Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 149

Chapter 149 – The Demon King



The Aegina Army surged into the middle of the town.

And the middle-aged man who is leading them, Aegina Kingdom’s First Prince, the Prime Minister Prince Kimon Mo Aegina.

That man is angrily shouting out orders while riding a horse.

Soldiers rushed towards here and there and would get slapped away when they returned to report.

Everything I could hear with my 777x hearing is “There is no riot occurring”, and “Nonsense! Look carefully”.

Scared by the furious Kimon and the Aegina Army, most of the townspeople are hiding inside their houses.

Because of that, the town is full of Aegina soldiers.

However, that guy, he’s both a prime minister and a prince? What the heck is that?


『He’s nothing compared to you. Demon Sword Wielder of Five Noble Titles-sama』

「It’s not like I named myself like that」


Demon Sword Wielder of Five Noble Titles-sama.

The nickname that was made without me knowing, being Eleanor’s wielder and receiving noble titles from all five great kingdoms.


『Would you like to have more titles?』


『It would be cool if you named yourself though?』

「Is that cool? Really?」


I don’t really know.


「I don’t really need something like that. At worst, Demon Sword Wielder is enough」


After all, there’s Hikari.

Just like that, I waited and see while talking with Eleanor about senseless things.

I transported all the possessed in Malonei to Reiusu without exception, so there’s no one who’s like that remains in this town.

No matter how much they search, there is no riot. There are some signs of melee battles, but the people in action are nowhere around.

Every time a soldier returns to report, I could see that Kimon’s face is distorting in anger.

“Nonsense! search more and more!” He would shout every time.


「Nonsense, huh」

『He’s the culprit after all』

「Yeah. I was half in doubt when I heard that from Delfina, but looking at his reactions, that is probably the case」

『There is no mistaking it』

「Eleanor. Is that a human?」


Because of that case in Comotoria, I got curious about that.

That lizard woman who disguised herself to become Aura’s father, King Comotoria’s concubine.

That dark thing that is possessing the people this time is similar to that thing that that lizard woman used, and there is no doubt that Kimon is the mastermind.

So I thought that he might not be human as well.


『I cannot tell just by looking』

「There’s no use unless we test him, huh. Well, it cannot be helped」

『Are you going to do it?』



Just at that time, I saw Delfina appear and start negotiating with Kimon.



The Aegina Army that Kimon led dejectedly withdrew from Malonei.

2000 soldiers were moved and entered Malonei, but in the first place, it isn’t a war but politics.

Kimon cannot do anything if there’s no riot, so he could only withdraw.

If he would stay there, it would only give Delfina an excuse to impose on him, and most of allーー.


「Damn it! We would be laughingstock like this!」


In the middle of the army that is protecting him, Kimon spat out vexingly.

That’s right. That is what Kimon is concerned with more than anything.

Aegina Kingdom’s First Prince, and Prime Minister Prince.

The First Prince that takes in charge of political affairs on behalf of the old king, that was enough in practice.

However, adding “Prime” to his “Prince” only reveals how vain of a person he is.

With just that, he would only be treated as one kind of an ambitious person, but adding his coward disposition, he added “Minister” to show that it is not treacherous to the King.

And what was made was “Prime Minister Prince”, a title that is unheard of.

In short, it is only a compilation if his complex psychology.

People who wants to make themselves look better than their actual skill prefers to possess exaggerated titles. Without exception, Kimon is also such a person.


「Oi! What the heck is going on!」


When Kimon shouted like that, the surrounding atmosphere changed.

A man appeared.

Skin that is between black and blue, sharp fangs, and horns growing from his head.

Something that is obviously not human, appeared in an impossible way for a human.


「Kekeke, you look quite angry huh」

「Do not mess around! I am asking what the heck is going on」

「Wait, wait, don’t get too hot alright. The smell still remains. And also, there are traces of commotions right?」

「Yeah. I had that report from my soldiers」

「If so, then someone took care of it. They’d probably took care of the cause of the commotion, but did not have time to take care of the aftermath. In short, their side only barely made it in time」

「That money monger huh. Hmph, her skilled subordinates probably forcefully took care of it」

「That’s right. You should just come faster next time」

「When will be the next mass infection?」

「Kekeke, we had already sown the seed, the next one is quicker. About three days」

「I should make the soldiers move beforehand huh」

「That’s a good idea. Kekeke」


Kimon fell into deep thoughts on top of his horse.

It was indeed frustrating striking and missing, but the opponent only barely took care of it in time. He thought that they would be able to arrive much earlier next time.

And while he is in deep thought, that thing that he called out is walking on his side.

Although that summoned thing was clearly not human, not a single soldier looked at it.

They are not acting as if they did not see anything. Those soldiers are instead, forced to not take notice of it.

The soldiers are only acting normal, just, with their focus scattered naturally.

They reacted to that, as if there was nothing there, there is nothing strange there.

And their reaction, it was changed by a different thing.

Their marching stopped. Commotions could be heard from ahead.


「What, what is happening?」

「I-I would wish to report!」


One soldier was in a hurry, he came from the front, almost crawling towards Kimon.


「Enemy attack!」

「Enemy attack, you say? Is it bandits? How many are there」

「O-Only one」

「Haa? What the heck are you saying?」

「It is only one! There is only one enemy!」


That soldier crazily repeated that it was only one.

Kimon looked at the frontlines.

He looked from above, riding his horse.

What he saw was one distinctive existence.

An existence with a dark aura rising around it.


「What the heck is that?」

「Kekeke, this is really bad」

「You know what it is?」

「That thing, it’s that Demon Sword Wielder」

「Demon Sword Wielder?!!」


Surprised, he looked more carefully at the frontlines.

Darkness that makes blood clouds drift. In the hand of that man that he could barely see, an ominous, sinister Demon Sword.

Demon Sword Eleanor. That formed object that is probably the most famous in this world.

It was originally famous, but adding its replicas circulating recently, it became increasingly more famous.





「Is it……the real thing?」

「There’s no doubt, that’s the real one」

「Ku! Why is the Demon Sword Wielder……! No, wait, you say he’s only one? That Demon Sword Wielder is alone?!」


He shouted, asking the soldier.



「Crush him! There are 2000 of us here! No matter how strong that Demon Sword Wielder is, he’s alone. Crush him with numbers. Convey this to the whole army, the one who takes that Demon Sword Wielder’s head shall become a baron……no, he shall become a viscount」



The soldier ran to send the orders.

Duke, Marquis, Earl, Viscount, Baron. The noble titles are divided with those five, and Kimon declared that he would reward the second noble title so easily.

That instantly spread out and the army’s morale went up at a stretch.

The unrest that gradually spread from earlier disappeared, and the soldiers rushed towards the Demon Sword Wielder at once.



「What, why are you suddenly quiet」

「Kekeke, it’s goodbye here」


「It’s time to go since that Demon Sword Wielder appeared. This great one would back out here」

「What are you saying. What so if he is a Demon Sword Wielder. That is only a single swordsman. Useless against such military force」

「Sorry buddy, I can’t get along with you anymore since that Demon Sword Wielder appeared. I’ll take back my powers, my bad」

「What! Waーー」

「See ya」


Weakness attacked Kimon. It was as if an important thing was taken away from inside his body.

He almost fell down from his horse.


「Kekeke, see yaーー」


That inhuman thing that finished “setting out” the matters tried to disappear.

That instant.




One man appeared in front of it.

Eyes that are full of confidence, with a dark aura surrounding his whole body.

That man who was making blood shed just earlier, that man who holds two Demon Swords.

That man suddenly appeared in the middle of the Aegina Army.


「Bingo, huh」


That man grinned, with that appearance, it is……




That inhuman thing was overwhelmed just with his presence.


「No! Demon Sword Wielder! Damn! I must go」

「There’s no way you’d get away, right?」


His aura stretched out just like an arm and grabbed the head of that inhuman thing.


「I’m gonna need to tell me everything, okay?」


In the middle of the enemy army, that man overwhelmed them all.









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