Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 179

Chapter 179 – Invisible



In my bedroom where the moonlight illuminates, I talked to Delfina while letting lie in my arm.


「If there is anything that could overturn the Three Lords Regency, that would be the existence of King Aegina」

『Although there’s the possibility to overturn it with your strength』


Eleanor said joyously.

I flicked that Eleanor with a finger for not reading the air, and continued to chat with Delfina.


「That is why, they searched for news of the King, while hiding that he was kidnapped from the people. And you pulled up that bed from the bottom of the cliff and handed it over to them. That’s fine, but King Aegina is not only the old man who’s stuck in bedーー」


As if to verify the answers, Delfina continued with a pragmatic tone.


「ーーthere is also the legitimacy for Selene Mi Aegina to become Aegina’s Queen」

「For those Dukes, the only thing that they need to beware of is Selene now that the King is dead. Making the legitimacy of the Three Lords Regency last, by making the King nominally recuperating his sickness in the royal palace. And the only existence that could destroy that is Selene. In the case where Selene raised an army and call them rebels, their legitimacy would become imperfect」

「In the case where Selene raises an army, there is a need to gather enough soldiers. The neighboring kingdoms have politically recognized the legitimacy of the Three Lords Regency, and there is completely no sign of soldiers gathering」

「But there is one place where both soldiers and weapons are gathered in one place. And when they investigated it, what a surprise! It was the merchant who found King Aegina’s bed」


I said in a slightly exaggerated manner with a dramatic tone.


「That female fox! She must be hiding something. There’s the possibility that she’s connected to that brat of a princess. ーーHa! I know! The reason she gained Malonei was all for this!!」


Delfina also said with a similar dramatic tone. She’s like a villainous noble.


「No, that female fox might be the mastermind?! We should catch her and make her speakーーso, they came」


I reviewed the current situation with Delfina.


Most of it were speculations, but it shouldn’t be that off the mark.

By the way, I also tortured those guys who attacked using my aura, but they were only clueless small fries ordered to kidnap Delfina “in a state where she could speak”.


She frustratingly bit her lower lip.


「This was completely my fault. I should’ve completely hidden the movements of gathering the soldiers」

「Don’t worry about it. It isn’t that much of a failure」

「No, it is a huge failure. I have made actions that made me connected to a customer I should hide it from」

「You should just be careful next time」


『Kuku, you are really soft to the bone when it comes to your women』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger.


It’s not like I’m soft on them.

If you fail, you should just be careful not to fail in the next time. It’s a normal thing.



Leaving Delfina behind, I returned to the drawing room.

Selene was, as usual, floating in the air while enveloped in my aura.


That intruder that hit the wall and the shattered glasses were quickly cleaned off and everything was back to normal, but only Selene had not changed.


She’s still enveloped by my camouflage aura so she was left like that without being found by anyone.


『It’s about time』


Soon after Eleanor whispered, Selene woke up.



「You’re awake」

「This place is……I was……」


Selene who just woke up looked around with blank eyes.

And finally, she remembered the situation she was in.


「I talked with Shou……and showed me many things」

「That’s right. You understood now Paulos’s truth?」

「Was that the truth?」


「How is it?」

『I have only shown what I have seen. If I put into your words, it’s a “movie without monologue”』


Since I’ve become deeply connected to her, there are times when Eleanor would use the words from my previous world.

Having her explain things using my knowledge is very convenient.


Just like she said, it felt like that. What flowed inside of my head before I showed it to Selene felt like a “movie without monologue”.

I got convinced and told Selene.


「I showed you exactly what Eleanor has seen」

「……it was exactly how you saw it. Paulos Aegina is just a thug at first and he did not have any abilities. He’s weak in fights, and couldn’t read letters as well, if I’m correct. He loves widows and failed many times because of that, and have countless failures because he’s weak to alcohol」



「But, strangely, he had a strange charm, and as a result of lots of things happening with everyone around him thinking “This guy, really? It can’t be helped, so I should give him a hand.”, a kingdom was made」

「Un, that seems to be the case」

「He’s exactly like you. Especially how you weren’t good as a person」

「That’s why……I should take Paulos as an example?」



I nodded.


「I can only swing my sword. I’m completely useless about other things. But I want to do something, so everyone, help me」


I told her while copying her tone, and gently touched her cheek.


「You’re fine just like that」




I nodded.

Selene showed a serious face.

She looked straight at me, with the sincerest gaze she ever showed me, with those eyes that seemed to challenge me, she then said.


「Un. I got. That is for the best huh」



Eleanor’s emotions flowed into me.

A little unexpected, but impressed at the same time.


「I’ll do what Shou said. I will ask help from those amazing people who can do the things that I can’t. Not making tantrums like in the past, I will ask them sincerely, and ask for their help」


She did not grow timid nor became desperate.

“I’ll ask someone else’s help for the things I can’t do” that was all.

Her face says that she thinks that that’s for the best and the most suitable.


「Shou, help me」

「Leave it to me」


I nodded and Selene smiled like a blooming flower.


That was the「Untainted Queen」called in later generations.

Without emphasizing her opinion, she would frankly take in her subjects’ good opinions with “that sounds good, let’s go with that”.

It was the instant the new Selene was born.








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