Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 163

Chapter 163 – The Lovely Helen



After returning to the mansion, I searched for Miu first.

I listened carefully and caught her sound.


「This way huh」


I went towards the only place where movement sounds exist in the mansion.

It was the drawing room that I arrived to. There wasn’t Miu inside, but instead, Hikari and Helene were there.

Hikari is on top of Helene’s knee, and the two of them looks like they’re having a fun conversation.


「Ah! It’s Otou-san」

「Excuse me for disturbing, Kakeru-sama」

「You came huh」

「Yes. I just had something to do in Reiusu, so I came to visit」

「I see……is Miu not around?」


I asked Helene while sharpening my hearing.

There are no other sounds of movement inside the mansion.


「Miu-oneechan came out to go shopping〜」

「I see. I just wanted to ask whether Io came」

「If it’s Io-san, she said that she cannot come for a few days」



“What do you mean?”, I asked Helene with a look.


「I have asked her to go to a certain place as a quest」

「Helene’s quest?」

「Yes. A person who is skilled and could be trusted was needed」

「I see. That’s why you came to Reiusu and asked Io huh」


Helene nodded silently.


「But, I see. Helene beat me to it huh. It’s a quest that would take days right?」

「Yes. Does Kakeru-sama wants to ask Io-san as well?」

「I just wanted to act as an adventurer and infiltrate some place. I thought that having the real thing with me would make me look like one」

「Shall I call Io-san back?」

「No, it’s fine」


Helene went out on her way to give her the quest.

A quest personally asked by Mercouri’s princess. If she was able to complete that, she should gain prestige as an adventurer.

Rather than calling her back, it’s better if she focuses on that.


「I’d be able to do something in my case」

「Are you going to infiltrate?」



I thought for a second, then decided to tell Helene in detail.

I told her about the princess in Aegina doing something weird and how I thought that it was interesting.


「That’s why, I just thought I should help her on her ascendance」

「It is a very Kakeru-sama-way of thinking」

「Is that so?」



Helene nodded and gently smiled.

A beautiful, elegant smile that is almost unchanged from when I came to this world.

What a good woman. She’s a good woman from the start……and felt like a completed, good woman.

And I started to want such a good woman feel a little troubled.


「Wanna come with me?」


「Let’s go and help the Aegina princess in her ascendance together」


Stunned, Helene looked as if her eyes would pop out.

I was planning to bring Io with me in the first place. Io’s not from Aegina, but she’s an adventurer.

There would be nothing strange at all if she got involved with something like this.

But Helene is different. She is Mercouri’s princess, and she’s one of the pillars in the military called “Teresia’s Twin Flowers”.

And it would originally be absurd for her to interfere with Aegina’s internal affairs.

As a proof of that, Helene had a face that tells she did not expect that at all.

That face had a charm on it, and Helene looked a couple more lovelier than her usual self.

Just seeing that expression, made me feel it was worth it messing with her.

And on top of that.


「Please let me accompany you」


Helene nodded with an excited and mischievous expression just like a child.

Seeing her innocent face for the first time, I thought that it was really worth it mentioning it to her.









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