Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 176

Chapter 176 – Kakeru Behind the Scene



Eleanor pierced that lion-like monster and nailed it to the ground.


『Enough already! Stop throwing and throwing me! But if you do would, at least do it with full strength』

「If I throw you with full strength, the whole area around here would be destroyed」

『I’m saying that do it that far if you want to throw me』

「I’ll take you later to Orycuto’s valley」

『Kukuku, that guy’s also unlucky every time』


I could feel Eleanor’s pleasant emotions flowing to my head.

I ignored her for the meantime and looked at Selene.


She looked stunned while looking up at me.

Her whole body was in tatters. It looks like she got done by that lion-like monster.


「Are you alright?」




She didn’t react so I called her again.

When I did that, she returned to herself and turned her face away from me in a hurry.


「I-I’m okayーー!」


She showed obvious stubbornness, but that didn’t last till the end.

She narrowed her eyebrows and groaned.

It looks like she’s quite hurt.


I reached out my hand to the side and opened my Different Dimension Warehouse.

I took out one Magic Ball (White) that I always carry and used it on Selene.


The healing light enveloped Selene and her injuries were healed in an instant.

The effects of the magic ball are absolute, but I asked her to be sure.


「Are you alright?」

「I-I was okay from the start」

「I see」

「But I’ll say thanks, just in case」

「I see」


『You, you’re grinning』

Mu! It showed in my face?


Selene looked so cute recently.

Not to mention that obvious way of showing her stubbornness, she’s honest although she’s being obstinate so she looks so cute.


Just like right now, she’s too cute that it shows in my face just like Eleanor pointed out.


「Rather than that, you were deeper from the place I heard from Iris. Did you get lost?」

「T-There’s no way that I would get lost」

「Then why are you this deep in the forest?」

「That is……uhm……」


Selene desperately searched for an excuse.

Probably, or rather, her reply from the start was an excuse for sure.


「I-I was out for a walk. The weather’s good so I went out for a walk」


As expected, it was an excuse that was easy to tell.

Selene who claims that looked cute so I thought it was fine.


「Well then, let’s go back now. You’re finished with your walk right?」



「I’ll stay just for a bit more」


Selene said stubbornly.

I don’t know why she wants to stay here, but it feels like she won’t move away from here at all.


「I got it. For the meantime, take this」


I opened my Different Dimension Warehouse, took out a spare sword, and gave it to her.

I have Eleanor and Hikari so I don’t need them, but I’m carrying spares for my women.

I gave Selene just that.


Selene took it. While making a complicated face.


I took out the Warp Feather and warped.


I warped on top of a tree tens of meters ahead.

It’s enough distance for me to be able to observe Selene.


And what I saw there was Selene’s appearance letting out a voice while reaching out to the place where I was.


『She looks like she regrets it. If she only became honest』

「That doesn’t seem to be the case」

『Mu? Hou……her expression changed to a resolute one. What did she decide to do?』

「She’s saying……”I’ll defeat one this time, and obtain the qualification to ask Shou”」


I picked up Selene’s murmur with my 777x hearing.


『How adorable. It means that she wants to achieve something to ask something from you huh』

「That seems to be the case」

『You’re grinning again』

「No one’s around so it’s fine right?」

『I am here』

「It’s fine with you」

『Kuku, I see, it’s fine huh』


Eleanor whispered.


Selene started to move.

She gripped the spare sword that I gave her and continued to walk.


「Since she says “this time”, she wants to defeat that lion-like monster huh」

『That should be it? If it’s the current her, she should be able to, well, defeat a weak one. Though I don’t know what would happen if she meets a strong one again』

『I see』

「What are you planning?」

「……let’s thin them out」

『Thin them out?』

「I should go ahead of her and remove those ones stronger than Selene. I’ll leave those that she’s able to defeat」

『Isn’t it just better to weaken it and release it to her?』

「If I do that, then she won’t be convinced. I’ll send an unwounded, weak one right at her」

『Really, are you overprotective or not』


Eleanor said.

I don’t know if I’m being overprotective, but I’m only letting my woman do what she wants to do.


Because I know that in that instant they achieved something, they would look amazing.


I went ahead with Eleanor.

I erased about a third of those lion-like monsters.









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