Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 166

Chapter 166 – Kakeru Dancing in the Battlefield



I exchanged blows with Nana.

Sure-kill slashes with combined speed, strength, and sill. The space that the edge passed through was coldly distorted.

I exchanged blows with her head on using Eleanor.

The instant we clashed, Nana narrowed her eyebrows.


「This feeling……Eleanor?」


She whispered.

She said silently only for me to hearーーno, it probably wasn’t for me to hear as well.

It’s just, her doubt was so strong that she put it on words.

After all, right now, even Nana can’t see Eleanor, Hikari, and Helene.

From her point of view, she blocked something invisible that I’m holding.

And, she guessed that it felt like Eleanor.

It’s impressive that she could tell that.

『She is the human who had clashed with me the most after all. The most in history』

『Is she the most?』

Hikari said.

『After all, most of my opponents would usually be sent to the underworld after one or two fights』

Without bragging about it, Eleanor said it as if it was normal.

Come to think of it, that’s right.

Even after I started to use Eleanor, it was pretty much like that.

Most of the enemies would be easily taken down. It is also rare for me to take more than two slashes to defeat the enemy.

Nanaーーshe’s on a different level.

And that Nana quickly jumped back.

She stole a glance at my other hand.

Her eyes were asking whether I’m holding Hikari or not.

I did not draw Hikari. I’m embracing Helene with that hand.

Well, there’s no need to say that.

Nana should be able to guess it herself.

『……how envious』

『Is it envious?』

What does she mean by envious?

I tilted my head about what Eleanor whispered, but Nana continued her attack.

Slashes, slashes on top of slashes, she continuously attacked without pausing.

And while we were exchanging blows, numerous arrows and magic came flying towards me from behind.

It’s the covering fire of the slave troops.




I pushed Nana back and swept the arrows and magic using Eleanor.

Nana once again closed the distance between us, continued her nonstop attack.

And the arrows and magic once againーー.

I was slowly pushed back.

It’s a little difficult fighting against Nana and the slave troops with Helene in my left arm.

And that Helene is making a face without worry.

She leaned her body towards me with a confident face.


「Eleanor and……Her Highness Helen huh」


Nana jumped back. I heard her murmur.

It looks like she understood that far.


「All of you, aim to his left」


The arrows and magic focused fire towards my left with Nana’s command.

『Kuku, she has no mercy』

『Nana-oneesan, amazing』

The mother and daughter Demon Swords got impressed. They expressed my feelings.

Nana, she’s amazing. To think that she would mercilessly attack my weak point on top of figuring it out.

That’s great, that’s how she should be.


「That’s how you should be」


Fighting against Nana was so fun.

It was so fun that I almost forgot my goal.



I defeated Nana and pushed her and the slave troops into the fortress.

The Aegina army slowly marched towards them from behind. And the time for talking, there’s probably about one minute for it.

First, I praised Nana.


「Good job. You raised your skills again」

「Much obliged」

「What should we do after this?」


I asked Helene this time.

She’s still enveloped by my aura so no one can see her, but Nana had already sensed that, and the slave troops have also guessed pretty much.


「Originally, we would have needed to capture her for once, but that is not needed anymore due to Kakeru-sama’s new power」


「Where are the corpses of the bandits?」

「Where’re the bandit’s corpses?」


Although Nana sensed her, she still can’t hear Helene speak so I told her instead.


「We have gathered them over there」

「What will we do with that?」


This is Helene’s idea.


「If they could be disguised as everyone with Kakeru-sama’s new power……」

「Ahh, we’ll give them a fake corpse huh」



Helene nodded.

That’s true. They’re the real bandits, the Red Beak Gang, but the ones the Aegina fought today is my slave troops.

At least, they should look like it temporarily.


「Nana, gather everyone」

「Ha! All of you, assemble」


The slave troops gathered with that command. I confirmed that all of them were there, then took them back to my mansion in Reiusu using the Warp Feather.


「Good job. You can spend your time now just as usual」



I said thanks and kissed her.

And then, I warped back to the fortress.


「She said that it’s over there right?」



I went towards the direction Nana pointed to.

The corpses of the bandits were piled up there.

Using Eleanor and Hikari’s powers, I covered them with an enormous amount of aura.

The appearance of the bandit corpses changed.


「Go and take a look」


I said and let go Helene for once.

After leaving Eleanor’s aura, her eyes turned to normal.


「There is no problem. They really look like everyone」

「I see」


I pulled Helene to me once again.

I’m finished disguising them. With this, I have earned military exploits.

The charade was finished as scheduled.

And following that, the Aegina army rushed in.

The one in front wasーーPrincess Selene.

She came riding a horse, got off, and ran towards me.


「You! You must become my subordinate!」



I almost nodded, but tilted my head.

It’s a little weird.

I don’t know where, but it’s a little weird.

What’s wrong?

『Is it because the incompetent looks very eager?』

Ahh, I see.

Un, that’s right.

The plan was to make a charade and get into her side by selling her favor.

It’s good that we reached that goal, but I felt something wrong when she strongly told me “become my subordinate”.





The general that followed behind her answered.


「Where’s the next battlefield?」


「Where’s the next battlefield? Where are we going to fight next?」

「Please forgive me, I am unable to understand what Her Highness is speaking about」

「You’re slow on the uptake you fool! I’m asking where’s the next battlefield where he could fight beautifully just like earlier!」


Selene suddenly cursed her subordinate.

That means.


「It looks like she liked you more than expected. As expected of Kakeru-sama」


That seems, to be the case.









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