Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 172

Chapter 172 – Starting from the Negative Side



I casually drew with one lottery ticket. Too bad, but the price was Magic Ball (White).


I watched Eleanor and Hikari’s mother and daughter bonding time.

After a while, Eleanor returned to normal, so I said “we’re leaving”.


「T-That, right now」



「Don’t tell anyone about it, got it?」

「About you regressing to an infant?」


「Don’t call me that! I have never regressed! My tone just got a little bit younger!」


「But, it was very cute Okaa-san」



Although she’s about to say anything to me without holding back, it looks like she’s unable to bluntly refuse her daughter’s innocent smile.

Eleanor looked completely troubled and after looking at me and Hikari back and forth,


「ーーthis is all your fault!」


She released a right straight to my stomach.

Of course, not only it was not painful, seeing her hide her embarrassment was cute.


「Otou-san and Okaa-san’s so lovey dovey」

「For the nth time, please do not bring your family bonding scene here……」


We left the lottery place while I casually made Eleanor calm down.

I returned to Delfina’s room.


Delfina was processing some files in the desk in front of her and stood up after seeing me.


「You took so long」

「My bad, I had some minor business」


「In Kakeru-sama’s case, even a simple minor business might make the world tremble so it is frightening」

「That’s not true at all」


I just played with Eleanor.


「Uhm, you know? Otou-san made Okaa-san super cute!」

「As I’ve thought, it’s something that would make the world tremble. To make the Demon Sword Eleanor seem cute, I cannot imagine what in the world just happened」


Delfina rolled her eyes just a little.

Making Eleanor, the existence whose name is inscribed in history as the symbol of fear, look cute would make the world tremble huh.


Well, but, cute things are cute so it can’t be helped.


「Rather than that, what happened to King Aegina and Selene?」

「I have placed King Aegina in this building. We deployed as many guards as possible and took measures against search magic as well. As long as they cannot see him with their own eyes, no one would find out that he is here」


Delfina’s face turned into a serious oneーーfrom her chatting mode to her working mode.

Although measures can be done against magic, it’s impossible with physical things huh.


「What about Selene?」

「She is noisily shouting around」


Delfina silently shook her head.


「Again, huh」

「Selene Mi Aegina. I have heard that she grew up with everyone spoiling her, but her selfishness is worse than the rumors say」

「……where is she?」


I asked Delfina where Selene was.



I walked alone down the corridor.

Although I said alone, I’m with Eleanor.


At first, I’m always carrying Eleanor so that she won’t do something bad, but recently, I’m thinking that it should be fine now.


『You, aren’t you thinking about something up to no good?』

「I just thought, it might be alright even if I don’t carry you around」


『If you were to let go of me, I’ll only control humans and make the world fall into chaos』

「Although you seem behaved recently?」


『I am only being like that because it looks more fun being with you. If the feast is over, I’ll only go back to find more prey』

「You think it’s fun being with me huh」


『Umu, the best in my lifetime, that is』

「Even if you were made smaller and cuter?」

『Forget about that!!!』


Eleanor screamed. Was it just me? It sounded quite comfortable.


If so, I should carry her around always.

It’s a lot of fun with Eleanor around after all.


……fun things would even happen one next to the other.


『You’re making a face that is up to no good again』

「That’s not true」


『Well, whatever. Leaving that aside, that girl……what are you going to do with Selene?』

「I’ll ask her first」


『I can’t think at all that she’s a “good woman”』

「That might be true. Delfina has the eye for people after all


『You and I……we saw her in person after all』

「……this is just the last test I guess」

『I do not have objections to that』


I continued walking through the corridor, arriving at the room where Selene is essentially confined.

Two of Delfina’s subordinates are guarding the room outside. The two of them saluted as soon as they saw me.


I nodded back to them and entered the room.


Selene was inside.

She is sitting by the window side, looking out with her legs crossed.


She completely looked like a spoiled girl, but the instant she saw me, she made a face full of smiles and ran to me.



「That’s an alias, my real name is Kakeru」


「U〜un, you are Shou. It is Shou for me」

「I see」


Well, that doesn’t matter.

Rather than thatーーI looked around the room.


Is it because she just finished running amok, the furniture other than the chair she was sitting in was scattered, destroyed or fallen.

The painting displayed on the walls were torn apart too.


「You went on a rampage huh」

「It’s all their fault. I’m Aegina’s First Princess, Selene Mi Aegina you know? There’s no reason for me to be looked down by a 1-Kre slave」


「Do you understand the situation?」

「I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a princess, and she’s a slave. That’s all that there is」


As usual, she’s selfish as she can get and would say all that she wants.

I understand the logic. I can understand that it’s a logic that is unique to those girls raised spoiled. And the more I understood itーー.


『What about the test?』

「Too bad」


While letting out a sigh, I turned around and walked towards the door.


「Ah! Shou, wait. Where are you going?」

「……I remembered something I had to do」


I didn’t want to get involved with her more than this, so carelessly told her, and left the room.

After I left the room, the two guards saluted again.


「Watch her carefully. Don’t let her leave no matter what happens」



Probably knowing my relationship with Delfina, the two of them replied as if to obey their master.


With Eleanor, I went back to the corridor I passed through earlier.


『She’s a genuine spoiled girl huh』

「Well, those kinds of girls should exist too」


『You’re wrong』



『She is the one who is normal as a member of a royal family. It’s your surroundings that is abnormal』

「Is that so?」

『That is so』


I nodded to Eleanor’s words.

Well! People are strongly influenced by the environment that they grew up with.

If she can be spoiled by her surroundings, then it can’t be helped that she would grow up spoiled.


『And then? What are you going to do with Aegina? If this continues, the turmoil would only be prolonged』

「There’s no way. This case would be finished when I returned the king and the princess instead. The Three Lords Regency existed in the past right?」


『Umu. That girl was opposing it, but if there isn’t a powerful leader, it should be better if there are relatively excellent people making a conference』

「If so, it’s the end of it, after sending them back」


Eleanor did not say anything, and I only felt her emotion of agreement.

It’s too bad about Aegina’s princess, but I found out more things about Delfina this time, so I should be satisfied with that.



『What is it? Suddenly stopping』


「……I can hear it」



I can hear it.

Eleanor couldn’t, but I heard it.



Nothing changed no matter how much she made a fuss.

The room only became messier, no one came to stop her, and she was not allowed to leave as well.


Selene became too tired of making a fuss and fell down to the ground.

She even destroyed the last furniture, the chair, and stared at that while hugging her knees.


Selene knows what expression that man made. That face that he made the instant he left the room, she knows about it very well.


Those eyes were ones that people who have felt aversion and abandoned her usually makes.

Selene knows about that very well, but all of the people who have been involved with her up until now would either show angry eyes or eyes of disgust.


「I’m used to that, too……it’s nothing much……it’s nothing much at all……」


She hugged her knees, buried her face, and murmured.  

The face hidden under her arms and knees was a lonesome face that she had never shown to anyone.


「I’ll never give up……I’ll make the kingdom that Father improved better. Now that Elder Brother has disappeared, I’m the only one who can do that. For the sake of doing that……I’ll do anything, for sure」


Did she regain her spirit while murmuring? Selene stood up and declared.


「I’ll absolutely get promoted, become Prime Minister Princess, and improve Aegina on behalf of Father!」


But, it looks like that was the last flicker of her candle.

Instantly after she strongly declared, that strong will disappeared, and she weakly fell to the floor.


She’s an idiot, but it was not as if she cannot understand the situation.

Although she doesn’t know the generality of the situation, she understands that it is impossible to overcome the current situation by herself.


However, in other words, she can only understand things as far as her hands can reach, a child whose vision is extremely narrow.


「If I knew this would happen……I should’ve listened more to Father……」


She buried her face in her knees again.

The sounds of sniffing could be heard. She even started to cry.


However, there was no one who would stop that, and there was no one to comfort her.

The people guarding the room followed their orders faithfully and only stood by the door.


Her angry voice, her murmursーーeven her grief.

It would never reach anyone’s earsーーnot “anyone”.


「You went on another rampage huh」



She raised her face. Did he enter without her noticing? There was the Demon Sword Wielder’s appearance there.

No, it’s not only the Demon Sword Wielder. There are also several other women with him.


「S-Shou? Who are they……」

「Helene, Rica, and Aura, also, Althea」



Selene tilted her head.

It cannot be helped that her ignorance of not even knowing the names of the Princesses and Queens of nearby kingdoms would be a target of criticism.


In fact, the three women in the same position as her narrowed their eyebrows.

And Selene who sensed that, although she did not know the reason, she understood that she “did it” once again.


The face of resignation appeared in Selene’s head, so she tried to act strongly as usualーーbut.


Kakeru was different.

He did not show resignation towards her.


「Including that, teach her a lot」


The Queen and Princesses looked at each other and nodded as if to say “it can’t be helped”.

Althea opened her mouth.


「It’s fine to make those of the same position educate her, but am I really needed?」

「Teach her the knowledge that you know」


「I’m just Althea right now you know?」

「You should only show that side in front of me. You should stay as the Great Sage Althea in public」

「Only in front of you……I-I guess it cannot be helped」


Selene was dumbfounded by the exchange of the Demon Sword Wielder, and the surprisingly beautiful women both in mind and body.

She has yet to understand what is happening to her.


The world’s best tutors were prepared for her, with the strongest man as her ally.

That her future is shining brightly and her wish of developing her Father’s kingdom shall be granted.


However, right now, she has yet to understand anything.







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