Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 173

Chapter 173 – Good Women that Celebrate Each Other’s Happiness



In Rethim, the capital of Aegina, in the castle town.

I am walking around the town with Helene and Rica.


The Third Princess of Mercouri Kingdom, “Teresia of Twin Flowers”, Helene Teresia Mercouri.

The current Queen of Calamba Kingdom, “Master of the Rose Garden”, Rica Calamba.


Both of them are super celebrities, women who are supposed to be welcomed as states guests, but they are casually walking around the town.


「They really……cannot discover us huh」


Rica whispered, seemingly moved.


「It’s Kakeru-sama’s new power. It would seem that the person enveloped by this aura would look like a different person」

「How would they look like?」


Rica replied to Helene. Helene looked at me, then Rica looked at me as well.


「A normal town girl. I had a hard time making you not stand out」

「Is it powers that enough to make Kakeru have a hard time?」


「I really had a hard time. Both of you are beautiful after all. It’s difficult to imagine a common town girl seeing your faces. Creating an image while looking at you would make the image inevitably beautiful」

「I-Is that so……」


Rica blushed. It looks like she’s embarrassed from being called beautiful.

I will never get tired seeing Rica blush. The more it is since she was doll-like when we first met, so I’ll never get tired of the various expressions that she’s making right now.


「Kakeru-sama. What do we need to do?」


「We’ll do anything at your command」


Helene said with a serious face.

Rica also turned to a serious face from an embarrassed one and stared at me.


The two of them would do anything at my command, rather, “please order us” was written on their faces.


「Take it easy okay. We have two goals. First is to gather information on how the people of Aegina were told about what happened」

「If so, then the pub should be a good place」

「Let’s look around while shopping. Women who are managing stores have a loose mouth」


Helene and Rica immediately gave suggestions.

We could probably effectively gather information with both.


「Well, wait」


I stopped the two who was about to take immediate action.


「There’s a second goal; It’s to go on a date with you two」




Both Helene and Rica looked surprised.

It looks like their thoughts can’t immediately catch up because it’s too different from the first goal.


「The two of you had a hard time right? Teaching Selene many things」


Right now, I’m sending my women one next to the other to educate Selene.


Not to mention members of royal families like Helene and Rica, there’s the Great Sage Althea who knows all kinds of knowledge in this world, and Nana who’s originally strong, but became the World’s Strongest Swordsman (without including me) after I gave her several cheats that I got from the lottery place.

I also sent the merchant Delfina, the adventurer Io’s party, and even sent the ghost maids.


All of it is to educate Selene.

It’s to educate Selene who is too ignorant, and know nothing.


「Not at all, Selene-sama learns very quickly, so it is not to the extent of hard work」

「I agree that she learns quickly. But her spoiled personality is trouble」

「Although she’s spoiled, doesn’t she have an honest personality and is able to say that she doesn’t know without showing off?」

「That is true though」


Helene and Rica. The two of them evaluated Selene who is not here.

While listening to their evaluation, I brought the two around the town.


I suddenly noticed that we passed by a general store.

I found something within the goods aligned, entered the store, and took it in hand.


I opened it. It looks quite good.

I immediately bought it, returned, and gave it to Helene.


「This is……a fan?」

「Yeah, open it」


When the decorated fan was opened, it looked like a cutout picture.

The fan was skillfully carved, creating a flower in full blossom.


It was not flashy nor crude, it’s a chic looking fan.

She opened it, closed it again, and held it.

Helene looked at me with a surprised face.


「Ahh, as I’ve thought, that looks good on you」

「You remembered it」

「Rather, it’s always with me」


After saying that, I took out a fan.

It’s the fan with the Mercouri Royal Family emblem that I got from Helene when we first met.

I showed that fan that I always carried with me to Helene.




Helene’s eyes became moist.

And the way she won’t jump into my embrace is really how the modest Helene really is.


「Good for you, Helene」



The two women looked looked at each other with smiles and nodded.

I thought that I should buy something for Rica who congratulated Helene and continued walking around the town.


I stopped again.

I did not found something, I heard it.


I caught interesting words in an exchange which was better described as a chat.


「What is really happening in this Kingdom. A Baron revolted, killed the Crown Prince, and kidnapped the Princess. That’s unheard of」

「Since the King collapsed due to his sickness, nothing good has happened」

「What, don’t worry. They say that disasters have the potential to turn into an advantage. The Three Lords Regency will start with that as a trigger. The Lord Dukes will make this kingdom better」

「I just hope so……」


There are three old men who were drinking alcohol in a stall although it’s still in the afternoon.

Listening to their conversation, it looks like rumors about what happened at that day had already spread.


And it looks like it became a story, saying that I revolted, killed Kimon, and killed Selene.


「They dare」

「This unforgivable, to think that they blamed everything on Kakeru-sama」


The two women who followed me and stopped, understanding the situation, and listened to them got angry.

Helene silently showed anger and Rica displayed her emotions clearly.


「I’ll cooperate with Iris and put pressure on the diplomatic route」

「I’ll something too. There are several agreements reaching their deadlines, so I’ll focus on that」


The two of them nodded to each other.

It looks like lots of things were decided in that instant.


「Stop it, the two of you」


「If this continues, they would make everything Kakeru’s fault」


「It’s something that I really did after all. Both killing Kimon and kidnapping Selene」

「But, there are circumstances」

「Just let them say what they want. No, rather, the two of you should support the Three Lords Regency diplomatically. You can do something about strengthening their legitimacy right?」


「That is……」

「We can, but……」


The two of them looked at each other.

Their faces were like “It’s possible, but why?”.


However, that was only for an instant.

When I was about to explain it to them, they already understood.


「For Selene’s sake」

「Kakeru-sama does not only plan to educate her, but also prepare a hurdle later on」


That’s right.

I mean, the two of them are too good at guessing.


As I’ve thought, they’re good women, both Rica and Helene.


And Rica, however, she pursed her lips, making a sulking face.


「What’s the matter?」

「Because, a hurdle wasn’t prepared for me during my time」

「What, is it about that?」

「It’s not just “that”, even Iーー」

「Rica was a good woman from the start, so it wasn’t needed」

「ーーwanted Kakeru’s trial……eh?」


Rica became dumbfounded.


Rica was wise from the beginning.

Her talents and wisdom were unable to be concealed although she was treated like a puppet and was a bird in a cageーーso it overflowed when she was released.


There was no need to prepare a hurdle at all.

Instead, removing her shackles was already good enough.


「I’m, from the start?」

「Yeah, you were a good woman from the start」

「Uwaaa〜, what should I do〜. I didn’t think Kakeru would say something like that, what should I do〜」


Rica became fidgety.

As I’ve thought, her emotional expressions are getting richer, and I can’t get tired seeing them.


「Good for you, Rica. Receiving such words. It was great coming to today right?」



The two women once again stared at each other with smiles and nodded.

The two of them celebrated each other. The two of them looked unbelievably good women after all.


So much that it was enough to turn me on.

I gently pulled the two of them to an embrace.


They understood with just that.

Helene buried her face to my chest and Rica closed her eyes and pouted her lips.


I gave each of them a kiss then made love to them after bringing them to a nearby inn.








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