Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 148

Chapter 148 – The Demon Sword Wielder’s Express Home Delivery



The next day.

In the place we’re staying in Malonei, Delfina Merchant Company’s building.

In Delfina’s room, she is working at her desk from the morning.

And I am watching that on a sofa a few distance away.


「What a good woman」

『I’d really like to ask your standard of “a good woman” just for once』

「Women that I would like to make love with, that’s all though?」

『That sounds simple, but that isn’t answering the question though』

「Is that so? It’s just simple」

『I’m asking here alright. How about making it more into words?』

「I am. It’s women that I would like to make love with」

『That doesn’t count as putting it into words』


I could feel Eleanor rolling her eyes inside my head.


「In the first place, what would you do with it if I put it into words?」



『I-I’m going to guide Hikari to not be like that』


For some reason, the feeling that flows from Eleanor changed into something restless.

What is she being restless for?


「You don’t need to worry about Hikari. She’s my daughter after all」

『Hmph, who’d believe that』

「You’re teasing me, calling me a doting parent but you’re worried about that?」


It’s been a while but I’m feeling troubled. Just a little though.

And when I’m chatting with Eleanor about such senseless things, there was a knock on the door and one woman entered inside.

It’s a young intelligent-looking woman wearing glasses.

Her face features are the same type with Delfina, a beautiful type rather than being described as cute.


「I have something to report, Master」

「Did something happen?」



After the woman made a small nod, she glanced at me.

It looks like it’s something she can’t speak of with an outsider.


「Do not mind it, speak」

「……yes. A riot is taking place in the town」

「A riot? Suppress it just like as usual」

「Just like as usual?」

「Yes, it’s this」


Delfina made a gesture of grabbing something from her chest.

It’s similar to when I took out that dark thing. I see, riots that is caused by that, it is still happening up until now huh.


「That’s, Master……it is getting more frequent」

「More frequent?」

「It suddenly occurred earlier in the morning. There are 7 cases with just the ones that have already been reported, and there are five places that clearly seems strange although there is no report」



Delfina narrowed her beautiful eyebrows.


「There’s riots in 12 places?」

「At the least, that is」


She glanced at me and replied.

Delfina who received the report got into deep thought.


「Suppressing them……will take time huh」

「Is that so?」

「We have not expected that this level of riot will occur at once. We’ve prepared a vigilante group that would take the place of Aegina’s officials, but it’s scale is……」

「I see. Delfinaーー」


Delfina raised a hand towards me the instant I called her name.

She faced her palm towards me, and I felt like I was told to shut up.

While retaining that pose, Delfina thought for awhile.


「Request help from the adventurer’s guild. The reward is thrice the normal. Tell them as well that double of that will be paid to the adventurers who can suppress several places today」

「Understood, Master」


The woman made a bow and left the room.

I completely understood Delfina’s intention. Her intention of wanting to take care of it without my help.


『It’s her woman’s pride』


I know.

I answered to Eleanor without saying it out loud.

I thought that I should let Delfina do so if she wants to.

Well, hearing her instructions, I felt like it would be taken care of, although it would take time.

Since that is the case, it might be better if I’m not here.

I stood up from the sofa and told Delfina.


「I remembered something that I need to do, I’ll go back now to my mansion. I’ll come here byーー」



Pan!!, the door was slammed open.


The woman from earlier rushed into the room with a pale face.


「What happened?」

「A-Aegina. The Aegina army, it’s heading towards here」

「……that’s what’s happening」


Delfina clenched her teeth strong enough that I could hear it from here.



At Malonei’s outskirts, above the town wall.

Coming here with Delfina, I looked far away with my vision multiplied 777 times.


「They’re here. Just roughly, about 2000」

「Is that so……」

「They have a flag too, it’s this mark」


I released my aura and made the mark of the flag that I saw.


「It’s the Prime Minister Prince’s flag」

「I think that I’ve heard about that title」

「Aegina Kingdom’s First Prince, the Prime Minister Prince Kimon Mo Aegina. Kakeru-sama have met him once」

「I see」


I can’t remember his face, and I could only somewhat remember his name, but I remember that Prime Minister Prince title.


「That means, that guy’s leading his army here huh」

「Yes. At the same time……I could see it now. This time’s mastermind」


「Currently, riots are occurring in Malonei. The cause is that dark thing」


「At this point right now, it’s scale has exceeded the amount that I can handle, and there is also the possibility that it would continue to expand. And, the following is what’s important」


Delfina let out a sigh.


「Although it’s a town that I bought with money, this town is still nominally Aegina’s. That’s the reason why officials just in name are dispatched here」

「I see」


I understood.


「He wants to send soldiers in the form of riot suppression, but would continue to garrison here even after the riots’ are suppressed」

「Yes. He would not be able to send soldiers if nothing is happening. If he dispatched an army to recapture a town that is nominally under their Kingdom’s rule, they would be a laughingstock of the neighboring kingdoms. However, if a large scale riot has occurred……」

「He’d be able to send soldiers without any worries, huh」


Delfina nodded.


「If that army would be able to enter the town and suppress even one riot, it would be my defeat」


I looked at the dust clouds that the army is making from far away. It’s about 30 minutes before they arrive, huh.


「……please help me」


Delfina gave away.

She probably thought of wanting to do something about it herself, but judging from the situation, there’s nothing good with not asking for my help.


「Leave it to me」

「We will take care of the support, and the aftermath」

「Give me the information where the riots are occurring. You should take care of the aftermath later」

「Eh? But if signs of the riot, and if the people in act remainsーー」


While Delfina is tilting her head, I turned around and looked at the town.

And just in time, a riot is occurring 200 meters away from here.

People who had clearly lost their sanity are fighting against each other.


「Just look」


I opened my Different Dimension Warehouse and took out my Warp Feather. I used that and warped to the place of the riot.

I warped nearby and grasped the details of the situation. There are ten odd men fighting in a melee battle.

Each one of them has lost their sanity and were raising beast-like voices.

Some of them were even bleeding from their fists, but they continued to throw punches without a care.


『Are we doing it?』


I heard Eleanor’s excited voice.


「Your turn is for later」


「First……I’ll do this」


I used the Warp Feather again.

I warped taking those guys who are fighting and those who are possessed by that dark thing with me.

The destination is my mansion at Reiusu, at the training grounds in front of the slave soldier’s barracks.


「Your Excellency!」


Nikki was there. It looks like she’s having her self-training.


「How many slave soldiers are around?」

「Sir! Everyone other than the second platoon is here sir!」

「Assemble here. I’ll bring more and more of them. Surround them here, do not let anyone get away」

「Sir yes sir!」


Nikki entered the barracks, and I confirmed the slave soldiers rushing out one next to the other.

I also saw Nana within them.

I got relieved after seeing that and returned to Malonei using the Warp Feather. I returned to where Delfina is.



「Just like that, there wouldn’t be any evidence if I take them to another place right?」


「And so, I’ll rely on you about the information. Will you make it in time?」

「I will make it in time」


I looked at Delfina nodding clearly and brought her back to the merchant company using the Warp Feather.

She processed the information that her subordinates gathered, and using that, I warped to the said area and warped those possessed people to the training grounds.

When the Aegina army arrived, the possessed people had completely disappeared from Malonei.







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