by as she walked.


She raised her staff and chanted her spell.

Soon after, dark clouds appeared above the mountain cow, and lightning fell together with thunder.

Io defeated the mountain cow with one attack.


What a gallant appearanceーーand when I was thinking of that, she glanced at me.


『How lovable』


『That girl, she’s probably trying to regain herself to you. She got so scared of Rodotos before, so she probably wants to show her good points to you here』

「I see」


She doesn’t need to do that though……but, since it’s like that.


「Good job, Io. As always, seeing your lightning makes me fall for you more」

「ーー! T-That’s not true at all」


Her face blushed and showed a happy face.


『What’s with that way of praising? You womanizer』

「I just told her what I thought」



Eleanor laughed interestingly and Io grinned for being praised.

On the other hand, Tanya was speechless.


She looked back and forth at Io and the mountain cow she defeated in one blow.

At first, her expression showed doubt of the scene in front of her, but it gradually turned to admiration for Io.

She stared at Io with a blushing face.

As if I was looking at Julia and Agnes. This, did another girl fall for her?


「Amazing……if I can be like that……」

「You can」


「You can become like that」

「No way……someone like me……」

「You can」


I told her with a strong tone.


「Tanya, you can also become like that. I guarantee it」

「……I, can?」

「That’s right」


I strongly nodded to Tanya and her face became redder than that when she looked at Io, and faced down.









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