Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 142

Chapter 142 – To Departure



I lightly kicked the man on the ground.

I kicked him making him front face up. It’s just a corpse. Nothing has changed in particular.


『This is the cause of what changed him after all』


Eleanor said. I’m still holding the dark thing using the aura arm.

There is no doubt that this is the cause that made the man strange.


「Delfina, gather all of your subordinates here」

「What are you planning to do?」

「I’ll clean them up. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to do, but you won’t be at ease if things like this are around right?」

「……I understood」


Delfina made a very unwilling look, and left the room.

After a while, I’m called out to the building’s inner yard.

It’s a beautiful garden, said to be used for business discussion.

The design and minor details are different here and there, but it somehow made me reminiscent of the Japanese garden pavilion.

In there were many men and women, lined up properly although making some noise.


「We have kept you waiting」

「Everyone’s here huh」

「Yes. Please take care of us」

「Alright. Let’s do it, Eleanor」

『Oi, wait a second, you, don’t tell me……』



I grinned, raising the corner of my lips.


「It’s too troublesome doing it one by one. I’ll do it all at once」

『As I’ve thought, huh. Really, you’re saying it so easily』

「I’m saying it because it’s you」

『I don’t need your obvious flattery』


Although she’s saying that, Eleanor doesn’t seem like she felt bad about it.


『Well then, let’s do it』



I lightly placed my hand on Eleanor, took deep breaths, and concentrated my consciousness.

I gathered up the Demon Sword’s power from deep inside my body, and released it outside.

The buzzing noise increased.

It’s because I shot out the Demon Sword’s aura at once, filling the venue, and enveloped everyone.

I imagined. The power that I created during Xiphos’s time, a power that almost doesn’t have offensive powers, a power that would only grasp the evil or dark things from their body.

I covered all of Delfina’s subordinates with that, and “lifted” them up.

There are near a hundred people who gathered, and I was able to grasp dark things from three people.

After those ones who were lifted up collapsed to the ground, they did not move an inch.

On the other hand, those ones who did not know what is going on got more and more noisier.

Delfina came to my side.


「Thank you very much, Kakeru-sama」


After saying that, she looked at the thing I grabbed, and narrowed her eyebrows.


「To think that we were this infiltrated……if Kakeru-sama were not around, it would have been disastrous」

「Really? You look like you would’ve done something about it」

「I would have done something about it」


Delfina said with a serious face.


「It would have been impossible finding them beforehand. It would’ve been impossible to understand the cause of the event, and those three would’ve been confined or disposed of」

「I see」


Well, the measure would’ve been like that.


「And to think that it would have been resolved in this manner……I can only say that it is as expected of Kakeru-sama」

『Or rather, it’s my powers though』


Eleanor claimed inside of me.


「Even so……these three」


Looking at the three who have collapsed, Delfina’s eyebrows moved.


「Do you have something in mind?」

「Just one thing……it includes the man from earlier」


That guy who attacked Delfina huh.


「All of them, they are people who were in Malonei up until yesterday」

「Malonei……your town huh」

「Yes. These two are Delfina faction’s official. They are stationed in Malonei. The other one, I have sent her for a different case」

「What’s that, Delfina faction?」

「I have bought Malonei, but nominally, it is still Aegina Kingdom’s territory. That’s why, there are officials sent by the kingdom’s side who doesn’t have authority, and officials that I appointed who actually holds authority. The former is called Kingdom faction, and the latter is called Delfina faction」

「It has gotten complicated huh」

「That is one way to call it」

「Well, whatever. Anyways……in short, everyone has something to do with Malonei, huh」

「Yes. And, Neora’s father, he is currently in Malonei」

「Now that you mention it. What about that man who attacked you earlier?」

「On the day before yesterday, on another matter」

「I see」


If they’re all that similar, then there’s no mistaking it.


「Something’s happening in Malonei」

「Yes. Most probably, something that had started in Aegina」



I looked at the dark thing that I’m still holding.

This hasn’t started in Aegina, this thing was also in Comotoria. It had already appeared in Comotoria before Aegina.

Either way, there’s no proof that one in Aegina is the same thing that was in Comotoria.


『It’s the same thing』


Eleanor said with confidence. I also think so.

It’s not logic. This feeling passing through the Demon Sword saying that it’s the same thing.

That, those two are the same thing.


「How far is it from here?」

「Kakeru-sama, are you saying……?」


I nodded.


「I’ll go to Malonei」


In Malonei……in Aegina, something is happening.

Aura, Iris, Neora, and Delfina.

For the sake of my women, it looks like there’s a need for me to go in person and resolve it all at once.








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