Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 145

Chapter 145 – Delfina’s Past (Part 2) ~ The 10 Kre Slave



Delfina, 13-years-old, autumn.

There are several changes that have visited her.

One, she became a little taller, and her breasts grew. Her body gradually became more feminine with roundedness.

One, her collar changed.

In the Aegina Kingdom, a slave who is once sold away from their Master for some reason becomes second-hand, and that must be strongly declared as an obligation.

The change with her collar is the proof of that.

And, slaves like that are often sold with a hard bargain.

The price attached to Delfina is 10 Kre. It was one-tenth of that when she was first bought.

That does not only applies to her. It is the same with Petrina who was bought at the same time, and became merchandise again at the same time.



In a slave mansion.

Delfina and Petrina were pushed into an inferior environment where one could only stretch out their legs when their lay down on the side, with only an entrance and a small window.

A small window that an adult could barely reach, one that a child cannot get through.

Looking at that, Petrina let out a sigh.


「Haa……I wanted to study more. The book collection in Adamandious-sama’s mansion, I wonder what happened to it right now. I even promised him that I’d do my best studying and remember all of them when I reach 15, but I couldn’t fulfill it……」


「Hey, Delfina, don’t you think so too?」



Delfina raised her face. She was staring at the floor until Petrina talked to her.


「I’m asking if you wanted to study more in Adamandious-sama’s place」

「U〜un, not that much」


Delfina answered with almost no pause.


「What! You, it’s because you’re like that that you’d lose to me in tests. A person chosen by Adamandious-sama should be more diligent and……well, whatever」


Petrina let out a sigh and shook her head.


「Rather than that, what were you doing?」

「I was thinking」

「About what?」

「Why, were we sold away」

「Why you say? Of course it’s because Adamandious-sama had passed away」



「Why, would we be sold away, if Adamandious-sama passes away?」

「That’s, because……」


Petrina reached a standstill in the first『why』. Delfina looked at her who was unable to answer for a while, but she finally lost interest, and looked down to the ground once again.

By the way, Delfina did the same『why』quite some time ago.

With the first『why』,「Adamandious did not leave any fortune for them」, and with the question why did he not left any「because we are slaves」, and to the question why he did not do any measures to the study slaves that he treated specially……

She had already asked why about that, it was already after she asked why.

That’s why, her interest was already focusing on a far more different thing.


「Why……was it checked? Because he’s a Lord(廃爵). Although he’s a kind of lord that is almost unheard of? Because he had made a mistake? Because someone had a grudge?」


Delfina, she protected what her Master had told her, and repeated『why』.



Shortly after, she was sold.

Most people do not prefer 10-Kre-cheap slaves which are already “soiled” or “tinted with color”, but there are quite a few small rich men who would decide to buy them because of their cheapness.

That is the same with other second-hand goods, and Delfina was sold for just three days after she was offered for sale.

The person who bought him is a young knight who has distinguished himself in his first field of battle.



In a new house that is a little conspicuous than the surroundings in the residential area in Malonei.

That is the new home of Paulos Putremos.

He who is a little short for an adult man, came home in high spirits with a new slave.

He passed through the entrance, looked at Delfina who he had just bought and his new home, and had his breathing a little rough.


「A house, a slave, and a social status! With this, I am finally a fully fledged man」


Just like that, he seemed like he is moved about something.


「Hey, you」


「From today, I’m your Master right?」

「That is right」

「I’m the Master okay, you’re the slave. You must follow my orders absolutely okay, got it?」

「…… why, should I follow your orders absolutely?」

「Because I’m your Master」

「Why, must I follow your orders absolutely if you are my Master?」

「Because Masters are like that」

「…… Why, are Masters like that?」

「Because they are Masters」

「……, why」


Delfina abruptly stopped mid-way through her words.

She was unable to repeat『why』five times.

It would seem that Paulos have an absolute confidence in himself.

The confidence on how Masters and slaves must be.

And his basis is only on the point「because they are Masters and slaves」.

No matter how many times she would ask him, he would only answer like that.

That’s why, Delfina stopped asking.


“I see, if the answer is this clear, it is alright to not repeat『why』”, she thought.


「Master, please give me an order」


From that day, she was influenced by insistent Paulos, and gradually turned into a normal slave.



Delfina who was under the young knight, Paulos Putremos, was a normal slave.

She faithfully did her job as a house servant, and faithfully carried out the command of her master.

She was not treated specially, but she was not treated badly as well.

Paulos was a man who has a firm believe of「how slaves must be」, so she was able to live a very average life as a slave.


Figuratively speaking, it is the autumn in her four seasons of life.

Delfina stopped thinking and let herself carried out by the flow, and spent two years as a slave.


And finally, Paulos who have a firm believe of「how a knight must be」, covered up his Lord with his own body in the battlefield, and gracefully died.

Because of the death of her Master, the House of Putremos that did not have a successor nor did have a wife had naturally disappeared, and she was sold away once again as a slave with the price of 1 Kre.






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