Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 167

Chapter 167 – Three Lords Regency



The battle has ended and the Aegina army started to withdraw from the fortress.

Selene is not walking not riding a horse, but is riding in a huge carriage.

It as wide as an eight tatami room ( 3.64 m × 3.64 m ), has a roof, and feels like a simple living room.

It has huge wheels on both of its sides, and is pulled buy 13 decorated horses.

When I saw it for the first time, I thought, “carriage? palanquin? camping car?”.

It’s a carriage with that kind of image.

By the way, it looks like 13 horses are the sign of a royalty.


「There is a regime even for carriages in Aegina. Resembling to the Xiphos, the King has 17 horses, the Queen and the Crown Prince has 15 horses, and the other members of the royal family has 13 horsesーーjust like that, the number of horses they must use is decided」


When I was tilting my head about the 13 horses, Helene who’s still in my arms explained to me.

Selene is sitting across to me, but of course, she couldn’t hear it.

Right now, Helene is camouflaged by the Demon Sword, and no one can see her other than me.

However, that sounds interesting. Aegina has that kind of regime huh.

And when I was thinking of that, Selene talked to me.


「You, what’s your name?」

「It’s Shou」



Selene whispered the alias I used and smiled.

Her eyes were shining brightly and are looking at me and my left hand back and forth.

Her eyes were like that of a heroine found in a shoujo manga.

Honestly, it’s an unexpected reaction.


「Ne〜, ne〜, is Shou still embracing the goddess of victory?」


It’s Helene who’s there though.


「Yeah, she’s here. I’m invincible as long as she’s in my arms」




Their reactions were the opposite.

Selene had an excited smiling face.

Helene looked very red, and looked down shyly.


「Ahh, I want to see Shou fight right away〜」

「Do you want to see it that much?」

「Un! After all, Shou’s appearance when fighting is more beautiful than anything that I have ever seen! More than that of any painting, more than that of any dancer, more than that of any scenery and scenic spot」


Selene got enthused. Her eyes started to get filled with heat as well.


「Shou’s appearance when fighting is the most beautiful!」


I didn’t think of that.

I completely didn’t think that my appearance when fighting looked beautiful.

Of course, this is also the first time someone told me that. No one has ever said that to me.

Selene, it looks like she’s a holder of a rare sense of beauty.

「That’s why, just wait okay. I’ve already sent a messenger to Abraham. He’ll prepare the next battlefield immediately」


「My servant」

「……Abraham Papadopoulos. Aegina Kingdom Marquis. His title is the Royal Tutor」


Helene said.

“Royal Tutor?”, I asked her with a glance.


「It is the title bestowed to the person who is the tutor of prince and princesses, especially those who would raise their personality. Rather than those academic achievements, it is usually given to a person of character」


Something like that exists huh.

“However”, I looked at Selene.

Her personality became like this although she has an expert to educate her?

That doesn’t mean like it has a lot of meaning.


「I know! Shou, what do you wish for? I’ll do anything for you and buy anything, just tell me」

『Kukuku, she seems like a girl who doesn’t know the world, supporting a bad man』

I flicked Eleanor with a finger.

A beautiful sound was made, but of course, Selene did not hear it.

She is making shining eyes as usual and is staring at me.


「Un, anything」

「I don’t need anything special. It’s fine as long as there’s a battlefield」

「Are you alright with just that?」



I nodded.


「I came here, to make you Prime Minister Princess. The more the battlefields to fight in, the better it is」

「Shou……thank you!」


Selene looked touched with moist eyes.

How can I say this, she’s too easy.

No, I think she’s in a different level from being too easy.

How can I say this, un, she’s strange.

She’s quite strange, I thought.



In the Aegina Kingdom, in the capital of Rethim.

Selene’s carriage, having a “triumphal return”, passed through the castle town, and entered the royal palace at once.


「He〜, what a beautiful palace. It’s like hanging gardens of Babylon」

「This is the famous “Summer Palace”」

「Summer Palace? What is that?」


I asked back to Helene who seemed very moved.


「There are two palaces in Rethim. One is called the Winter Palace, and the other is here, which is called the Summer Palace. It is said that it was originally made by a King to make his Queen impressed, so it is far grander and beautiful than the original palace which is the Winter Palace」



I looked around the palace.

This might be the most splendid and beautiful structure that I’ve ever seen.

I felt like wanting to walk around here and there like a tourist.


「You have returned, Your Highness」


One man appeared from the palace.

He made a respectful bow towards Selene who had just got out of the carriage.


「Abraham, did you find a battlefield?」


I see, this guy’s that Abraham huh.

Even so……that face.

『Did something happen?』

It looks like Eleanor noticed as well.

Abraham’s face, it looked like he’s driven to a corner.


「It is not the time for that」

「What, what do you mean it’s not the time for that」


Selene made a face that looked clearly dissatisfied.

The face she made earlier was unexpected, but this one’s a face that was within expectations.

It’s a face like a sulking child because things won’t go their way.


「Duke Melina has come to visit」

「Haa? What the heck did that gramps come for」

「It’s the Three Lord Regency」


「Because there is government instability, they asked to restore the ancient system “Three Lord Regency”」

「Haa? What is that? Make him go back. I’m going to be the Prime Minister Princess soon. Tell them grandpas aren’t needed」

「The kingdom will fall if we played along with a little girl’s game」


An old man appeared from the palace.

Loose robe, white beard.

With an appearance of a sage or a god with a single glance, that old man came out while glaring at Selene.







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