Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 161

Chapter 161 – Bragging



There are two drawing rooms in the mansion.

Miu is changing the room where she would lead them depending on the visitor.

The criteria for that is quite clear.

It is whether Miu is cautious or not.

Furthermore, whether it is my enemy or not. She changes the place she would lead them to depending on that.

And, she would be usually correct. Does she have something she bases it on, or is it the six sense unique to the beast-kin? (I don’t know whether it exists though……I feel that it does) Anyways, she would often be correct with near a hundred percent chance.

This timeーーit’s with caution.


When I entered the drawing room for caution, a man protected by two guards is standing.

He had his hands together behind him looking out the window, but he slowly turned towards me when I entered the room.

His face is smiling, but his eyes are that that completely looks down on me.


「You are Lord Baron Yuuki」


「I have come in the imperial command of the King of Aegina Kingdom, His Majesty Ion Heracles Aegina. Listen carefully」


It’s a name I heard before. It’s the name I heard when the envoy from five kingdoms including Helene came.

The King, in short, Kimon’s father huh.

After the man said that, he reached out with his palm to the side.

One guard took out a scroll and placed it there. His movements were very careful, as if he was handling a fragile item.

The man opened the scroll and read its contents with a weird intonation.

Its contents were……I don’t know.

The words used were all difficult and tricky, and I can’t tell what’s it all about.

He’s saying heaven and earth this and that, eternally something and that and this.


『It’s the fixed phrases made for times like these』


Something like the greetings in seasonal letters? If so, then I really don’t need to listen to it.

That……continued for more than a minute.


「Kakeru Yuuki will be bestowed the title of the Viscount. Accept it gladly」


The reason he came for was so simple, I got surprised instead.



「What, are you dissatisfied?」



That’s not true at all, seriously.

After all, that really doesn’t matter. I don’t care at all becoming a Viscount from a Baron.

The reason why I reacted was because all that he wanted to say was that after that very long intro.

Well, there’s no use saying that though.


「I’ll thankfully receive it」


The man’s eyebrows twitched profusely. His face is smiling but his eyes aren’t.

He probably reacted to some of my reaction and felt angry inside.

Well, that doesn’t matter too.

The man continued with a stiff face.


「One more thing. These are the words of the First Princess of Aegina Kingdom, Her Highness the “Stable Leader”, Selene Mi Aegina」



Is that a bird or something?


「『I want to see your face. Come here right away』. Her Highness ordered to pass the message in original text」



What the heck is that?


「What are you doing? It is Her Highness’s command. Immediately prepare to set off」

「Eh? Right now?」


I didn’t think it was really “right away”, so I was a little surprised.



I don’t care about that Viscount or something, but I’m interested in Aegina’s princess.

So, to go and meet her, I first warped to Malonei which is nominally Aegina’s territory.

In Delfina Merchant Company, in Delfina’s room.

I warped there, but Delfina was not around.

I got out of the room and came to out to the corridor.




A scream was raised, I bumped into someone.


「You are……」


It’s Deflina’s subordinate, the beautiful woman with glasses. Her name……what was it again?

I can’t remember.


「Delfina-sama is currently in the middle of something」


「An emissary came from Aegina. She is currently accompanying them」

「He〜? Aegina. I wonder if it’s about Kimon」

「I was not told that far」

「I see」


The glasses woman gestured and left.

Aegina’s emissary huh.

I want to know what they’re talking about.

I heightened my hearing, and picked up Delfina’s voice that is inside the building.

I found it. While I’m at it, I also picked up the voice she’s talking to……found it.

While concentrating to only hear their voices, I leaned my back against the wall in the corridor.


【These are the words of the First Princess of Aegina Kingdom, Her Highness the “Martial Warrant Officer”, Selene Mi Aegina】



Wasn’t she “Kyuubanchou” earlier?




「What is it? Eleanor」

『No, I just thought it was strange』


「What is?」

『If my memories are correct, Aegina’s government official system starts from the 17th rank. The Stable Leader is ranked 17th, and Martial Warrant Officer is ranked 16th. Both of them are names of lower-level officials. And it is impossible for a princess to have them』


「The way it was named is the same with the “Prime Minister Prince” huh」

『I can understand that one. Although the title is different, it is not rare for a member of the royal family to become the prime minister』


「……I see. It’s like a president of a company being appointed as chief executive officer huh」

『I don’t know about that example……but there is probably no doubt』


I see, that is really strange.


「It was Stable Leader ranked 17th in my case, and now it’s Martial Warrant Officer ranked 16th huh. She got promoted」

『A kingdom’s princess playing play-promotion? Impossible』


Eleanor scoffed. That’s true. It’s impossible.

It’s no use worrying about the impossible. I concentrated once again and picked up Delfina’s conversation.


【Yuuki-sama’s information?】

【Umu. Her Highness orders to tell everything unreservedly】

【We know that you are deeply related with Viscount Yuuki】

【Yuuki-sama brings us much profit】

【We do not need your obscurity. Her Highness has said that no matter what relationship you have with the Viscount, it would be overlooked at this moment. That is, as long as you give us his information】

【Please excuse my rudeness, but we are merchants. Extracting information from merchants without compensation is out of the question】

【What do you want?】

【The secret agreement with His Highness Kimon. Please leave it as it is】

【This town’s leasehold huh. It is granted】

【You answered immediately huh】

【You have expected how it would be right? This fox】

【Please call me money monger】


It looks like Delfina is a hand better in sarcasm.

However, my information huh.

Telling me to go and meet her, extracting information from Delfina.

It looks like I’m being quite conscious of, maybe I should take caution.


『She might have just fallen for you though?』


I ignored those words.


【Well then, let me hear it】

【Let me see. Described in a word, he is the greatest man】


【Unprecedented and unparalleled, the first and probably the last. The strongest and the most magnificent man in the world. The man closest to God in the history of men, perfect and faultless】




What is this, what is it called again, mumumu.


『She’s quite fallen for you huh』




It was very difficult to ignore the words this time.









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