Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 151

Chapter 151 – Battlefield Music



「What the heck areーーkuwaa!」

「What happenedーーbegyaa!」


I warped directly in front of them and cut down two soldiers at the same time with Eleanor and Hikari.

Fresh blood scattered and confusion spread.

Hesitation and surprise stopped the Aegina Army’s march.


「W-Who are youーー」

「If you have time speaking, come at me!」


I cut off the head of the soldier who’s asking who and what. Blood spurts out from his neck and his body slowly fell down.

Swinging back my sword, I cut down three soldiers who were nearby.

I kicked away the corpse of the soldier that fell towards my direction and chopped the soldier who lost his balance because of that into two.

I slashed, paved a path, and advanced straightforward.


「Enemy attack, enemy attack!」

「The opponent’s alone. Attackーー!!」


Finally, a decent reaction.

With the command of that captain-like soldier, the other soldiers pierced their spears towards me all at once.


「That’s quite long!」


And here, I noticed that.

The spears that the Aegina soldiers are holding are long. They are twice as long as those spears from other kingdoms.

Naturally, their attacking range is long. They took distance as soon as they heard their captain’s command, and poked me from afar.

I swung Eleanor. I cleaved out the point of their concentrated attack at once.

The spearheads made of metal were cut off and surprise spread out widely like waves.


『It’s still far away』


Because of the length of their spear, it is still far away to return a counterattack.


「If so, then I’ll just close in!」


I stomped and leaped towards the soldier ahead.

I closed the distance that is twice the normal in an instant and hacked the soldier with the Demon Sword.

I decapitated some, pierced hearts, and chopped into half with a horizontal slash.

One hit one kill. I overwhelmed the soldiers.


『Twelve〜, thirteen〜, fourteen〜, fifteen〜……』

『What are you counting, Hikari?』

『The number that Otou-san slashed using Hikari』

『Hou, you were counting such a thing. That sounds interesting. I should do it as well』

『Okaa-san will do it together?』

『Since we’re at it, let’s have a competition. Let’s compare who would have the more kills. I won’t hold back even if you’re my daughter. I shall not lose as a Demon Sword』

『Hikari’s a Demon Sword too you know? Hikari wouldn’t lose even if it’s against Okaa-san okay?』

『Kuku, it’s a game then』

『Un! Ah! 15, 16, 17, 18ーー』

『Once, twice, thriceーー』






Hikari got distracted but probably continued her count, and Eleanor counted not by the number of people but by its sequential order.

And while the mother and daughter Demon Swords were at that, I continued to cut soldiers.

Human parts scattered around and a rain of fresh blood fell.

The soldiers came by the dozens but I killed all of them without exception.


「You monster!」

「Don’t fret! He’s only one! Attack all at once and crush him!」


The enemy soldiers’ morale is still high. The difference between numbers is probably influencing it.

After all, they’re 2000, and I’m only one. It’s natural for them to be confident.


『Forty four〜, forty five〜, forty six〜ーー』

『21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24thーー』


Even though I rampaged all around, I still haven’t decreased them by ten percent. The difference is that much.



「Good, very good. I’m starting to have fun」


I said with excitement. I raised the Demon Swords in my hands and roared.

I slashed left and right within the storm of fresh blood.


『Kuku, what a bad face you have there』

『Otou-san’s so cool』

『That’s right. He’s not bad at all. As expected of a wielder of Demon Swords』




A sudden change from a mother and daughter conversation. Eleanor called out to me.

The direction of her consciousness changed as well. I looked towards that direction.

Soldiers that have fallen and scattered around. Across that crowd of people, I saw its appearance.

Aegina’s First Prince riding a horse and a strange man beside him.

The distance is about a hundred meters. He’s in a high position riding a horse so I was able to see them.


『There they are. Close the distance using warp』


Hearing Eleanor’s voice, I almost instinctively opened my Different Dimension Warehouse.



「No need! Just count your numbers!」


My hand stopped halfway. I didn’t warp.

The mother and daughter Demon Swords are being Demon Swords right now. I thought that I should let them be themselves much longer.

I didn’t warp. I continued to cut open a path just like earlier.

Have they noticed it or not? The mother and daughter didn’t say anything and just continued counting.



『35th. Hey you! Aren’t you using just Hikari? Use me even more』

『Kufufu〜. Hikari, she’s going to win against Okaa-san〜』

『Not just yet. I shall teach you what a real Demon Sword is』


The two girls’ voices were like battlefield music. It continued to raise my spirits.

More than that of the smell of blood. More than that of the feeling of cutting flesh.

Having the mother and daughter count numbers stirs me up most of all.

The counting slaughter accelerated.


『61stーーthis guy, he’s not even making a human face anymore』

『Otou-san’s really cool! 77』


Finally, the path is completely opened.

I stomped the ground and charged at once.

I grabbed that strange creature who’s stunned for some reason with my aura arm.



「You’re the mastermind huh. For the meantime, don’t move there. Just wait for aーー」

「ーーdon’t look down on me! Puny human!」


That thing struggled off me and jumped back.

The instant he landed, he killed the soldier nearest to him.

He swung his arm and split the soldier into two with a chop.

It did not end there. That thing continued to kill more soldiers. He started to slaughter the soldiers as if he became crazy.


「What the heck is he doing? Are they falling out?」

『……no! Get away here immediately!』



What the heck is Eleanor saying? Get away from hereーーmu!


「My body’s, heavy?」



That strange man laughed. He skillfully raised only one of the corner of his lips and started to laugh.

The place he’s standing is shining.

No, it’s not only there. The ground was painted with a magic circle when I noticed it.

It’s a magic circle I’ve never seen before. That magic circle suddenly appeared on the ground.


「What. What is this?」

「It’s a barrier that restricts movements」

「A barrier, you say?」

「Yeah baby. It’s a barrier that requires lots of blood and human flesh, but it’s over since it’s activated. The strength of those inside this is limited to a tenth」


That thing declared confidently.

One-tenth, you say.








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