Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 143

Chapter 143 – The 1 Kre Delfina



In the carriage going towards Malonei.

Delfina and I are sitting facing each other.

Neora is also riding on my side, and she is sitting in a behaved manner.


「How long is it before Malonei?」



There was a reply from outside the carriage.


「At this pace, we should reach by after lunch」

「You heard her」

「I see」

「It is just a little more patience. Please forgive me, I have not let them know that we are coming, so a warm reception is……」

「Don’t mind it. We aren’t going there to play in the first place」

「It is very nice of you to say that」


Inside the carriage, I chatted with Delfina with ease.

Is it because she’s a merchant? I feel like she’s used to talking about trivial things.

I felt like I could kill time with her as much as I want.


「Come to think of it, you, is the only town you have is Malonei, just one?」

「Yes, at least, right now」

「Do you plan on having others?」

「Not at all. It is unexpectedly difficult to possess one, so I am not considering on having more」


『What a strange conversation』


Eleanor whispered at the pause in between. I agree.

Delfina Homers Lanmari.

She had extended her business widely, and it is said that her financial power is equal to that of a kingdom.

A person who is that skilled, is there a possibility that she would misread the maintenance cost of the thing that she bought?

……well, unlike merchandise and stores, a whole town might just be different.



As scheduled, we arrived at Malonei after lunch.

To resolve the problem, we disguised ourselves as simple travelers and entered the town.

Not the Five Noble Titled Kakeru, nor Delfina the Don in the Shadows.

As simple travelers, we got off the carriage, and passed to the check station-like place.


「Your name」

「n? Ahh, it’s Yuuki Kakeru」

「What a weird name. Where did you come from?」


「I see. Where’re your belongings? What’s that thing on your waist」

「A sword」

「What, it’s that Demon Sword Replica in the trend huh. What generation version is it?」

「It’s the oldest one」

「I see」


“Fun”, the man scoffed.

After that, I received useless, as in useless questions, and I was finally allowed to enter the town.

I stopped to a standstill and looked at the town.

The town looks full of life.


「Welcome, welcome〜 we have Torideca’s sweet fruits here〜」

「Fish, would anyone like to buy some fish〜. You can get it fresh and alive after the magic is removed when you buy it〜」

「Hey there missus! What a cute little kid you have there. How is it? Would you like to buy this new Demon Sword Replica『Matchless Twin Dark Wings』, it’s the latest version〜」


There is a lot of people and lots of businesses are bustling.

It is developing without a doubt, and it looks like a town that would continue its speed of developing.


「This is amazing」

「Thank you very much」


I heard Delfina’s voice from behind, and after a few moments, Neora also passed through the checkpoint.

Delfina stood in front of me. After a few moments, Neora started to focus on being a guard.


「What will we do now?」

「That thing, guys that were possessed by that thing, they’d be creating commotions right?」

「That seems to be the case. Shall we go to a place where there would be many commotions……for example, taverns?」

「That’s too much of a pain. Just wait a second」


I slowly closed my eyes……

I crossed my arms and focused on my eyes.

The superhuman-like hearing which was multiplied 777x.


「So sweet〜, this is the first time I ate such a sweet fruit」


Not that, next one.


「Uwwa! The dead fish from earlier revived」


Not that too, next.


「Mama〜, buy me a Demon Sword〜」


Do your best, boy……next one.

I sorted out the sounds I could hear.

It something like telling apart a certain sound of an instrument while ignoring the others while listening to music.

And just like that, I gathered almost all of the people’s voices in Malonei, and sorted them out.



「Stop! That money, that money’s for out cost of living!」

「Shut the help up!」


It’s this.

I opened my eyes and started running.



「Neora, guard her and follow!」



I left the two women behind and went ahead.

I changed the supplemented sound into three-dimensional coordinates, and just rushed towards there.

I jumped kicked the wall up and ran through the roof. The residents became noisyーーI ignored them.

I advanced through the shortest distance, and the place I arrived at is a single house. I opened the door and encountered a quarreling scene.

The furniture had scattered everywhere, some were spread out and some were broken.

And within that, a middle-aged man is trying to take out the money from a drawer, and a middle-aged woman is desperately trying to stop him

The woman saw me and was stunned for an instant, but immediately asked for help.


「Please help me! My husband, my husband is strange」

『Taking out their house’s money, huh』

「What an asshole」

「What did you say?!」


The man got angry and went towards me. He picked up the knife along the way, and tried to stab me with it.


「Bastard, don’tーー」


For the meantime, I knocked him down. Without needing to draw a weapon, I casually knocked him down.

The man rolled on the ground with turned eyes.



I dragged the man out of their house and left him alone.

Crowds who heard the commotion pointed their fingers from the side, and started squabbling.


『Are you going to take out that dark thing now?』

「That would be the same to up until now. I want to remove the cause」

『What are you going to do?』

「Let me think……」



Passing through the crowds, Delfina finally caught up. There is also Neora right behind her.

Delfina quickly glanced around, and instantly understood the situation.


「Is that the person you captured?」


「Should I say “as expected”, or should I be rolling my eyes……we have only arrived too」

「There’s no use taking time on doing it right?」

「What do you plan to do with him?」

「I’m thinking about that right now. It’s very easy to take out that dark thing, but I want to remove the cause. Do you have any idea?」

「Let me see」


When Delfina was thinking, the man gradually woke up.

He grabbed his temples and shook his head. And slowly raised his body.



『He woke up huh. Hmm, it’s inside him as I’ve thought』



I nodded back to Eleanor.

It looks like it’s easier to tell that dark thing is “inside” him compared to when he’s knocked out.




The man stood up sluggishly. Maybe I should knock him out again, but when I was thinking of that.




The man’s gaze captured Delfina.


「Isn’t this that brat, that 1 Kre slave」

「1 Kreーーwhat the heck is he saying?」

『……Delfina seems a little strange』



I looked towards Delfina.

Her usually composed face rapidly changed.

Her eyes widened, and saw the man as if she is looking at a subject of tremendous fear.

She held her head with both hands and started to tremble profusely.


「Sorry brat, my budget at that time was just up to 30 people. If I’d had 1 more Kre, I would’ve bought ya」


The man continued while grinning.


「I’m really sorry about that okay? Making you a slave that won’t even sell with 1 Kre. What happened after that? Were you disposed of as a slave that can’t be sold? Haha」


Delfina’s look changed more and more.


「Hahahaha, you damn bitch! A fucking slave who can’t even be sold for a single breadーー」


I chopped the man’s head. Just hearing him speak pissed me off.

On the other hand, Delfina. Her face became pale and her hair became messy.




In the end, she even started to shouting like crazy.

It was just an event for a few seconds. After Delfina shouted, she dropped her head with messy hair.


『……it entered, huh』



It also entered inside Delfina, huh.

The process of entering inside, and a person’s aptitude for it.

It looks like, I need to investigate more about that.








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