Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 155

Chapter 155 – Trap



In the town of Reiusu.

In the annex of the Five Titled Noble’s residence, in a room of the slave troops.

That room that was originally for the slave soldiers were quickly transformed into a place to confine two men who were suddenly brought in.

One is Aegina’s Crown Prince, Prime Minister Prince, Kimon Mo Aegina. He is only but second to the Aegina Kingdom’s King in authority, and nominally the person on the top.

The other one has a unique appearance, having blue skin and growing horns from his head. An existence that was clearly not human.

His name is Damos. The one who is lending Kimon a hand and gave him his powers.

The two are being confined, with slave soldiers tightly monitoring them.


「Let me out! Let me out of here. Who do you think I am! I am the Crown Prince of Aegina, the Prime Minister Prince Kimon Mo Aegina!!」


Kimon did not have consciousness when he was brought here, but he quickly started shouting as soon as he woke up.

Although his voice was loud, that was all. He is unable to do anything with his four limbs connected to sturdy chains.

Even so, he continued to make noise. It was almost a day since they were brought here. Kimon’s voice started to become hoarse from continuous shouting, but he would still not stop.


「Come on, cut it out already」


Damos said with an annoyed voice.

That inhuman thing is also tied up in chains, but he was relatively calm.


「Why are you carefree for! This happened to us because you didn’t do something about that Demon Sword Wielder!」

「Who cares, damn it. I didn’t want to help you in the first place. Fuck! The higher-ups were completely right. I shouldn’t have get involved with the Demon Sword Wielder」

「What are you grumbling about. Hurry up and do something about this!」

「Give me a break. Just scream all you want」


Damos who’s in chains suddenly lied to his side.

It just shows how he does not want to get anything from Kimon who is uselessly shouting.


「Let me out! Let me out of here! Call Lord Yuuki! Have you forgotten my kindness giving you a noble title!!」


Kimon yelled further.

But, was he finally tired of shouting? He placed his back on the wall, and fell asleep.

The sun that rose up high finally set, and night came.

Suddenly, the atmosphere changed.

The slave soldiers outside the door suddenly fainted.


「Finally huh」


Grinning, Damos raised the corner of his lips.

That thing that humans call “miasma”, for him, it was nothing but fresh air.

At the same time, it shows that someone of his kind has come.

It was someone dressed in black who appeared from nowhere. He is clad in black from the top of his head to the tip of his toes.


「You’re late!」

「Keep quiet, he’ll notice」

「What the fuckーー」

「I heard that the Demon Sword Wielder has sharp ears. Go on and shout if you want to die」


“Demon Sword Wielder”, Damos shut his mouth hearing those words.

Right now, that word, that existence, it was too immense for him. It exceeded a target of caution, reaching the symbol of fear.


「I-If so, hurry up and get me out of here」



The man in black clothes reached out his hands and touched Damos.


「What the heck is this?」

「I gave you power. You should’ve gained power that would allow you to escape from here with just a single person’s sacrifice」

「A single person?」


The man in black clothes glanced at Kimon. Damos saw that and grinned.


「Kekeke, that’s what you meant huh. Well! He needs to keep his mouth shut anyways」


With a face that seemed to understand everything, Damos approached Kimon.

Although they are tied up in chains, their distance is still that where they could barely touch each other.

Damos touched Kimon.

Quickly as the eye can see, Kimon’s skin started to mummify.




It was already late when Kimon noticed something was wrong. His life force was sucked out at overwhelming speed. He turned into something like a mummy, and died.




With a shout, Damos tore the chains that bound him apart.

Is it because he absorbed life force? His whole body became bulk and muscular.


「Hehehe, it’s this easy. Yosh, let’s get out of here now. You made those guys outside sleep right?」


「Oi, what happened to you?」

「The message. They told, do not get involved with the Demon Sword Wielder」

「No, that’sーー」

「Don’t worry, I’m not here to punish you」

「It’s not my faultーーeh? You’re not here to erase me?」


「Ha, haha. Don’t scare me alright, there’s no waguheaeha!!」


In an instant, Damos’ body creaked in an indescribable way, and his head just popped.

He died just leaving behind his muscular body.


「He absorbed Kimon’s life to try and escape, but he absorbed too much that his body was unable to endure the burden」


The man in black clothes muttered, without intent to let anyone hear.


「Too bad, I was a little bit late to save him」


He continued.

After that, he started to melt into darkness once again. Just like the time when he appeared, he disappeared.

ーーor he should’ve.


「What?! Why, why can’t I return」


The man in black clothes has covered his face as well, but he was clearly showing panic.

In a hurry, he tried to do the same thing. He tried to leave from this place, melting into darkness, but it wouldn’t go well.


「Why! Why is thisーーthis is?!」


He suddenly noticed something.


「Inside a miasmaーーno, a dark aura? This is?!」

「You came after all, huh」


A man appeared.

Carrying two Demon Swords, he dominated the surroundings with an overwhelming aura even compared to the miasma.

One who possesses absolute confidence and power to support that.

The Demon Sword Wielder, Yuuki Kakeru.

That man, he appeared in this place with an air of composure.

In nothing but an instant, he completely dominated this place.


「Well then, I’ll let you tell me what’s going on」


The man in black clothes prepared to his death.








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