Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 187

Chapter 187 – The Dog in the Garden



Before sorting out, I helped Selene train.

I helped her train moving around in front of the eyes of the soldiers.


I only stopped when Selene’s breathing got rough and when her movements were clearly out of strength.


「Yosh, let’s leave it here. You should rest before your next sortie」

「Haa……haa……I got it」


Selene staggered to her feet and left, while being supported by Neora who transformed.

After I saw them off, Helene silently approached me.


「Was that good enough?」

「Yes. Moderately reducing her stamina just before sorting out. As expected of Kakeru-sama」

「And the reason to reduce Selene’s stamina is?」

「Her Highness Selene became famous」


While raising her fan, Helene looked towards Selene and spoke calmly.


「The Demon King’s Servant, The War Princess of the Holy Sword. No matter which, it became famous. And for such people to appear on the battlefield, there would generally be two kinds of reactions」

「The first one is?」

「The awe from fear. I believe that it is a reaction that Kakeru-sama knows very well」


I nodded. It’s true that many people look at me with such eyes.


「The second one is?」

「The ambition for fame. It is from wishing to become famous for defeating someone with an infamous name. I have heard that Ropogis’s Guardian General, Toto Caisalis is a man with a strong ambition, and it is said that he is confident in his swordsmanship as well」

「That’s sounds like the type of person who would charge towards Selene without any fear. Isn’t it dangerous reducing her stamina?」


Helene calmly reached out her hand, pointing far away with her fan.


「In that place called Yakore Valley, the Mage Troops that was newly made from the absorbed soldiers is waiting. I would ask of Her Highness Selene to engage them to a battle for once, feign into a retreat, and lure them to Yakore Valley」

「Then, you’ll attack them with a focus fire huh」


Helene nodded.


「Her Highness Selene is a clumsy person. Although she would obediently retreat when she is advised to do so, it would be suspicious if she retreats with full of vigor」

「That’s why you asked me to make her lose some stamina huh」

「According to the reports, Her Highness’s fighting style is spreading widely together with her name. They say ‘her movements would change when she becomes tired’」

「It is easy to tell when she’s already tired, huh……I see」

「After luring them to the Mage Troops followed by a concentrated attack, Her Highness would be recovered with the magic ball that Kakeru-sama possesses, and launch a counterattack」

「I see」


I called Neora.

I told her everything what I heard from Helene, and while telling her not to tell Selene, I gave her a magic ball from my Different Dimension Warehouse.


I watched Neora run towards Selene.

It is very rare to have this kind of strategy. Up until now, it was enough with me having as the main attacker and break through using force.


Since the main attacker is Selene, there’s a need to do a lot of things.

While it was to make Selene grow confidence,

Unexpectedly, I’m able to see one of the Twin Flowers of Teresa, the Strategist Helene’s dazzle.

It’s what one calls a happy miscalculation.





And Helene, she continued and said to me.


「One other thing. I want to ask Kakeru-sama something that only he could do」

「Tell me」


Helene who smiled gracefully while holding her fan with both hands looked more and more dazzling.



The two armies collided.


The Selene Troops that the War Princess of the Holy Sword leads, and Therios Army that the Ropogis’s Guardian General, the subordinate of Duke Therios, Toto Caisalis leads.


The difference between the soldiers is 1 to 3. As usual, Selene is fighting with fewer soldiers.

Early on, Selene who was supported by Neora showed her breakthrough ability at its full capacity, canceling the numerical disadvantages and fought them at an equal standing.


Though it was only equal until Toto appeared.

As soon as he appeared on the frontlines, he quickly found Xiphos, and attacked straight towards Selene.


Selene’s movement quickly changed because of the training with Kakeru earlier and the stamina she lost during the battle.

Her movements changed from the stances that she trains on, to the splitting image of Kakeru’s movements.


Toto revealed a smile. He had already known the information about Selene’s movements changing when she gets tired.


Neora suggested a retreat, and Selene accepted her suggestion quickly, and started to retreat.


Toto pursued them happily.

Toto and the Therios Army were lured to Yakore Valley just as planned and was showered with attacks from the Mage Troops positioned at the top of the cliff.


It rained fireballs from the sky.

Although it is a beginner magic, it could use to burst and could repeatedly be casted, so it’s the most popular magic in the Mage Troops.


Suffering such attacks, the Therios Army fell into confusion and Toto was forced to take control of the chaos.


And there, Selene Troops’ counterattack started.

Selene who have recovered using the magic ball, just like Neora suggestedーーand just like Helene planned, attacked the Therios Army.


The momentum was completely on Selene Troops’ side, the Therios Army’s fell into more confusion, and started to collapse.

They desperately ran away from Yakore Valley, trying to escape.


The Demon Sword Wielder was gazing down upon them while that all happened.



「Let’s do it」

『That again huh』

「What? You don’t want to?」

『I won’t complain if it’s at full force』

「I see」


I held Eleanor with a reverse grip, lowering my body, and just like a bowstring being pulled, I gathered the aura to my right hand.

And, I threw Eleanor. I threw her towards the entrance of Yakore Valley that the Therios Army tries to escape from.


The mountain shook, and after screams coming from both enemy and allies.

A crater, no, a cliff was made at the entrance of the valley.


Eleanor who I threw at full force gouged off the ground, creating a cliff that has a bottom one could not see.

Looking at that, I remembered Helene’s words.


“If there were a bridge, I would’ve liked to drop that bridge, but such a thing doesn’t exist in the terrain, so I want to ask Kakeru-sama to make one. Although it’s also fine to simply create a landslide that blocks the path.”

“I see. I got it.”


A seemingly bottomless hole suddenly appearing at the entrance of the valley. Seeing that, I got satisfied, completing what Helene asked for.

And while that happened, the battlefield had stopped.


Both the enemy and the allies were stunned and flabbergasted by the sudden destruction of the terrain, making the fight almost pausing.

But there was still one who has yet to stop.

A person who would only do what she was told and what she thinks all that she could do. It’s Selene.


She continued to charge. Charge alone in the battlefield where the enemies and allies are mixed together.

And, Eleanor who I retrieved said enjoyingly.


『As I’ve thought, that lass is going to be a big one』


She said with a laugh.

And, the Therios Army that was trapped was mostly defeated and some captured.


Selene became more and more famous.







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