Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 183

Chapter 183 – The Battle in Hanya, the Second Round



After several assaults, Hanya fell.

Hanya had lost its function as a fortress with one attack from Eleanor and turned the battle into a melee.


There’s still the difference between the number of soldiers, but Selene’s charging attacks completely overcame that.

Their side completely lost the will to fight after the soldiers surged in the opened hole of Hanya and fell into a total collapse.


Other than the few soldiers who have surrendered, the others have retreated from Hanya.

And Selene tried to charge towards them as well.


Charge, charge, and charge.

As if that was the only thing that she could do, Selene tried to faithfully execute that action.


「Don’t chase them, Selene!」


I shouted and stopped her.

My voice multiplied 777x passed through the battlefield clearly and reached her ears.


Selene stopped to a still.

I went off the palanquin and stood in front of her.

I removed the aura I clad myself with and returned to my appearance from King Aegina’s.


「Good job. This is enough」

「I don’t need to chase after them?」

「Some should be let off as a messenger. So that they would know exactly what happened, that this troops are led by King Aegina」

「Un, I got it」


Selene obediently nodded. It’s exactly the opposite from just a while ago.


She sheathed her sword and sighed.

Is it from physical fatigue or her tension was loosened, Selene staggered.


I caught her in an embrace when she was about to fall down.


「Thank youーーah!」


Selene pushed me away in panic.

She got out from my embrace once, but she staggered and fell into my embrace in the end.


「What’s the matter?」

「Because, Shou is, uhm……that person’s……」



That person? Who?

……ahh, Helene huh.


Selene calls me Shou.

It’s because I disguised myself using my aura when I first appeared in front of her.

At that time, I’m carrying Helene by my side and swung the Demon Sword.


I see, Selene was charmed by that huh.


I embraced her tighter.


「Good job」



Selene’s cheeks blushed and timidly looked down.

And, she reservedly placed her forehead on my chest.


“How cute, maybe I should reward her some more”ーーbut when I was thinking of that.

Selene’s body gave away.

She collapsed just like a puppet with its strings cut.





I caught her in an embrace and peeked at her face.

Her eyes were shut and looked asleep.


「You got tired huh……good job」


It looks like the reward will be for the next time.

I carried her and took out the Magic Cottage.


I let her rest inside.

When I went out, one soldier was waiting.

It’s a male soldier, but he’s familiar.

I took off the aura that I applied.


The male soldier turned to a woman.

Slave troops, second platoon leader, Neora Comenena.

I used my aura to change her appearance and made her mix into Selene’s side.


「Good job. You did great」

「Was that alright?」

「I was watching even from far away. Good job on gathering the soldiers in front of Selene just like I asked you to」



Neora was somewhat looking down but she looks happy.


To let Selene gain confidence, there was a need to make a wall as thick as possible for her to breakthrough.

On top of that, a wall that was not weakened.


It is very easy for me or Nana, and my other capable women to make weakened soldiers line up in front of Selene. It’s a piece of cake to hold back when the opponents are only soldier level.

However, if it were like that, then there would be no meaning. It was important to line up uninjured enemy soldiers in front of her as much as possible.


And so, there’s Neora’s turn.

She has a mysterious skill.

She can use a skill that would make her opponent’s force against them and guide it to the direction she wishes to.

Even I lost my balance when I saw it for the first time.


I used that.

I disguised Neora and made her go to Selene’s side.

And using that skill, she guided the soldiers towards Selene without injury.

She sent soldiers after soldiers endlessly towards her.

She continued to guide the enemy soldiers so that Selene would need to fight against them nonstop.


And Selene cut down all of those enemy soldiers.

She broke through a thick wall of enemy soldiers that was thicker than normal only using her own skill.


I did not lend her a hand at all. That made me happy the most.

That happiness completely turned into elation.


I gave orders to the nearby soldier.

It’s not one of the slave soldiers nor one of my women. I ordered that ordinary soldier to contact Delfina, to tell her to occupy Hanya.

And, I turned to Neora.


「Neora, are you tired?」

「Not at all. I’m fine」

「I see. Then, I have another job for you」

「Yes! Please ask me anything!」


Neora replied in an army salute just like the other slave soldiers.


「Not that. Accompany me」



Neora realized the meaning of that and blushed.


「Good girl」


I wrapped my arms around Neora’s back and knees and carried her to another room inside the Magic cottage.

I loved her on the bed for doing the best job.



At night, on the outskirts of Hanya.

I drew out Eleanor who was stabbed into the ground.


I’m a kilometer away from Hanya. After that throwing attack pierced through the fortress, she continued to fly for another kilometer.


『You’re late. What were you doing leaving me here』

「I made love with Neora」

『I do not know whether you’re overprotective or a spartan educator』

「Who knows. But, there’s only one thing I can say」


「It’s that Selene has become more of a good woman」

『I shall make a prediction as well』


『After you and your women are gone, this world will be in hell. Rebounds would always come after a golden era』


It’s like that huh.


「Well, that doesn’t matter right now. Only what’s in front of me right now does」

『I see, what’s in front of you huh』


I looked far ahead.

At the horizon within the darkness of the night. I could see a faint sand smoke being rolled up.


「As I’ve thought. They launched a night attack huh」

『Of course they would. If you look at our numbers, it is normal for them to counterattack while we are rebuilding our strength』

「How many are there?」

『More or less, about 3000. Ahh, I’ll also add this. I feel that this night attack also includes an additional pursuit attack』

「I see」


I raised Eleanor.

How interesting. A well-prepared enemy of 3000.


It’s only normal to immediately take back what was taken from you.

But too bad, you won’t get through here.


『Umu. I understand now. You are overprotective after all』


『After all, you would go against an army of 3000 soldiers just for the safety of two women』


I flicked Eleanor who said that enjoyingly with a finger.

It’s exactly as she says, but it’s still annoying hearing it from her.


「You don’t want to?」

『Not at all? I don’t have complaints as long as you use me with your full strength』

「What a cheap woman, you are」

『Kukuku, that’s exactly right. I am nothing but a cheap woman just for you』


Eleanor laughed even more happily.

This girl, she’s also a good woman. I won’t tell her though.


I gripped her hilt tightly and took a deep breath.

I sharpened my eyes and looked at the enemy in front of me.


「Let’s go」



The Battle of Hanya, the second round.

The battle that made Eleanor satisfied ended during the night without anyone knowing.


Not even Selene nor Neora.

They were able to rest their bodies peacefully, to prepare for the next fight.









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