Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 147

Chapter 147 – The Billionaire Delfina



I let Delfina lie down on the bed and clad myself with the dark cloak aura.

I reached out an aura hand, grabbed her head, and “pulled”.

I felt something budge, and pulled out that dark thing inside Delfina.


『You’ve gotten used to it』

「Well, if it’s this much」

『Rather, it seemed like you were used to it from the start. Have you done something similar?』

「n? Ahh, it’s somewhat similar to taking out the insides of a snail?」


I searched my memories after being told by Eleanor. It’s a little different, but from how it feels, that’s the nearest thing.


『Kukuku, what a unique comparison. I feel very sorry for that woman who’s compared to a snail』

「It was you who forced me to make a comparison」


I flicked Delfina with a finger and a clear, beautiful sound echoed throughout the room.

I let go of the dark haze. It floated in the air and flew around the room like a balloon riding an air current.

It also approached Delfina, but it did not possess her again(it did try, but I stopped it), and just floated around.

Finally, it gradually melted in the air, and disappeared without a trace.


『It looks like it does not return to its previous host』

「That seems to be the case」

『It is almost the same with that thing you took out from that man. Also the same with those guys up until now. This, it should be described as proliferation, not division』

「You’re saying that the same thing would be born from inside a human after clearing some condition?」

『From how the situation looks like, that is』

「It would be useless if it wasn’t eradicated at once huh」

『Or maybe, eradicating the source that exists somewhere should do』

「Does it exist? A source」

『It should』


I felt like Eleanor rolled her eyes and scoffed.


『It smells like its cultured. It shouldn’t be naturally occurring』

「Just like how you did once upon a time, huh」



Eleanor did not affirm or deny it, but it seems to be like that.

It is very convincing if she could tell because she had done it before.


「We’re going to root it out. That source」

『I thought you’d say that』


Eleanor’s enjoyed laugh echoed inside my head.

After a while, Delfina woke up.

She opened her eyes, and with slightly blank eyes, she looked around.



「You woke up huh. How are you feeling?」

「……I’m still, alive huh」

「You might be already dead, and this might already be the underworld though」

「Please stop joking. There is no way that something would happen to you and fall into the underworld. As long as Kakeru-sama is here, this must still be the mortal world」

「How naive」

「What do you mean?」

「I might’ve found a way and invaded the underworld you know?」

「I see. That is right. That is quite possible」


Delfina raised her body while smiling.

Her complexion wasn’t that good, but it wasn’t that bad as well.

It’s like she had just recovered from a light cold.




「Have you heard, the story already? From that man」

「Nope. He lost his consciousness after I took out that dark thing, he still hasn’t wake up」

「Is that so……」

「Do you know him?」

「I had just met him once in the past. Nothing much that I could call as an acquaintance」

「What’s it’s all about, that 1 Kre thing that he was making a fuss off. Kre, it’s that right? Aegina’s unit of money」



Delfina smiled. With the most self-deprecating smile that she had shown me.


「I, I have been put on sale for 1 Kre for once. On top of that, I was not bought」

「I see. That man was someone who failed to buy you at that time huh」


「That guy, what a wasteful thing he had done. If he had bought you for 1 Kre at that time, it would have multiplied millions of times」

「I wonder if it did」


Delfina smiled gracefully.

She stared at me smilingly.

Just silently, without any words.


「What is it?」



She called my name.

With a serious tone that she had never shown, with straight, challenging eyes.


「Why, do you wish to buy me?」

「Because you’re a good woman」

「Although you can obtain me without buying me?」

『Kukuku, after all, her heart had fallen to you a long time ago』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger. Read the atmosphere.


「Why, do you accompany me with that rule that I made, and try to buy me? Why, do you not, use force. Why, do you not try to obtain me by clouding the issue」

「Because you’re a good woman」



I repeated the same words, and Delfina looked dumbfounded and speechless.


「I would make love with good women while they are good women. That’s why I’ll accompany you to whatever it is. No one eats their food raw because it’s troublesome, although they know that it’s the most delicious when it’s cooked」

「Just for that reason……you are accompanying me with that troublesome condition?」

『She’s conscious about it being troublesome huh〜』


I made Eleanor who completely can’t read the mood shut up with a flick of a finger.


「Yeah, that’s right」



Delfina stared at me.



Delfina Homers(money monger) Lanmari.

It was not like she had never had doubted the way that she lives.

Although she treats money as everything, she also understands that「buying her together with all of her assets」is just a meaningless obstinacy.

Even so, she could not stop it.

There are times when she thought she should stop it. That only increased since he met the Demon Sword Wielder, and got her purity stolen together with her heart.

It was not once or twice that she thought of taking back her words. She has also thought that, just like the other women, moaning under a man unconditionally might be full of happiness as well.

Even so, she got stubborn, thinking that she must be a woman fitting the Demon Sword Wielder.

Delfina swayed between the gap of her stubbornness and true feelings.

Those stubbornness and true feelings, they are just about to become one.





「Will you really, buy me?」

「I’m planning to」

「No matter how much it would cost?」


「Even if I resist that and increase my assets even more?」

「The better the woman you are, the better it is」

「I’m……seriously going to resist, you know?」

「Weren’t you serious up until now?」

「Gaining profits with a vague picture, and gaining profits to gain profits is different」

「I see」


I don’t really get it, it’s the same conversation that we had done before, but the seriousness that I could feel from Delfina is completely different.

She would gain more profits to be bought more expensive.

She is asking, “it would go farther and farther away from that the more I do my best, but is it alright to do my best?”

My answer, of course.


「Do it seriously」

「Kakeru-sama is really a strange person」

「Really? It’s just normal right」

「Even if, I ask Kakeru-sama’s cooperation?」

「Cooperation? What is it, tell me」

「Would you like to buy me? Ten thousand Kre for every one night, with cash」


Delfina stared straight at me.

Those eyes of hers were terrifyingly serious.


「It’s like you’re talking about prostitutes」

「A super high-class prostitute, that is. Ten thousand Kre for each night, you could buy ten thousand girls from the outskirts with that」

「If I pay that with cash, it would become your asset as well, huh」

「Yes. While I am at it, I would be able to decrease Kakeru-sama’s fortune」

「The difference would get bigger with the plus and minus huh」


Interesting. As I’ve thought, Delfina’s interesting.

And……she’s a good woman.

Different from the other girls, but a good woman.

I wanted her more and more.


「What do you think?」

「I’ll buy you」


「Yeah. Come to me anytime if you want to sell」

「Kakeru-sama is……really a strange person」


Delfina who whispered that, had eyes that looked like she is completely infatuated.









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