Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 152

Chapter 152 – 77x



「That’s right. Keke, even if it’s you bastard, even if it’s the great Demon Sword Wielder that is. You can’t do anything if your strength is limited to one-tenth like this, right? nn?」


He made his evil looking face even more evil looking, and said confidently.

His expression shows no doubt about his victory.

I checked my grip on my swords. I raised my feet up and down as well.

It’s true. My body feels heavier than usual. It’s like someone is hanging down each of my limbs.

The large-scale magic circle that is repeatedly blinking its shine has its effects. From how it used lots of human flesh and blood and how the user looks like, it’s probably some kind of a forbidden spell.

Its effects are obviously showing.



「Well, if it’s only one-tenth」


「If it’s just one-tenth, it’s still 77x」

「What gibberish are you talking about. Acting tough huh. You’re just acting tough. Hmph! Just wait, I’ll break thatーー」


That blue thing reached out his arm, he thrusts it with his fingers together.

His sharp claws tears the air and flew straight towards my heart.




With a bellowing shout. I swung Eleanor diagonally and cut off his arm from his elbow.

His blue arm flew in the air, so I continued, cutting it into pieces.

His blue blood scattered, and he started screaming.


「What the fuck?!! WHAT THE FUCKKKK?!」

「Ahh, as I’ve thought, my power’s weakened」

『Kukuku, that’s all the result of your full power after all』

『Otou-san……are you okay?』


Eleanor seems to be having fun and Hikari looks worried.


「Let me see……」


I looked at that blue thing while holding the mother and daughter Demon Swords, then looked around at the surrounding Aegina soldiers.


「It’s just enough to kill everyone who’s here」


I smiled, I don’t know why, but I smiled.

I wonder what this is? Ahh……I know.

It’s fun. I’m having fun.

It’s fun, because……I felt like it’s a battle that is worthwhile, one that I haven’t had after a long time.

I guess, I’m smiling.


「Damn fucker! I’ll wipe that smile off your damn face! There’s no way that the spell isn’t working! There’s no problem if we crush you at once. You, you puny bastard!」



Aegina’s First PrinceーーKimon reacted.

He finally returned to himself. He was stunned ever since I charged onto them.


「What what you damn fuck. Do it!」

「Ha!ーー I-I know!」


Kimon raised his hand and swung it down towards me.


「All of you, attack! The enemy’s alone!」


The command of the general commander.

The surrounding soldiers regained their will with that, and started to attack.


「Good, good, come at me. COME AT ME!!」

『Really, this man……62nd』

『Seventy〜 eight〜』


I beheaded the two spearmen nearby.

And an instant later, lots of soldier raising huge shields charged towards me. They’re probably from a different branch of their army with those holding long spears.

Guys like that surrounded me in a 360-degree circle.

I saw something reflecting light. They probably have weapons hidden behind their shields.




I chopped the soldier in front of me into two together with his shield using Eleanor. Immediately, two soldiers on the side used their shields to press down Eleanor to the ground.

Continuing with that pressing action, they swung their hand axes towards me.


『63rd. That is some good combination』

「It’s too slow though!」


I cut the throats of those two using Hikari. Only the skin of their necks remained and those shield soldiers collapsed at the same time.




Without a pause, other shield soldiers pushed towards me.

All of them were pressing their shields to crush me.


「Something like this!」

『Otou-san, above!』


After I tore off all the shield soldiers with a cleaving action at once, I heard Hikari’s warning.

I quickly looked above and saw dark, shining, magical arrows flying towards me.

There are roughly over a hundred.




I swung the two Demon Swords in a rush. One by one, I parried the magic arrows.

The arrows fly towards a different direction every time I hit them with the Demon Swords.





I heard the mother and daughter’s shout. One arrow passed through my sword rush.

It’s already in front of me, I cannot evade.




I didn’t dodge.

I braced, steeling my muscles, and received the arrow with my body.




The Aegina Army shouted a scream of joy. Their morale rose up sharply.

The first attack. Their first time hitting me.


「Exactly! Crush him with numbers!」


The soldiers reacted to the Prince’s voice.

More and more magic arrows came flying.

Those arrows almost covered the sky.


「Too naive, that’s too naive!! Haa!」


A sweeping side slash. Eleanor cuts through the air.

Soon after she passed through the air, countless dark grains were created.

Each of them gradually got bigger, turning to dark arrows that are shot to the sky.

The arrows hit each other. Similar objects collided with each other and scattered away like fireworks.



「Ridiculous! The Demon Sword Wielder is able to use magic?!!」


Kimon and that blue thing got surprised.


『You finally used magic after a long time』

「It looks like I can learn it even with 77x」


In this world, one is able to learn magic when they are hit by them as long as they have the talent for it.

With the all abilities increase from the lottery, my talents also increased.

Normally, it is multiplied 777 times, but right now, it is only 77x with the limitations of the magic circle.

Even so, it is still 77x of a normal person. I immediately learned the magic, and with magic powers multiplied by 77x, I shot it all at once.

I shot down all of the magic arrows.


「What strength……what power. Is this the Demon Sword Wielder in the rumors」

「Damn it! That’s why I didn’t want to get involved with the Demon Sword Wielder! You, you damn bastard, how will you pay me for this!」

「Stop, get your hands off me! I have already paid you extraordinary rewards! You’ve eaten your full right?! Do something about this situation!」

「What something! How the fuck would you take care of that?!」


Leaving aside those two screaming, I continued to cut down soldiers and shoot magic.

The numbers counted by the mother and daughter is making me excited. The feeling of tearing apart the restraint of the magic circle feels good.

Feeling this excited for the first time, I continued to defeat Aegina soldiers.


「Ku! If it all comes to this, we should retreat for once」

「I’ll escape now」

「That’s too naive! Did you think I’ll let you get away after all of this?」




I closed my eyes and concentrated on the powers of the Demon Sword.

Because of my heightened fighting spirits, the powers that were raised were proportionally higher.

I pulled out the powers of the Demon Swords up to the limit and released it all at once.

It turned into aura and covered the surroundings.

As if, it was a cage.

That blue thing flew up, hits the ceiling of the cage, and was driven back.


「The fuck, I can’t get out!」

「Oi! Do something about this!」

「Fuck you! I can’t get out too you bastard!」


The two of them started to fall out. I left them alone and went towards the remaining Aegina soldiers.

I can take care of those two anytime I want to. Right now, it’s the remaining soldiers.


『Kukuku, what a bad face you have there』

『Otou-san, do your best!』


Sorry but, I’ll make you rust of my Demon Swords.








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