Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 171

Chapter 171 – The Man Who Corrupts the Demon Sword



「They started to attack at all costs huh」

『Kuku, I could guess how afraid they are of you』

「Even so, I think that they’re too well prepared」

『The Crown Prince Kimon has disappeared, so it’s not strange that many people would have their preparations』

「Well, that’s true」


While nodding, I touched the bed that I was able to protect.

If I warped together with the sleeping Aegina Kingーーit’s complete.




I heard a young man’s voice.

I turned around. A man with a handsome face, wearing knight outfit, came leading his subordinates.


There’s about a hundred of them.


『They’re just this few』

『They strength’s ordinary too. It’s an easy win for Otou-san』


The two Demon Swords said one next to the other.

From how their movements were, they’re at ordinary class at most, so they’re really nothing much.


I tried to warp away ignoring them, but.


「Surround him! The opponent is that Demon Sword Wielder, proceed carefully」


The knight’s subordinates surrounded me including the bed.


『Mufu, I noticed right now, but isn’t this a bit troublesome?』


『It is easy as pie to overcome this situation. However, that guy immediately knew it was you when he came. Meaning, Aegina is aware of your involvement』

「……my mansion, huh」



I see, it would be like that huh.

Even if I take King Aegina away from here, since they have completely understood that I’m involved, who knows what they would do in my mansion in Reiusu.


There’s Nana there and the slave soldiers that she trained. Io’s party would come from time to time too.

When it comes to brainwork, there’s Althea.

Even if I was not around, they should be able to take care of themselves whatever happens.


However, it’s troublesome.

Just like Eleanor had said, it became troublesome.


『It should be better to take care of everything right now』

「……no, we’re keeping that for later」


「I want to ask Selene once more, I want to ask her what she would like to do」

『Are you also going to make that a “good woman”?』


I couldn’t answer.

I’m not sure, but I can feel potential in Selene.

The potential of becoming a woman that I like.


That’s why, I’m still planning to let her end everything with her own hands.

I want to let her finish it, without me taking care of everything.


『I do not mind accompanying you in your hobby, but how will you get out of this situation?』

「I have an idea. Eleanor, Hikari. Lend me a hand」


『Hikari, what does she need to do?』


I made a stance with the two Demon Swords.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and concentrated my strength to my core.


「Have you given up? It’s too late!」


It looks like he’s saying something, but I ignored it.


I strongly sensed the existence of the mother and daughterーーI extracted power from them.





I opened my eyes. The aura was coming out of my body.

It did not come out with momentum, but slowly, it spread out as if it corrupted space.


「W-What in the world」

「Do not falter! That nothing but a bluff!」

「But Gogophus-sama, that isーーuwaaaa!!」




The subordinates of the knight who were swallowed by the aura raised shrill screams and shrieks.




I scattered the fear that I extracted from the mother and daughter Demon Swords.


The fear from the young and innocent Hikari was pure horror. A fear that could be described as if a sharp blade splitting them into halves.

The fear from Eleanor who was a Demon Sword for eternity was terror like the tortuous chaos. A fear that could be described as if they were hit by a heavy hammer suffering wounds that would forever not heal.


I extracted two kinds of fear and scattered them.

The aura instantly enveloped the royal palaceーーthe “Winter Palace”, but it’s not enough.


「More, much, much, more」


『I’ll do my best!』


I gathered more strength. I gripped the Demon Swords and extracted powers from them.

The aura spread out, it continued to spread widely.


The aura that had spread gradually covered the castle town and soonーーthe whole royal capital.


The fearーーit mercilessly enclosed Aegina’s capital, Rethim.



I warped together with the bed, bringing it to Delfina Merchant Company in Malonei.


Delfina who was waiting saw that and rolled her eyes.


「This time it’s His Majesty the King huh」

「If it’s you, you would’ve expected it right?」

「Yes, that is true」

「For the meantime, I want to ask you to hide him. Secretly, that is」

「Of course. If anyone finds out that I was involved in kidnapping His Majesty the King, I would literally be terminated」


While rolling her eyes, Delfina jokingly said, then called her so-called trusted subordinates, and took away the king who continued sleeping even after all that happened.


Well then, the matter is temporarily resolved with this.

Next is Selene, I guess.


『Really, you’re really shuprishing me』



The voice that echoed inside my head was different from usual.

The tone and the words were that of Eleanor’s, but.


『What’sh the matter?』

「What kind of joke is that?」

『I cansh undershtand what your shaying』



I’m the one who can’t understand.

Why the heck are you suddenly lisping?

What happened?


『Okaa-san, she looks somewhat cute』


『Un, it’s like she became a little girl』

「Little girl……?」


“Don’t tell me”, I thought, invoked while walking, and moved to the lottery place.


The strange place the lottery place. Only in this place can Eleanor return to her human form.

And what I saw there was……a little girl that seems to be Eleanor.


She originally has an appearance similar to that of a young girl.

But she became even younger!


「Waa〜, Okaa-san looks cute〜」





Hikari hugged Eleanor.

Eleanor usually looks a little bigger, so although they look alike, they would look like big sister and little sister. However, right now, their positions were completely reversed.


A first grader, the big sister Hikari, and a three-year-old, the little sister Eleanor.


It looks like that with a glance.

What in the world just happened?


「Dear Customer, although I’ve repeated this many times, please do not bring such strange bonding scenes here」


The staff of the lottery place talked to me while rolling her eyes as usual. Her eyes being endlessly kind towards Hikari was as usual as well.


「My bad」

「Also, how absurd this is. To corrupt a Demon Sword while being human」

「Corrupt a Demon Sword?」

「Dear Customer’s strength has exceeded the Demon Sword’s, so, that power has corrupted the Demon Sword’s spirit. That’s why even her appearance here has changed. Dear Customer, you have completely exceeded the Demon Sword huh」

「Is that so? No, but Hikari hasn’t changed though?」

「You probably held back because she’s your daughter. After all, playing with kids would make a person hold back naturally」

「Ahh, I see」


She’s right. I would hold use discretion when playing with kids.

And normallyーーI would use Eleanor with all of my strength just like I declared, but I might be unconsciously holding back with Hikari.

I see, that’s why only Eleanor changed huh.


「Well, if it’s a Demon Sword in Eleanor’s class, I believe that she would return to normal soon. Rather than that, Dear Customer, this is a lottery place you know?」


Just looking is unwelcomed, huh.

I took out one lottery ticket and gave it to her.


「Then, just this one」

「You really only came to have your family bonding huh……well, it’s fine though」


Although she’s rolling her eyes, the staff looked pleased seeing Chibi Eleanor and Hikari playing.








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