Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 186

Chapter 186 – Holy Sword and Princess



I grabbed Xiphos.


Although it’s incomparably weaker to what I felt before, it certainly has a pulse.


It felt like a frightened child who was punished.

There should be no problem even if I give this to Selene.


『This is too absurd that I can’t even laugh』


『Although it’s inferior to me, to think that you’d reduce something in the level of a Demon Sword to this』

「Have anyone ever done something like this before?」

『Absolutely not』

「What about you? Did you never tried it before?」

『There is no human who has been able to use me before』


It means everyone else was manipulated by Eleanor huh.


『I never get bored with you, really. You’re making me see new things one next to the other』

「I’ll show you another thing soon」

『Umu? Ahh, the limited time lottery huh』


I nodded.

The limited time lottery ticket that appears every significant thing achieved.

I should get something new from there.


I could feel Eleanor looking forward to it.

And, I also started to look forward to it.



I returned to Hanya for once and went to Amphis.

I followed the countless footsteps, the marks of the army, and arrived at the point where both armies collide.


「Un? They’re being pushed back?」


My eyesight is still lent to Eleanor, so I unconsciously placed a hand above my eyebrows to try and look around.


『Both sides retreated. It looks like they have mutual casualties』

「I see」


I just stayed where I was.

After a while, the vanguard of the kingdom’s army that retreated came and stopped in front of me.




It was Selene who returned.

There was not much blood on her, nor she looks tired as well.

I got curious why and asked.


「You retreated quickly」

「Un, this personーー」


Selene pointed at the soldier beside her.

I knew it with a look. It’s Neora who I asked to stay with Selene that I used my aura to disguise.


「ーーsaid it isn’t good to chase too far, and we should retreat temporarily」

「Are you injured?」

「I’m not」

「But you retreated that easily」

「After all, I can’t judge what I need to do」


Selene frankly said.

She said it naturally just like eating when one is hungry.


I glanced at Neora.


「It was a brilliant withdrawal」


It means she really retreated as soon as she was told to huh.


『How obedient』

「She’s so obedient that it’s scary」



Selene tilted her head with a clueless look.

She herself doesn’t understand, but I guess that’s fine for now.


Rather than thatーーI took out Xiphos and handed it to Selene.


「This isーーthe Holy Sword of Pacification, Xiphos」

「Holy Sword?」

『For Aegina, that is』

「I see」

「What’s with this?」

「I went to get it. Use it」

「Un, I got it」


Selene received Xiphos readily.

It felt anticlimactic, but, ahh……this is the current Selene huh.


『Kuku, I’m looking forward to her future』


I sent a flick of a finger to Eleanor who seems making fun of it rather than looking forward to it.

And from the start again, I told Selene.


「Continue using that from now on. We have the King, and a princess wielding the Holy Sword of Pacification(?). With that, the noble cause is with us」


It’s the excuse I thought beforehand in case Selene didn’t want to receive it.

Although there’s no need for it anymore, I still told her that to be sure.


「It was like that huh! Un, I got it! Thank you, Shou!」


Selene gripped Xiphos and stared at it intently.

Xiphos’s blade pulsed with red light.

The surrounding soldiers other than Neora raised their voices with awe.


The soldiers are human too. Xiphos is probably a special existence for them.


「Un, it’s alright, I won’t bully you」

「You’re talking to Xiphos?」

「It’s saying ‘I’ll be good, so don’t bully me anymore.’ 」

「And you easily told it you won’t bully it……」


I thought for a second and told Selene.


「Selene, I think you know this, but Xiphos is just a child right now」


「Since it’s a child, you must scold it when it doesn’t listen to what it’s said」

「I need to scold it?」


Selene looked at me and Xiphos alternately.

Her face looks like she can’t decide which one to listen to with two opinions.


She wavered for a while, but she finally raised her head and looked straight at me.


「I got it. I’ll listen to what Shou says」


Xiphos’s blade released a pulse.

It looks like it’s panicking.


「Shou’s……really amazing. Xiphos is an amazing sword that even I know, and it’s protected by a great seal too. He just took it so easily」


On the other hand, Selene who’s holding Xiphos started to look at me with an increasingly passionate gaze.



I suggested to Selene who gained Xiphos to sortie once again.

Selene swung Xiphos gallantly in their second attack.


Most of the enemy soldiers that Neora gathered for her got stunned seeing Xiphos and got defeated soon after.


Princess Selene appeared wielding Xiphos.

That information quickly spread within the enemy army and their morale plummeted as quickly.

They fell into a total collapse just within an hour from the start of the battle and started to turn tail.


『Kuku, too bad huh. It all ended before that lass got tired. I would really like to see your movements while wielding Xiphos』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger for being talkative.


Selene and Xiphos.

The power that I gave her granted her an unexpectedly easy victory.


And that, was the start of her army’s steady but powerful advance.







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