Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 182

Chapter 182 – Siege Hammer Eleanor



Selene’s destructive power increased more and more after she became able to move like Kakeru, but on the other side, the soldiers that she was leading could not keep up with her.

Some injured, some collapsed. The soldiers who could fight properly within the 200 was below half.


「Princess, the soldiers are tired. We should retreat temporarily」


One young soldier, a man who is a commanding officer advised to Selene.

Selene answered without delay.


「I got it! What should I do?」


「I don’t know the way to retreat. What do I need to do?」


Selene held herself from charging and defeating soldiers face front and advance.

The soldier who advised was surprised. He is one of the few men within the 200 who knows Selene of the past.

He did not think that his suggestion would be approved, nor imagined that he would be asked for advice instead.


「What? Should I continue to advance like this?」

「Eh? No! The gong for withdrawal.  Their side has more casualties, so they should pull back if we withdraw」

「Then, I’ll leave it to you」



The soldier conveyed Selene’s order.

The gong for withdrawal was pounded loudly and both armies retreated.



At night, in the camp in the outskirts of Hanya, inside the Magic Cottage guarded by the soldiers.


I’m facing with Selene.


「H-How was it?」

「For your first battleーーno, you were quite good」


「Their soldiers were more skilled, but they have more casualties. Your central breakthrough made that possible」

「I-Is that so」


『The time to pull back was great too. The speed of deciding to retreat from when the air of battle started to sway was brilliant. The decision to immediately withdraw under that advantage doesn’t exist much in my memories』

「ーーshe said so」


Eleanor’s evaluation was quite high, so I told it exactly to Selene.


「It’s because I didn’t know」


「Someone told me that it’s better to withdraw because the soldiers are tired, but I didn’t know whether they’re tired or not. I didn’t know, so I just followed the advice. Just like Shou told me」

「I see」


『This girl, she’s really going to the extremes. Interesting』


I could feel the Eleanor was really enjoying it.

I agree. She’s interesting, Selene.


「A person really changes when they do huh」

「Eh? W-What?」

「It’s nothing」


Well then, what should I do from now on.

Inside the Magic Cottage, in the sand table placed in the living room.


I placed magic powers onto it, and it showed the diorama around Hanya and showed the military strength of both parties at the same time.

The enemy was decreased at some level with today’s advantage, but if this continues, it would take time to defeat them.




Passing through the ceiling, the ghost maids Tanya and Peggy fell down.

After Selene withdrew, I sent out for reconnaissance.


「How was it?」

『Just like Kakeru said, they’re planning on holding themselves in Hanya』

「As I’ve thought huh」

『What are you going to do? If it turns into a long-term battle, reinforcements will come and our side would be attacked on both sides. If we receive a pincer attack in this narrow terrain, it would be devastating』

「We should just end it before that happens」

『Are you going to the frontlines instead?』

「I didn’t mean that」


This is a battle to make Selene gain confidence. There will be no meaning if I enter the fray.

Also, I’m just thinking right now that I want to see more of it.

I want to see more of Selene fighting instinctively just the way I do.


『What will you do then?』


「Un, what?」

「You will charge again tomorrow okay」

「Un! Should I do it like I did today?」



I raised the corner of my lips.


「You will charge after I launched one attack」



The next day, with Selene and the soldiers marching.

After a night’s rest, first aid, 90% of them were able to fight again.

But, the enemy won’t come out.


After the “Battle of Hanya”, Hanya was turned into a fortress.

It was turned into a fortress so that just like the prince at that time, a hero would lead his comrades to counterattack with this place as the starting point.

Helene said that it’s a kind of a propaganda.

No matter what happens to the kingdom, as long as this place is fine, the people of the kingdom who believes in the legend would continue to have hope.

To maintain that, it was turned into a fortress.


The soldiers who came out yesterday are hiding themselves inside the fortress today.


『Kuku, it really looks like a strong fortress from how it looks』


『And so? What are you going to do?』

「I’m throwing you」



Was it unexpected? Eleanor raised a dumbfounded voice.


「You told me a few days ago right? Not to throw you. But I should throw you with full force if I really insist」


「I’ll throw you with full force」


I sent the signal.

I made Selene and the soldiers open a way.


There’s no longer an obstacle between me and Hanya’s fortress.

I held Eleanor with a reverse grip and took the posture of throwing.


I took a deep breath……and breathed out.




I released an aura, enveloping Eleanor.

The Demon Sword’s appearance changed. From a huge sword longer than a person’s heightーーto ten times bigger.


『H-Hey, you, don’t tell meーー』


With one shout.

I threw Eleanor who became as big as a truck.


The Giant Eleanor flew while making the winds roar.

Andーーit pierced through the fortress.


Deafening explosive sounds were made and the ground shook making the soldiers only barely able to stand.


After everything has calmed down, a hole was opened in the fortress.

A giant hole, as if it was hit by a missile.


「O-Oh god……」

「What a monster……」



The soldiers were astonished. They looked at me and the hole with their jaws dropped.

And within them, only one was not surprised and immediately moved.


Selene Mi Aegina.


Only she did not stop, and just like we have planned, she charged as soon as I finished my one attack.

What an interesting girl.











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