Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 169

Chapter 169 – Declaration of War



After looking dumbfounded for an instant, Selene shouted towards Abraham.


「That’s right, he’s a rebel. He’s, no, they’re a rebel. Hurry up and catch them!」

「Too bad but, that is impossible. They now have the political legitimacy」

「I don’t understand that! I’m a princess, I’m the First Princess you know?!」

「The instant the Three Lords Regency is activated, they are in a higher position」

「There’s no way that’s true!」


Selene continued to shout.

Just like a child, she one-sidedly shouted towards Abraham.

And that Abraham was dodging them skilfully.

Silently, objecting them once by one.


「That is……it seems to be impossible for her」


The Helene in my arms said.

It’s true, it really looks useless no matter how you look at it. It only looks like an adult educating and making a child quiet.

And Selene, she is only ranting on one point, “because she’s a princess”.

There’s no way that it would change for the better with that.

I guess it can’t be helped. I should help her.


The 「your name was Abraham right? Tell me something」


「What’s the condition to end the Three Lords Regency?」



Abraham did not answer. He only glared at me.

His eyes clearly tell that he’s vigilant of me.


「What does that mean?」


Selene asked.


「The Three Lords Regency is nothing but a regency. A regency means that they would exercise rule on behalf of the monarch.  It’s not like they would get the Kingdom itself. It means that it has an endーーthey would be returning the authority they were given」

「Is that so?」

「There’s a clear proof. After all, although there was a Three Lords Regency in the past, the Royal House still remains in the current kingdom」

「I see! How about that, Abraham!」


Selene questioned him once again.



「Answer me!」


Selene walked towards him with heavy stepsーーsurprisingly, he kicked Abraham.

Abraham got kicked without resisting. He answered with a distorted expression.


「It would be when the King is able to administer the government」

「That’s impossible!」

「……that, or when a new King is born, huh?」




Abraham glared at me furthermore.

His eyes are saying “this bastard, he said unnecessary things”.

Yosh, it’s decided what we should do.


「Enough of that, just gather soldiers. It’s the end if we catch those three right?」


Selene brought up the same thing once again.

Really, this girl……




I met eyes with Abraham. For some reason, he looked at me with eyes of pity. What was that?

『Kuku, his eyes were saying, “you’ve gotten on the side of a troublesome girl”』

……I see.

I got a little annoyed, but I can’t say anything back.

And that Abraham told Selene.


「It is not as simple as that. Also, it is impossible in the first place」


「I tried it once. Although the Three Lords Regency has the legitimacy, it cannot be said that the position of the First Princess does not have something similar. That is why, I tried to gather soldiers for once」


Well, that’s true. Just because there’s a system like that, there’s no way that it would enable them to completely ignore the princess.



「There was no more than ten men who have gathered」



It became like that huh.

No, I could somewhat understand. I didn’t understand it at first, but seeing the series of events that happened in this room, I somehow felt that it was like that.

It means that there are only a few people who would carry an idiot lord, no, an idiot princess on their shoulders.


「Ten……there’s not even ten……?」


「W-What about the five thousand? What about those five thousand soldiers?」

「I called out to them」

「No way……」


Selene received a shock.

The five thousand soldiers that obeyed her just a while ago decreased to ten when her position changed just a little.

If you count that as her approval rating, it’s 0.2%. Even Selene received a shock.


「No way……」


She fell to the ground with stupor.



In Delfina Merchant Company in Malonei.

I cut off the additional soldiers that Abraham called, and took Selene with me when I warped directly to Delfina’s room.


「……Kakeru-sama, what is that appearance?」


Seeing me appear, Delfina did not look that surprised.


「It’s impressive how you could tell it’s me. I’ve even changed my appearance completely」

「There is only Kakeru-sama in this world who would appear like that」

「Well, that’s true」


I said, and released the Demon Sword’s camouflage.

「Ara, Her Highness Helene as well. And that person there is……Her Highness Selene?」


What came out after I took off the camouflage was two princesses. Delfina looked doubtful seeing Selene.


「What happened? She seems like she was shocked about something」

「Helene, I’ll leave explaining it to you」

「Yes. What about Kakeru-sama?

「I’ll go get what she need……things that she’ll need after this」

「You will continue on supporting her?」

「Depends on what happens next」

「Understood. Please leave this place to me」

「I’m counting on you. I’ll ask Delfina as well」

「I do not mind it at all. As long as I receive equal rewards」

「I see」


I embraced Delfina and kissed her.


「It’s payment in advance. Was it enough?」

「That is fine」

「Helene, I’m counting on you」



Helene nodded. I left the three women there and warped once again.

In the Aegina Kingdom, in the capital of Rethim.

I returned to Selene’s room.

Abraham was still there.


「You areーーI see, you were involved huh. ーーDemon Sword Wielder」


Seeing my transformed appearance, Abraham immediately understood the situation.

This guy, he’s quite capable.


「That’s how it is」

「Why did you return here?」

「I just wanted someone to guide me」

「Guide you?」

「To the place where the King is」


Abraham stiffened his expression.



「Don’t mess with me. Who is the one the Three Lords Regency behalf of? Of course it’s the King who’s now unable to do anything. That’s why, before starting anything, the King is needed right?」

「Are you planning on taking the King away?!」

「It’s fine killing him too」



Abraham looked stunned.

His face says that he did not think of that.

And, that face tells me instead that my idea is correct.

Because the King can’t control the state, the three Lord Dukes abides the old custom and took regency.

Oppositely, if a King who can take rule was born, they’re no longer needed.


「If the King dies, who will be the next King? Don’t tell me it’s the Three Lords?」


「As I’ve thought, huh」

「Her Highness Selene……if that woman becomes king, the kingdom shall perish! You understand that seeing what happened earlier right!」



I guess that’s true.

Hearing Abraham’s words, I hesitated.

The reason why I got involved with Aegina’s confusion was to let Selene get “promoted”.

However, hearing her words and seeing her actions, I don’t know anymore if I should do that.

『Compared to your “good women”, she’s incomparably foolish after all』

Eleanor said with emotion.

If the Selene right now becomes the Queen……this kingdom will probably fall.

I agree with Abraham at that point.



「I’ll take the king with me」

「You should understandーーyou’ll take him with you?」

「That’s right. It wasn’t needed earlier, but hearing what you said, I found different way of treating the king」


「That’s why, I’ll take the king under my protection. I’ll just decide later what I should do」

「Do you think you can do that? Where do you think are you? This is Aegina’s capital Rethim where over ten thousand soldiers are stationed! The Winter Palace where the king is located is heavily guarded」

「Do you think I can’t?」


I drew out the Demon Swords.

Eleanor and Hikari, I drew out the mother and daughter Demon Swords and made a stance.


「I’m the Demon Sword WielderーーYuuki Kakeru」







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